Kaz B Testimonial by JB

I have had the pleasure to know and serve Mistress Kaz for a number of years, she is both caring and creative and never cease to amaze me with the new and clever twists she brings to our kinky journey.

First contact with Kaz B

When I first made contact, Mistress was both welcoming and caring. This was particularly important to me as I had a long break from sessions following a serious health issue. After this first session, one that was a brilliant success, we talked about further plans and possibilities.

One example of her thoughtful and caring approach was receiving a few pictures of items that had been purchased to help facilitate future games.

Let’s talk sessions

I would like to talk further about some particular sessions, games we have played and why I am committed to serving this lovely lady. I am a subbie who does not do marks. I am very fond of estim games and nipple play and Kaz has a large collection of toys to satisfy any craving in this area. The estim equipment includes:

  • Loops
  • Sounds
  • Ball crushers
  • Pinwheels and a variety of other tools to reach into and stimulate those oh so sensitive places.

Nipple play

When it comes to nipple play, clamps of all types, pegs and perhaps best of all those delicate nails that can grab and twist whilst you stare helplessly into Mistresses’ eyes as the pressure increases.

Sometimes, if you have been very good the opportunity to look into Kaz’s eyes may be taken away from you, try and imagine the wave of pleasure that wash over you as the nipples are tweaked and pulled, the estim ramped up and all the time you are being controlled by the perfect bum of Mistress resting on your face, managing your breathing and enhancing the endorphin rush.

Longer sessions tips

In longer sessions it’s crucial to stay rehydrated and this is yet another area of excellence and expertise showers are another privilege to be earned and savoured.

And finally

If you want to take on the challenge of serving more than one Mistress at time, Kaz has many friends who love to join in her special games and parties, be that sissy/strap on parties or more of the above your wildest dreams can be accommodated.

If you want to know more can I suggest that you follow kaz on twitter https://twitter.com/KazBxx and keep an eye on http://uk-fetish.co.uk/ and if you want to see the lady in action then https://admireme.vip/kazbxx/

Thank you,

JB – @JCFW40

There we have it, Kinksters! 

A massive Shout-Out to JB for sharing your lovely Experience with the stunningly gorgeous – Kaz B! Thank you So much for your wonderful testimonial. 

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