Guest blog: “Living with his Mistress” by Saffermaster

“I am on my way.” Read her text message. He prepared the play space for her. He laid out towels and pillows as she preferred and put her toys out. She likes the Slubb with the clitoral attachment and a dildo as well as lubes and the cuffs she places on his wrists to create the D/s head space she desires before she uses him.

He was very excited. He had been wearing the panties she had selected for him all day. They were black lace with little black satin lips all over them. They were a bit small, so he had pulled them up between his butt cheeks to make them fit. He liked the way they felt, and he had moments of arousal all day long wearing them.

Finishing touches

He looked around to make sure everything was in order. She expects things to be the way she prefers. Satisfied, he found her playlists on her music channel, and selected the one she had labeled “Mistress.” He adjusted the volume to suit.  Taking one final glance around, he made sure that the blinds of their ground floor apartment were closed to prying eyes, and he went to the bedroom. He stripped off his clothes other than the panties and went to the bathroom where he cleaned up and put on cologne and under arm deodorant.

He looked in the mirror taking in his appearance with her panties holding his package. He was so very aroused to be her sissy slut. He could feel his arousal filling the panties. He lit a fire and sat on the floor on the pillow by the couch watching the log catch alight. He felt the warmth on his naked skin as he contemplated her using him.

“I’m nearby” her text read. This was his cue to bring his clitty to full arousal. She liked to find him naked and aroused when she got home. He stroked his clitty through the panty lace. It was smooth and sexy and in no time his clitty was fully erect. He stroked it softly, not trying to get more aroused than he could handle. She liked to watch his clitty squirt. She arrived and breezed in.

Naked and waiting

“That’s what I like to see!” she said, “My sissy all naked and aroused for me.” She kissed him passionately, then took the cuffs that were on the table and one by one, put them on his wrists. She kissed him again. Passionately. “I love you,” she said as she left the play space to get changed. She had had a busy day at work and was not planning to do anything elaborate. She loved her sissy want knew she had kept him on edge all day. She found it exciting to have access to her sexual power in this way.

She stripped off her clothes and applied perfume as she desired and looked at her kink attire and chose to wear nothing at all. She marched into the play space and stood in front of her sissy with her hands on her hips smiling at him mischievously. She never planned her scenes, instead, she simply went with the feeling of the moment. She stepped forward and leaned over to stroke his clitty through the panties. I like you like this, all hard and aroused for me!” She stood, and spread her pussy lips exposing her swollen clit.

Faced fucked into subspace

He opened his mouth, and she pressed her clit between his lips. He sucked as much of her into his mouth as he could and used his tongue to stroke the underside of her swelling clit. She moaned appreciatively. She held his head and rocked her hips as she fucked his face. He felt himself drift into subspace. He loves her using him this way.

He glanced up to see her hard nipples on her perfect 36 DD breasts rocking as she face fucked him. He watched till she took her hands off his head and started to pull on her nipples hard. She glanced down to one side, “Stroke your clitty,” she said, “I like to watch you do that!” He began to stroke his rock hard clitty while listening to her orgasmic moans. He had to be careful because he was so aroused, and he loved this moment so completely that he was afraid he would squirt without permission.

After a vocal body shaking orgasm, she pulled out and spread her lips for him to see her very swollen erect clit. She held the pose while he snapped a photo with his phone for her.

Living with his Mistress – Playtime

She looked at him, and looked around at the toys and said, “Lay on the couch.” He clambered up onto the couch. She grabbed the Slubb and sat across from him in the fuck chair. She spread her legs and lowered the Slubb onto her clit that she had exposed with her other hand. She started up the Slubb and immediately began to moan erotically. “Stroke your clitty!” she instructed and watching her, he began to stroke through the panties.

She moaned and had one orgasm after another. She went on for a while with screams of pleasure as she watched him stroking his clitty while she vibed. She had peak climax and turned off the Slubb. “I’m shaking,” she said as she stood up and walked across the room. She grabbed the lube and a finger condom and before she did anything else, she ran her hands all over his body.

She rubbed his clitty and fingered his gurl pussy before pulling the panties down and off. She lubed her finger and spread it round his gurl pussy. She kneeled next to him, her breasts close to his face and her nipple erect and enticing. He spread his legs for her. She leaned over him and kissed him passionately while she fingered his pussy. He was so aroused he could almost have squirted right then. With one hand she pressed her right breast into his mouth. “Suck on my breast while I finger your pussy!” he did as he was told and felt her penetrate his pussy. He moaned with pleasure.

“I want you to stroke your clitty for me while I finger your wet pussy,” she said as she pressed her finger all the way into his pussy. He grabbed his clitty and started to stroke. She again pressed first one then the next breast into his mouth. He worked her sensitive nipples as she finger fucked him while he stroked his clitty. She was moaning as well and said breathlessly, “You have permission to squirt!”

Permission to squirt

He sighed inwardly and allowed himself to ease into the feeling of complete arousal. He had been resisting the rise out of fear of squiring prematurely, but now he could relax into the experience. As his stroking increased with vigor so did her fingering, she could tell he was close and pulled her nipple out of his mouth so she could watch.

He started to moan as the orgasm built and he held his clitty away from his belly so that the ejaculate could squirt. He moaned with pleasure as he ejaculated, squirting his cum all over his belly and chest. She laughed with pleasure and kissed him passionately. “I love you to bits”  she said kissing him again. He moaned his appreciation while she gently penetrated his pussy with less energy but very deliberately, letting him know that he belonged to her. 

He looked at her with so much love in his eyes. “Thank you, Mistress,” he said as she handed him a towel. “Clean up and lay there till I return.” She said tossing him a towel as she left the room to dress.

Cocktails with her Sissy Slut

He lay there in a sexual fog. He was clearly very subby and an overwhelming feeling of love enveloped him. He felt so lucky to have a Mistress as sexy and dominant as she was. He wiped himself down and relaxed till she returned. She came in and stood over him, dressed now and he held up first one hand then the next for her to remove her cuffs. She leaned over him and kissed him passionately. “You are the best sissy gurl a Mistress could have!” She said smiling.

He got up and went to the bedroom to get dressed. He came back to find that she had pulled out the bottles for him to make a cocktail. He created a cocktail carefully pouring the precise number of parts of gin, vermouth and bitters into the mixing tin. He stirred the mixture for 100 slow turns so the ice did not bruise the gin. He carefully pulled a strip of skin off an orange and poured the gin into the frozen glasses. He expressed the oils over the drinks and ran the moist skin around the rim of the glasses. He carefully cut the skin and rolled the two strips into coils that he dropped into each glass. It was perfect. He carried the drinks out to the living room where he found her sitting on the couch glancing through her messages.

Living with his Mistress

He sat in the adjacent couch after putting the drinks on the table between them. She looked into his eyes. He was aware of the love in her bright blue eyes as she smiled at him. “Beautiful garnishes,” she said. “Thank you, Mistress,” he answered. They clinked glasses and each took a sip. “Perfect!” She said, everything is perfect. I love you so much!” He smiled at her lovingly. Knowing that his dream girl had just used him to her heart’s content. “I love you, Mistress. Thank you for using me!” She smiled at him  and took his hand. They drank their cocktails as lovers.

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