London Mistress Testimonial – Miss Kim Rub

Hello again, Beloved Submissives! 

Are you looking for a London Mistress? – One that is experienced! Has a good reputation! Additionally, is a good soul who will keep you on your toes. Well, then look no further, and learn from the best – Miss Kim Rub!

Before we get started did you know that I interviewed the London Mistress, Miss Kim Rub earlier this year? I know, right? 

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Furthermore, did you know that I did a Mistress Rhyme Challenge using Miss Kim Rub’s name? 

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With all that said, let’s get friggin’ started, shall we?

Miss Kim Rub – London Mistress Testimonial by Mr Underheel

“I’m delighted to have the chance to write this testimonial to the wonderful and unique Miss Kim Rub.  Miss Kim is well known to everyone on the London fetish scene- she ran Club Rub for over 20 years, still runs the legendary Mistress Workshop, and literally knows everybody

Now all that’s reassuring if you’re a sub who doesn’t know any Mistresses- you can absolutely trust Miss Kim who is a prominent Domme with a long-established reputation second to none. But if you’re a submissive man like me, that’s not all you’re looking for in a Mistress.  We seek a strong, confident woman who will listen to what we want & know what we need. Who will take charge & make sure we get it.  Who will care.  Who will be, in a word, Mistress

Everyone who knows Miss Kim knows she is willing and able to take charge in any situation.  She has the experience and understanding that comes from a lifetime on the scene.  And even though we usually don’t deserve it, she loves men

As with any Mistress, do your research first.  Read her website or any of her numerous social media profiles- all her contact details are at  After the research, contact her- at least a few days in advance- by phone only. Yes, BY PHONE ONLY.  She’s not difficult to talk to but she requires every client to introduce themselves in this way in advance

She has her own unobtrusive private studio in Shoreditch, London E2.  Just give her a call, make an appointment, then arrive clean, fresh, smart, respectful and precisely on time.  Believe me, I know what I’m talking about when I guarantee you’ll never regret sessioning with the Queen- Miss Kim Rub” ~ Mr Underheel

Miss Kim Rub – London Mistress Testimonial by Tom

“As commanded by her Eminence I have completed the assigned homework that she so generously tasked me with, in light of our latest ‘class’. I was compelled to rigorously study the quite marvellous footage of myself presenting my buttocks to be bequeathed with a jolly good spanking over her Eminence’s knee, in order to present a short summary as to the superiority of her Eminence. After many hours thoroughly analysing the footage in the library I can now report back to her Eminence on my findings to meet her impeccable standards.

What is immediately apparent is the flawless poise and elegance that her Eminence radiates – she simply captivates and enthrals. The mere sound of her crisp and commanding voice as she summons and takes me over her knee obliges one to become rather stiff… indeed as stiff as rock!

Her sophistication and refinement is unrivalled, unmatched, and unrelenting. The evidence is conclusive; she’s simply divine, brilliant and magnificent, but yet debauched, decedent and wicked. I yearn to be her gimp, her pet, her accessory… fashioned into the most exquisite fetishist imaginable. Gagged, collared and gimped, moulded by the hand of excellence into her bizarre and debauched pervert…” ~ Tom

There we have it, Beloved Submissives – London Mistress! 

A huge Shout-Out to Mr Underheel and Tom! Thank you for writing such a beautiful review for your Mistress.

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Instagram: @rubberkinkqueen

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