Miss Ava Black – Chastity Keyholder

Hello, fellow Rhymesters! Flaming nora! Podopheleus is back for another Mistress Rhyme Challenge, dedicated to the Chastity Keyholder – Miss Ava Black! Did you know that Podopheleus and Miss Ava Black go way back? Are you intrigued yet? But that’s a story for another time, kinky ones! 

Once more, I’ll explain what the Mistress Rhyme Challenge is all about. Following my love of rap and poetry, I 🍒 pick a Mistress/prodomme and rhyme Her name to the syllable. I won’t necessarily be rhyming about the Mistress/prodomme. Alternatively, I’ll be dropping Her name into my rhymes and using Her name to create rhyme structure.

I will rhyme whatever leaps to mind in that instant. It is imperative to take into account that this is my way of paying homage to the prodommes I have complete admiration for.

On that premise, let’s get friggin’ started. 

Mistress Rhyme Challenge – Miss Ava Black – Chastity Keyholder 

Rappoem: ‘My rhymes are scriptures‘ by Podopheleus

Yo, here’s a quick taster rap

Mesmerised by my rhymes like when Miss shakes Her back

Podopheleus got the juice, the lips savour that

Still don’t know what box to put me in like my shit is Vaportrap

Podo’s rhyme patterns so sick it’ll take ya back

Talking behind one’s back (Erm!!) It’s safer that

You 🤫 or get beat down lika sixth grader brat

Funny how they promote then gun down the artist? – Haitian Black

Too controversial? Let’s take that back

Pod – buried six feet under – you might as well bricklayer that

“Against All Odds” I rise from the dead – where’s your King Savior at?

Oh cripes! These hypocrites make me wanna slit my wrists – razor slashed!

For real, Podopheleus Lists major facts

My rhymes are scriptures to be released as a thick paperback

The phoney asserts in a disclaimer that…

Whatevs… I dedicate this to the 🔐Keyholder – Miss Ava Black!!

There we have it, Rhymesters!

Are you fucking with my rhymes? Which Mistress/prodomme would you nominate next? 

A very big Shout-Out to the Chastity Keyholder – Miss Ava Black! Please follow Miss Ava Black on social media.

Twitter: @MissAvaBlack

Instagram: @missavablack

Sign up to Her OnlyFans HERE: https://onlyfans.com/missavablack

And check out Her awesome website, so you don’t miss out on the latest: https://www.yourpainismypleasure.com/

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Much Kink Love,

Podopheleus 🖤

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