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Hello beloved submissives – have you sessioned with a Kink Counsellor?!

Are you seeking connection with a Mistress? A Mistress you can confide in as well as explore your kinky side with! Then look no further than Mistress Viper: a proDomme and kink counsellor. See below: 2 wonderful reviews from Mistress Vipers subs.

Before we begin, did you know that I recently interviewed the delightful, Mistress Viper in relation to ‘What is kink counselling? Can BDSM help one’s Mental health?’

Read the full interview here:

Furthermore, Mistress Viper wrote a fantastic guest article for the Podopheleus site, titled, ‘Mistress Vipers guide on how to approach a Dominant Professional’ 

Read the full article here:

With that said, let’s read some wonderful testimonials, shall we?

Kink & Counselling:

“Thank you for your sage advice on [my] situation and your counsel on how to set boundaries and communicate my needs. Expressing my desires does not make me any less of a submissive. 

The kink side of the session was a joy; I felt safe and comfortable yet extremely turned on throughout. The ‘incidentals’ make a session for me and your fingers through my hair and whispers in my ears sent me into rapture. 

You are a brilliant, gifted and lovely person. It was a pleasure meeting you. While writing this message I am close to tears (in a good way). Thank you.”

Good Boy C 

Dungeon Session:

“I first met Mistress Viper in a vanilla setting. I was very nervous, and she immediately put me at ease. 

Mistress is an engaging personality and clearly has a good deal of life experience – both vanilla and non-vanilla.  

We were having a great and friendly conversation until …. Mistress very, very suddenly started to put me in my place! In a subtle way (we were in public) Mistress spoke down to me and made it clear who was in charge. 

Humiliation – and particularly public humiliation – is a real kink if mine, and my submissive emotions really kicked in! My head started to spin, and I had an urge to kneel in front of this dominant Goddess (I didn’t, still in public). 

This first meeting really whetted my appetite for a full session.

This session happened a few weeks later. We swapped ideas beforehand as to what we might try – Mistress listened but again made it clear who was in charge.  

She has a wonderful way of keeping the session lighthearted but threatening at the same time. 

I got my arse well and truly reddened, with a variety of floggers, whips and paddles – much to the amusement of Mistress. 

She also enjoyed whacking clothes pegs off my body and using my mouth as an ashtray (something I find fantastically humiliating!). 

Finally, I was allowed the honour of removing my cage and stroking my ‘mini maggot’ in a VERY degrading way whilst Mistress sat on her throne and laughed at me. 

I’ve sessioned with a number of Mistresses previously, and it is clear that Mistress Viper is a natural in domination. She is relaxed and comfortable with being in charge and can manage the flow of a session effectively. 

I’m really looking forward to exploring new activities with Mistress- in our next session and hopefully (if Mistress will accept me) in many more future sessions.”


There we have it, submissive – do you have a Kink Counsellor?!

I hope you enjoyed reading the wonderful testimonials in relation to the delightful, Mistress Viper!

A big big Shout-Out to Good Boy C and Maggot. Thank you for writing such lovely testimonials for your Mistress.

A Massive Shout-Out to the wonderful, Mistress Viper. Thank you for all the positive work you are doing for the kink community. You are friggin’ awesome!

Be sure to check out Mistress Viper’s links to Her social media, contact etc, so you don’t miss out on the latest! and her NEW website:

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