“Look but don’t Touch” or “Touch but don’t Look” with Sub Emily

Look but don't touch - Emilie-Rae

Guest Blog: “Look but don’t Touch” or “Touch but don’t Look” with Sub Emily. Written by Nadu By Nature 

Locked cock and crate

I start the session caged, and kept in the sub crate with full gagged pup mask, collar and butt plug tail wriggling whilst deep inside me as Mistress brings Emily into the room, looking a vision in her super short figure-hugging body con black dress and black high heels – her golden-brown skin and beautiful brown flowing curls falling down to her shoulders and the slash across the front of her dress just teasing her insanely perfect figure and cleavage.

Look but don't touch - Mistress Emilie-Rae

Let the pup out, it’s time to play

The door to the crate is opened, a leash strapped to my collar and I am led slowly out on all fours, the metal cage swinging and clicking between my legs and my tail wags side to side with every crawl.

“As you both love dogs, what better way to have a session with your own pup. Now SIT and pay attention”

She walks around inspecting Emily, and with a quick movement undoes the single shoulder strap to her dress, which instantly drops revealing her top half, as she is ordered to then wriggle out and drop the dress to her heels as she stands still, completely naked underneath! I can’t stop myself staring as blood flows instantly south, my cage swells more and more to the point I think it could break the metal!

Her figure is perfect, she is a wonderful caramel brown tanned all over, smooth long legs, as I continue to look up, I try not to focus too much on her fantastically trim little triangle between her legs and the little perfect landing strip! She has really sexy tattoo on her side of a rose, and as my gaze continues to her wonderfully round pert breasts with both nipples pierced, and the jewelled bars in both glistening in the sunshine coming through the playroom windows.

I look up to her face, her gorgeous plump lips and super sexy piercing blue eyes as I quickly realise, she is staring at me, blatantly aware I had been admiring her from head to toe, and she gives a cheeky little tongue stick out at me and smiles – as I see she also has her tongue pierced! I realise she has also been staring at my caged member, as it is swelling so much the bars are leaving imprints, and I can feel it leaking already so desperate for release in her gorgeous presence.

Look but don't touch - Mistress Emilie-Rae

Ooh, two collared subs!

Whilst I had been absolutely hypnotized by the incredible view, Mistress had strapped on a collar to Emily, and she stood and I kneeled completely naked, had collected some items from the top of the crate.

“That’s much better for you both” she said “and I have your matching outfits for you here, and Emily, as you are the house guest for the day, the choices will be up to you – would you want yours on first, or help Pup into his?”

“Let’s help your cute little Pup into his” purred her very sexy, slightly husky well-spoken voice.

Wearing something more appropriate for Mistress 

With that, Mistress handed the “outfit” – consisting of wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs. First of all, I held out my arms and wrists to her, she looked down to concentrate on securing them round my wrists with her soft touch, then pulled them tight as she made eye contact for a second, and smiled as she clicked them secure.

She then moved onto the thigh cuffs, her hands and touch sent tingles and throbs in my cage as they touched high around the top of my thigh, brushing against the cage and sending my cock into spasms inside it at the slightest touch, she squeezed the back of my thigh and buttock stabbing her nails gently into my skin and giving it a cheeky squeeze before tightening up the thigh cuffs on each leg. She then bent down right in front of me, her face at my groin height before leaning down and strapping on the two ankle cuffs.

My turn I thought to myself, the thought of cuffs her wrists and ankles, and my chance to touch her thighs and my hands on her legs made my cage twitch and swell even further.

“Not so fast Pup” Mistress stopped me in my tracks “You look and seem far far too excited, and don’t think I haven’t noticed your little glances and pathetic attempts at flirting” I almost wanted to protest, but knew my place and the gag keeping me quiet. “I don’t think you deserve to have your dirty paws on our guest, and in fact I think you need reminding of that”. She picked up a pair of leather mittens and put them on either hand, tightening them so I had absolutely no control of any of my fingers in these helpless gloves.

“This way” she said, as she pulled on the leash and I obediently follow, towards the St Andrews cross. Emily followed, her heels clicking on the floor as she walked, and watched as Mistress locked the wrist and ankle cuffs to the 4 connectors on the cross, so I was stretched and spread watching them both, my tail still holding firm and cage in full view.

Look but don't touch - Mistress Emilie-Rae

Emily dressed and ready for Mistress

Mistress then proceeded to take her time applying the ankle and wrist cuffs to Emily, running her hands all over her fantastically flawless body, paying attention to make sure she explored every single inch of her skin and the occasional noise and comment on how fantastically smooth and firm her body felt.

When she applied the thigh cuff, she ran her fingers high up her thighs and between her legs, to check that she was enjoying it and super wet and excited, her silk smooth pussy lips explored by Mistress’ fingers several times to see if she would moan or whimper, before the cuffs being locked on her. I watched in absolute awe, the thought of my hand exploring Emily was making my cage so incredibly tight and I was desperate for release so I could fully enjoy the thought, but frustrated by the locked metal device on my rock solid cock.

“They look perfect on you” Mistress commented to her “but you are missing just one thing to make that outfit perfection”. With that, she sat Emily down, took off her black high heels to reveal her super cute, perfectly French manicured feet. “You need to wear these, and then the fun can begin” and with that she picked up a pair of black, super high Ballet boots. Slipping Emily’s feet into them whilst she remained seated, taking her time to make the laces perfect and tight, before clicking shut the ankle straps and locking them in place – thankfully I was glad I wasn’t the only one with something locked on me!

Look but don't touch - Mistress Emily

Look but don’t touch or touch but don’t look??

“Let’s see if the years of wearing Pleaser heels has prepared you for these, stand up” Mistress ordered Emily to get up and try the ballet boots. She did, and although they were super high and locking her feet almost in a vertical position, she looked a natural in them, and stood up and took a few steps, looking like a kinky naked bondage ballerina! They made her legs look even more incredible and toned, and the focus drawn even more to her gorgeous peachy bum, with the cutest bow tattoo above it making it look like a perfectly wrapped gift from the Goddesses.

As she continued to test Emily’s balance by walking her round on her leash in nothing but her ballet boots and cuffs, I couldn’t stop watching how incredible the pair of them looked, and how lucky I was to be in the same room as two such gorgeously divine women. Emily continued to walk perfectly in the super high heels, stopping and bending over when ordered to make me more and more teased strapped to the cross!

“Well Done Slave” Mistress quipped after several laps of the studio “as our guest, and how fantastic you are in those heels, you can choose Pups fate whilst I get to give you your reward, or two”.

I gulped as both looked towards me.

“As he is tied, helpless and he swells and leaks in that cage you have the choice – he can either look but don’t touch or touch but don’t look at what is about to happen to you. I know what sounds worse, watching you is just giving him a free show but feeling and not being able to see and only hear might make him burst that cage”. Emily smirked at that thought, and let out an evil little giggle then the words: 

“I definitely think he doesn’t deserve to watch, but I think it would be cruel not to let him feel as much as possible through that little metal cage as his cock throbs with no way to escape” Emily laughed as she looked down again at the leaking throbbing mess between my legs trapped in its very secure metal prison, balls rock solid and full ready to explode at the first chance.

Mistress paused for a moment, before her own evil grin to Emily “Great suggestion, I can see with the right training we can definitely bring out that evil teasing side…” to which she smiled “although…. you might regret that feeling as much as possible through the cage, we will see”.

Look but don't touch - Mistress Emily

Senses overload and throbbing caged cock

With that, she gave a quick pull of Emily’s leash and pulled her towards the cross I was attached too so she was standing right in front of me about a foot away, her perfect flawless figure so close that I could almost feel her! Mistress told her to stand still, whilst she proceeded to remove the pup mask but leaving the ball gag in my mouth, with them now able to see the drooling mess the mask had been hiding. 

“Step up to the cross” Mistress ordered.

Emily stepped forward again, pushing her body against mine, helpless and tied to the cross. Her skin was super soft and warm, a sudden explosion of feeling all over my body as her breasts pushed into my chest, feeling her nipple piercings against my naked flesh, her boobs squeezed between us and felt firm, her silky-smooth legs against mine and her face extremely close to my gagged face.

What I then quickly realised was even more teasing, with the ballet boots on she was almost exactly my height, so my cage was being pressed into her to the point I could feel her super sensitive area through the throbbing exposed areas of my cock cage, making it throb even more! Our faces were nose to nose staring into each other’s eyes, either of us not quite knowing what to expect, but the excitement and anticipation making it feel even hotter.

Mistress clipped together our ankle cuffs, then our wrists and finally the thigh cuffs so we were strapped and held tightly together, the ballet boots tipping Emily into me strapped to the cross but unable to lose her balance as we were held up securely. She then processed to slip a ball gag into Emily’s mouth, before clipping together our collars neck to neck. The ball gags touched between us as it was almost lip to lip but with the gags stopping any contact! 

“Now that’s more than enough for you to have seen for now Slave” as she picked up and quickly put on a complete blackout blindfold over my eyes leaving me completely unable to see a thing, but the feeling of the gorgeous Emily against me was still sending my senses even more into overload.

The next thing I feel is a sharp tug on my balls and the O ring around my cock holding on the cage as Mistress has looked down and seen where it is!

“Oh…what a happy accident” Mistress exclaimed! “Well, you did want him to feel as much as possible, so let’s see what I can do with that” as I could feel her pulling down on the cage, then suddenly I felt a completely new, even more incredible sensation! Her hands and fingers were clearly teasing and playing with Emily whilst she was helpless, and she had moved the cage so that my throbbing cock was pushed against and parting her lips, exposing her swollen clit on the cold metal of the cage surrounding my absolutely swollen attempted erection.

I could barely contain myself as I realised where it was, the soft moistness of her so close and yet out of reach thanks to the metal prison! I could hear Emily’s moans and her attempts to wriggle herself as Mistress continued to tease and explore her with her fingers, her panting and little whimpers getting noisier and nosier through the gag right in front me, which in turn just made me feel more and more trapped and throbbing in the cage!

Look but don't touch - Mistress Emilie-Rae

Every pup has it’s kryptonite – ‘The Doxy Wand’

There was a brief respite from the teasing and moans as Mistress stopped and walked away to get something, the click of her boots going across the room as we both tried to calm ourselves and take a breath, before they quickly came back in no time at all. I heard a sound that I quickly recognised, and knew to be my kryptonite – the buzz of the Doxy Wand. I’ve never been able to survive the tease and torment of these wands for longer than a minute, they always seem to get me so over the edge so quickly when used on myself, so how can I cope with this locked in a cage and strapped to the utterly stunning and sexy sub pressed against me?!

Buzzing Doxy Wand against a locked cock and clit

The Wand buzzed against my cage and the sensation was indescribable! The entire metal frame wrapped around my cock buzzed causing my cock to spasm, but with no escape and no way to get it to hit that sweet spot it just tingled and tingled! Meanwhile, Emily was getting it even worse, the cage was alive with vibrations buzzing directly on her clit, unable to get away or adjust her body I could feel her tenses and the noises coming from her went from soft teasing whimpers to full on primal noises – her groans and moans through the gag, panting and yelping as the buzzes were relentless I could feel her hands grab my completely helpless mittens and her legs push into mine as she could hardly keep her balance on the ballet boots as the waves of pleasure took control.

Please Mistress, can I cum? 💦💦

I heard her murmur something that I could barely make out which was met with no reply. About 10 seconds later she said it again, but much higher pitched and I could just make it out, that she was begging and asking for “permission to cum” through the gag! 

“Permission granted” said Mistress, and no faster had those words came out, that Emily spasmed into orgasm, her body tensed and pushed against mine, her noises were so powerful and erotic it was just incredible, as the waves of pleasure rippled through her body it was too much and she couldn’t help herself as she squirted all over my cage, the cross and down both of our legs. This was too much and too hot for me, the throbbing cock in the cage being vibrated and soaked was so desperate to escape and enjoy the pleasure as well, but the metal bars kept it from fully enjoying the moment no matter how much I wanted to! 

The wand stopped, and Emily kept whimpering “Thank you Mistress, thank you Mistress” through her gag as she could barely catch her breath.

“My dear girl”, Mistress replied, “If you are so keen on having your Domme training with me and teaching you the ropes, first of all I need to break you down as much as you will do to the poor but lucky Subs you will take on, this is just the beginning of pushing you to your limits!”

I could hear a couple of bemused little whimper noises from Emily as Mistress continued.

Oh, we are far from finished!! 

“I’m just going to change and grab my harness and dildo collection, don’t you dare move you have a lot more orgasms and fucking to go until I am totally satisfied and making a mess on my floor all whilst that swollen engorged cock is caged and pressed against you totally helpless to enjoy the hours of fucking you are about to receive and enjoy”…

Nadu By Nature 

Look but don't touch - Mistress Emilie-Rae

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