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Are you seeking to find a London proDomme, but you don’t know where to start? Well, you should count yourselves extremely lucky because I am going to strongly recommend visiting the stunningly beautiful – Miss Sloane. However, don’t take my word for it, check out the exceptional reviews from Miss Sloane’s subs.

Testimonial 1 – London proDomme

A formidable blend of breathtaking beauty and natural dominance, Miss Sloane is truly supreme. Her wicked sense of humour shines through in her sessions and makes it quite clear that she enjoys what she does.

She has a cruel and creative imagination which she combines with her resourcefulness and skill to create wonderfully exhilarating scenarios that fill me with nervous excitement. The rush felt during the suspense as she conjures up new ways to use and degrade me is like no other. 

I should also mention that she is exceptionally perceptive (or maybe I’m just easy to read?), either way, she seems to know exactly where my mind is going before it gets there, allowing her to get into it, tease it, toy with it and leave me feeling alarmed, vulnerable and delightfully violated.

Testimonial 2 – London proDomme

Visiting Miss Sloane is an experience you’ll never forget – for all the right reasons. Miss Sloane was the first pro Domme I’d seen and I was very nervous upon arrival. 

Miss Sloane made me feel instantly comfortable and relaxed, we discussed limits and the session she had in mind and we agreed on safe words. 

Miss Sloane is an utterly natural Domme, she had an aurora about her which made me feel safe but yet vulnerable, helpless and utterly obedient. 

Our session involved a lot of me feeling very uncomfortable, a lot of fun and laughter and Miss Sloane gently testing my boundaries around CBT and dildo training.

Our session ended and Miss Sloane allowed me to shower followed by a chat about the experience. Miss Sloane is beautiful, commanding, caring and someone who demands utter respect. A truly wonderful woman.

Thank you Miss Sloane.

There we have it, Kinky Ones – London proDomme! 

A huge Shout-Out and Thank You to Miss Sloane’s slave’s for writing such a lovely words about your Mistress.

A gargantuan Shout-Out to the London proDomme – Miss Sloane! Please stay tuned to Miss Sloane’s Instagram and Twitter for the most recent kinky updates.

Twitter: @missSloaneMay

Instagram: @sloanemayy

To book a session with Miss Sloane, apply by sending an email to: miss.sloanemay@protonmail.com

Lastly, did you know that I interviewed Miss Sloane recently? I know, right? 

Read the full interview here.

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