What is Male Milking by Machine with Mistress Jane? 7 intriguing questions and empowering answers 

Podopheleus interviews Mistress Jane – male milking by machine 

Dear Beloved Milking Lovers! 

Male Milking: Hold on, wait a minute, milking is the act of removing milk from the mammary glands of cattle, water buffalo, humans, goats, sheep, etc. So what in the world is male milking by machine? And what does that have to do with kink, fetishes and power exchange etc 🤔💭🍆🍼 dying to know are we? Hokie-dokie! Allow me to introduce you to the milking specialist – Mistress Jane! 

Introducing Mistress Jane – Male Milking

Hi there, I’m Mistress Jane, a Professional Dominatrix. I work exclusively from my own extensive State-of-the-Art chambers in Wiltshire. Where I have a dedicated Male Milking Clinic as well as The Fetish Ward for medical scenes. There is a suspension barn plus a lavishly equipped dungeon with a modern twist.

I came on to the scene in 1990 and in 2008 I decided to turn my hobby in to my career and here I am today. Although I specialise in a few areas my main interest lays with BDSM gadgetry, namely Male Milking Machines and Male Masturbators. 

I have more Male Milking Machines and Male Masturbators than anywhere else in the UK and probably Europe too!

1. For the unschooled, what is male milking by machine? 

Male Milking with Mistress Jane

Male milking by machine: In short, it’s a machine that milks your penis. In recent years these gadgets have really come into their own. The more technical the machine, the more I like them. 

BDSM has moved on since the 80’s, it’s become a lot more accessible and, in my view, more technical. I don’t think guys are satisfied with just being strung up, whipped and yelled at alone. Well, not the guys that come and see me at any rate. 

There are more sex toys and gadgets available than ever before and guys want to try them. A milking machine is basically a sex toy on a grand scale and I love them!.

2. How do these male milking machine’s actually work? 

There are two distinct types of machines which people tend to mix up. One is a Male Milking Machine the other a Masturbation device or machine. One is a ‘quick fix’ the other is for a more ‘prolonged’ experience as well as being more versatile when it comes to added sensations. Although there are a couple of very good Masturbation Machines on the market which lend themselves to prolonged edging extremely well.

A milking machine has a diaphragm vacuum, compressed air pump and works on Suction and pulsation, whereas a masturbation machine will either run on batteries or is rechargeable. There are a few that operate by diaphragm which create suction, air in, air out.

A Milking Machine has a Perspex tube which is placed over the penis. For argument’s sake I’ll call these penis tubes receivers. 

There are many different types of receivers, some have rubber or silicone liners or sleeves. There are conductive rubber lined receivers with 4mm sockets for connection to your estim unit. Some of these receivers come in two stage tubes, some are Bi-polar with aluminium rings with sockets for estim attachment.

Basically, there are loads of variations and each one delivers a different sensation to the last. So, whilst been milked, depending on which receiver is used, the possibilities are endless.

Some Milking Machines work on a wet system which means a constant flow of lubricant to filters through to the receiver to keep it lubricated. Either way, plenty of lube should be used and monitored in case the tube gets dry.

When the machine is turned on the penis gets sucked in to the receiver. The controller can then decide at what pace to run the machine as well as what extra sensations to add to make the experience exceptional. 

3. What types of Roleplays would you associate with male milking?

​Phew….I’ve had so many. So, I’ll talk about the roleplays that stand out. I’ve played an Alien who abducted a Human specimen and carried out loads of experiments plus extracted lots of samples for DNA analysis. That was fun, I even wore a silver Alien costume with a yellow wig. 

A twisted nurse who milks men for fun and forces them to recycle their own semen by making them drink it. You name it! 

I find quite a few rubberiest enjoy Milking Machines. I think it’s because of the way the machine looks with all its tubes and the sound it makes. My ideal session is where I add not only the Milking Machine but all of its attachments. Such as Nipple suction and testicular suction, plus an anal electrode.

Therefore, layering the scene and creating a slow build-up of sensations until the subject is overloaded, it’s known as sensation overload. It’s a great thing to do to someone, and it’s great to watch.

Knowing you’ve created a particular scene and the person has got so immersed that they’ve forgotten I’m present. They just let go of all inhibitions ‘go with it’, cries of pleasure are a frequent sound at this stage. 

Many guys just want to experience the feeling of being milked by a machine, some find it humiliating others find it exhilarating. Whatever floats their boat really. 

Some just want to find out how many times they can cum in a given time and others want to find out how long they can last by way of being edged by the Milking Machine. These machines lend themselves really well to prolonged edging, and they are awesome if the subject enjoys Post Orgasm Torment as a bit of prolonged torment after orgasm.

4. How should one feel after a male milking session? And is Aftercare needed?

Depending on how long their session has been and what the session has entailed. Most guys feel elated, some exhausted, but on the whole happy with their experience. So much so that a lot of my custom is repeat.

It doesn’t matter what just occurred during a session. Aftercare is essential after every session. Whether it’s to sit and recover for a short while, a glass of water, a cup of tea or shower. A client should never be rushed after the session has ended.

5. What do you get out of milking someone? 

I get to use the machine and control the subject’s orgasm. I also get to see them enjoying their experience, which to me is the highlight of any session. Happy client, happy Mistress.

The more engaging the client is with the sensations he receives the more he gains from his experience. Clients who really ‘get in to it’ are easier to read, we tend to bounce off each other better.

6. Can you tell us any interesting stories about some of the subs you’ve milked in the past?

If you didn’t find the client who wanted me to play the part of an Alien abducting a Human specimen interesting, then I’m done!…only joking.

I have a guy who’s ‘thing’ is edging. He could sometimes cum three times in ninety minutes. After a time, we decided he should practice edging at home and aiming (no pun intended) to cum four times in two hours and fifty minutes. Eventually cutting that time down to four times in two hours. 

When he would come and visit, I would use a few different techniques and different machines during a session. Eventually over time, using a Milking Machine I managed to edge him for 4 hours. Another time he came eight times in four hours and forty minutes. A record for him!

7. And finally, Give three reasons why one should book a male milking by machine session with you?

1/ Because of the choice on offer.

2/ I know how to work the most technical of machines and often receive emails and messages from all over the world from private players as well as professionals asking advice on which machine to buy or trouble shooting plus hints and tips.

3/ Because my chambers are extensive, they lend themselves to versatility. So, therefore many different scenarios can be achieved.

Wiltshire Mistress Jane looks forward to milking you.

Welcome • Mistress Jane • Wiltshire (https://mistress-jane.com/)

istressJane (@MistressJane3) / Twitter

There we have it, Milking Lovers! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog about male milking by machine! A ginormous Shout-Out to the milking specialist Domme – Mistress Jane! Thanks a million for taking some time to answer my questions on male milking by machine.

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