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What is the Martyrdom of Satanatrix? Why did Miss Pearl decide to write an entire article about it? Interested in learning more? Before we get started, I strongly recommend reading Miss Pearl’s article to fully understand the interview. You can read the full article here.

1. Recently, you wrote an article: The Martyrdom of Satanatrix Tell us a little about it.

This was challenging to write, but it is my best attempt to tell the story of the wrongful arrest and conviction of two dommes. The TL;DR, Satanatrix (aka Lady Vi), Empress Ming and the priest of the parish were arrested for having an after hours scene in the church.

There was nobody else in the building, and with the priest’s permission they had a complete right to be there – but they were arrested, argueably wrongfully, and charged with institutional vandalism and obscenity, as well as publicly doxed far and wide.

2. What made you want to write an article about such a controversial subject matter?

I was upset that while the international news had a field day, and there were lots of salacious articles on the subject, nothing focused on the story of the dommes or their victimization by both the media circus, the church and the court.

It’s something I remain a bit worried about writing because the court details don’t even allow Satanatrix or Ming to really rebutt me if I get something wrong, or misrepresent them- but I’d like to think I can do better than the Daily Mail. Right now it’s that sort of misogynistic, hypocritical publication that has the last word.

3. In your article you mentioned what happened was also a profoundly religious activity, it can be argued that all parties disrespected the church, therefore should be punished. What are you thoughts on this?

“Disrespect of a church,” is, in my opinion, not something the church or state of any country should have the means to punish. I do believe in freedom of religion including certain protections, for example against religious discrimination, but particularly for any religious group that is so interwoven into secular life, the sacred becomes a shield and a means to prop up the power of entrenched groups.

Sure, I think this would be grounds to fire the priest, and the church could use their internal processes to do whatever they feel appropriate to spiritually disassociate themselves from him. However, I guarantee there were no permanent damages to any of the fixtures- any damages the church is reacting to amount to something a decent cleaning service would have dealt with. I also suspect the victims had intended to clean up after themselves, further underlining the silliness of the level of charges they faced.

Disrespect is also subjective. For example, if you took communion at a church without following their protocol of confession, etc.., you would have disrespected them. Similarly, if you used it to pinch the communion wafer they fed you, to prove that it didn’t turn into literal human flesh in your mouth, most people would agree it would be asinine if the church pursued some sort of criminal charge against you.

4. The controversial issue here is that all parties consented to this spiritually themed femdom. However, child sexual abuse in Catholic churches goes unreported for years. How can society improve in relation to this?

In Canada, we are dealing with a parallel issue of the role of the Catholic church in the genocide of First Nations, Metis and Inuit. Like the sex abuse scandals people are more familiar with, this is recent history, with ongoing harm. The Catholic church has been particularly reticent to take any responsibility for murdering children, much less molesting them. What has worked is a combination of political pressure at every level and protest.

And in the case of protest, this has included things that physically damaged or destroyed church property, ranging from the artistic to the alleged burning of churches. Movements like modern Satanism serve to specifically check religious encroachment into the secular sphere. And of course, people who molest children thrive in sex negative environments where we put institutions before people.

5. Why do you think the church had all details of the trial sealed?

I think that details of the trial would both be catnip for anyone rubbernecking for sleazy content, but also would show just how weirdly petty the Church was being. Ironically, protecting the image of the church has been a significant portion of their suppression of information of the various crimes of the Catholic church’s leadership. It’s something I touched in my article.

As far as their own communication with the media and congregants, the archdiocese handled a consensual kinky threesome with the same level of horror they did an ongoing investigation into another one of their priests serially abusing multiple children in their care. It’s clear the church care more about symbolism and how they are perceived, more than who might be harmed.

6. Do you feel the name Satanatrix, In a way, escalated things, because the name itself is associated with the devil?

I think that at the time of arrest, it probably was not immediately obvious. Media articles generally describe it as “women in corsets” and focus on the sex part. I think her explicit, open Satanism made it easier to paint her as unsympathetic after the fact, and attempt to charge them with what amounts to an attempted hate crime.

7. In your opinion, what would have been a fairer outcome?

The church should have fired the priest, and pursued the case in civil court if they thought that they had been damaged to any significant degree, reputationally. For example, if there were works being made for commercial redistribution, I think the church could reasonably contest that, same as if someone was trying to sell postcards of pictures taken without permission of their property.

However, I don’t blame Satanatrix and Ming for pleading to a lesser charge, as it seems only within their immediate community did they have much in the way of anyone sympathizing with them as people or victims.

I think, however, the “outcome” is one of those things that is actually ongoing. The outing of both women has significantly harmed them, but the damage can still be mitigated if we support them, both via the more obvious donations they have asked for, to defray the fine that was leveled against them, but also by showing we stand with them.

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