Madame Li Ying – Med play & urethral sounding

Podopheleus interviews Madame Li Ying – Med play & urethral sounding

Hello, Med Play and Sounding Lovers!

Okay, so, exactly what is ⚕️med play? What the heck is urethral sounding? What’s in it for the submissive 🤔💭💉🍆😧 ? Ok, so, I don’t have the answers to such questions, but I know someone who does. Before we get started, please allow me to introduce you to the med play and urethral sounding specialist, Madame Li Ying!

Introducing Madame Li Ying

I am Madame Li Ying, a professional Dominatrix based between London and Berkshire. I have been in the fetish scene for almost 20 years, after 10 years being a professional I took a long break and back to business in 2019. I am specialised in Medical Play including small procedures, for example urethral sounding, catheterisation, scrotal infusion, needle play, phlebotomy. 

1. For the unversed, what is med play and urethral sounding? How can these two kinks work together?

Medical play is a type of BDSM play which involves medical scenarios, from role play to procedures and practices. So often it includes medical instruments such as stethoscope, forceps, syringes, needles, urethral sounds, catheters, enemas etc. Uniform plays an important role in a medical play scene: surgical scrubs, tunics, gowns, hats and masks.

Medical play can evoke emotions such as helplessness, or provide a sense of nurturing and care. The thrill comes from a sense of taboo and the physical sensation from the cold hard metal instruments.

Doctors play authoritarian roles in our lives, medical play appeals to subs because it reminds them of the vulnerability they feel when seeing doctors and nurses, especially during tests and procedures which may be painful or humiliating.

Urethral sounding is to insert a stainless steel metal rod or silicone urethral toys inside the urethra for more intense sexual gratifications. 

The purpose of urethral sounding in medical context is to gently and gradually enlarge the urethra thereby removing any blockages, dilatation of strictures or obtaining access to the bladder in urological surgery, therefore urethral sounding often being part of medical play scenarios. 

Urethral sounding comes under the general heading of medical play and so the two can work together

2. How would you best describe your approach to med play? 

I use medical instruments to play with body sensations, with or without pain. I take my time to build up, from physical to emotional intensity. With clients who are more softcore, I do roleplay, use less invasive instruments. A big percentage of my clients are masochists, kinksters, thrill seekers, my sessions with them will be more creative and daring, I will push their boundaries by trying new “treatments” on them and bring them into sub space.

3. Who is urethral sounding for? For example, is it steered more towards masochists or hedonists? Why would anyone want a Metal Rod in their Urethra? What’s in it for them? 

Urethral sounding can be sexually pleasurable if doing it right so it is for everyone. Our urethral lining is delicate but also sensitive, using a metal rod (or silicone sound) can stimulate and heighten the sensation by slowly sliding the rod in and out of the urethra, many clients report it feels like masturbating from the inside the penis.

4. Besides doctors and nurses, what sort of role play is associated with medical fetish?

Doctors and nurses are the main characters in medical play scenarios, other characters would be lab technician, medical scientist, physician, carer. 

5. How does a Domme/sub go about preparing for a med play and urethral sounding session?

First of all to understand what the submissive wants and his limits. Obtain a brief medical history to ascertain whether the submissive has any issues that might make the requested treatment a potential risk. Honesty about their physical condition is very important.

Preparation for both is very similar but for urethral sounding any potential issues such as an UTI would be very important in considering whether to offer.

For all medical and urethral play, clinical hygiene is of the utmost importance, particularly any instruments that would be used on or inside the submissive and this is a key part in the preparation.

6. What is it about med play and sounding that you were initially drawn to? 

With my healthcare background I have a good understanding of the human body and sensitivity. I identified that there was a clear demand for in-depth medical play and there was little or no expertise in this area. With the skills I had learned in over 18 years in the medical industry it was a demand that I could and wanted to meet.

7. So, what else does one need to know about urethral sounding and med play before diving in? 

Med play covers a variety of possible areas, so any submissive would want to do some research to be clear what area(s) was of particular interest to them. They might want to experiment with something less intense than say, urethral play – then again they might want to dive straight in!

Anybody who wants to try urethral play I suggest that you get to know your anatomy. Secondly research the product as urethral sounds comes with different types. Know how to sterilise the toys, research the products, use individually packed sterile lubricant as our body is a sterilised environment. 

8. And finally, are you working on anything creatively kinky right now?

I am making a device to circulate urine back to the patient’s mouth. 

There we have it, med play and urethral sounding lovers! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog about med play and urethral sounding! A big, big Shout-Out to the wonderful – Madame Li Ying! Thank you SOO much for taking time out of your schedule to answer my questions on what is med play and urethral sounding.

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