An unexpected slavery to Miss Poison Candi 

Guest Blog: “An unexpected slavery to Miss Poison Candi” by Manlock 

Life is a series of highs and lows. As we age we learn that we will eventually see the end of the lows we encounter and to recognise and cherish the highs. At 41, when life delivers me a high point, I know to embrace it and memorise as much of it as I can. As a submissive newly exploring this side of myself, this is one such occasion.

I decided to go to BBB (Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar) for the second time. I had had such a good time on my first visit I felt a need to go again and soak up more of the inclusive atmosphere lovingly nurtured there. 

Only this time I was to go alone. Luckily my previous Twitter interactions meant I had digitally spoken to a few people who would be there. 

I had been occasionally speaking with Miss Diana Von Rigg for a long while before BBB. She was a Mistress I not only admired but genuinely liked. She seemed to be a part of the community because of a sincere passion for it. And she made profound connections with other subs even if there was nothing to be gained by it. 

I was drawn to Miss Diana Von Rigg as soon as I found her Twitter account and then when we spoke in DM I learned so much from her experience. In-fact I hope to release an article about her soon! 

Miss Poison Candi messaged me one fateful day after I commented on one of her Tweets. I also found Miss Poison Candi to be very genuine and I was drawn to her personality instantly. The tweet in question was one showing vulnerability and passion for BDSM and I really enjoyed seeing the human side of her. When she messaged me she showed herself to be kind hearted and friendly. 

As I knew both of them were going I was very excited to meet them both. In-Fact Miss Poison Candi was signed up to be the BBB’s “Meet a Mistress” meaning she would be there to answer questions and lots more. Something I love about the BBB. It enables people to ask questions they were always afraid to ask. Such a good idea and on the two times I have seen it, a successful one. 

You can read about my visit to BBB in my article hosted on this site. This will be dedicated to what happened when I first set eyes on the incredible Miss Poison Candi. 

I saw her sitting on a stage in full latex as people queued up to speak with her. She truly was every bit as beautiful as her pictures. Her blonde hair flowed in contrast over the black latex and her eyes both warm and deep were glued to the couple talking to her. 

I took my place in the queue and felt my heart beat faster in nervous anticipation. 

Now I do not believe in having preconceived expectations. We all have hopes and desires. But expecting them to be fulfilled is the start of our downfall. It is almost entitled. And so I had no expectations other than the hope that she would be willing to talk to me for a few moments. What ended up happening was so much more. 

When only one couple were in-front of me I could not help but hear a little of what was being said. The female half of the couple seemed to be asking advice on how to progress her domination of her partner. Miss Poison Candi answered energetically using years of experience to tailor make the advice given to the individual. 

She uses humour as a means to make others feel comfortable to great affect and when nervous people were asking for her help she managed to break the ice and get them to a place where they could ask the questions they were afraid to ask and truly hear the answers they were given.

When it was my turn I nervously approached her, my heart threatening to beat its way out of my chest. 

Her voice pierced through my fears as she greeted me. I introduced myself as Manlock and recognition showed instantly on her face. She got up to hug me and I leaned in to her. She is taller than me so my head rested on her shoulder for the briefest of moments. 

I cannot remember exactly what was said but we spoke for a minute or so. I was grateful for this opportunity to speak to the person I had known only digitally before now. Then, to my surprise, she asked me if I would like to be her footstool while she spoke with others. It has always been something I wanted to try but never had the opportunity. I nodded, surprise making it hard to verbalise my consent. 

And so it was, that I was on all fours with her latex clad legs resting on my back. After she had spoken to another couple she asked me if I would like to lick her boots. I could not believe my luck. Again I nodded, my words still failing me and I leaned down to lick her boots. It was heavenly. Luckily nerves were preventing me from showing any arousal which I was eternally grateful for. 

Finally, she lifted her legs and asked me if I could fetch her a drink. She went to give me money but I offered to buy it for her. On my return she asked the question that would be the start of something beautiful. 

“Would you like to be my slave for the evening?” she said with her trademark smile. She asked me in such a casual manner. As if she had been asking if I would like to play a game of tiddlywinks rather than fulfil one of my life’s strongest and longest desires. I had no idea exactly what it entailed but she had so far been very gentle with me and I found myself believing that Miss Poison Candi would listen to me if I said something was too much. And of course, I was at BBB which is such a friendly place. This seemed the perfect place with the perfect person to be someone’s slave for an evening. I agreed. 

She instructed me to buy a leash to go along with the collar I had only just bought and to meet her at the beginning of the BBB after party, dressed in my newly bought feminine attire. 

Humiliation Station 

When I arrived back at the afterparty I did see her minutes before she saw me but I was too nervous to approach so I remained in the background. Eventually she spotted me and asked me why I was not dressed in feminine attire. I explained I was still building up the courage and she asked if it would help if she were nearby. 

So I did it. For the first time in my life I donned feminine clothes for the public to see, a black mesh skirt, blue lacey thong and a black mesh top. Miss Poison Candi was gentle with me and encouraged me. If you are a cross dresser like me, beaten down by years of societal conditioning and too scared to truly express yourself then I hope beyond hope that you experience what I did that evening. 

Encouraged and supported by someone who seems to genuinely care for your well being and surrounded by people who will embrace you no matter who you are. That is what happened to me and I could have danced for joy when Miss Poison Candi told me I looked stunning and had nothing to be ashamed of. 

She took my leash and my tenure as her slave began. 

Being pulled by a leash is quite simply one of the most erotic and blissful activities a sub like me can experience. It represents so much of what swims around inside our minds. It is like our hearts desires jump out and become manifest as we are trailing along, pulled by a leash connecting our subservience to the wielders dominance. I didn’t realise quite how much I liked it until I tried it. 

She was still performing as the BBB Mistress and at one point she was to spend some time greeting people in the humiliation station. I was in awe of the woman holding my leash. I have always considered myself good with people. Able to connect with anyone given some time. But Miss Poison Candi was a whirlwind of positivity. Her presence undeniable and her warmth melting the nerves of everyone around her. 

She spoke to several people at once as they queued up to be spanked by her, Mistress Kirsty and Mistress paisley Black. 

I was the first one to be spanked. She started off slowly and I felt my bum heating up. It wasn’t long before all three Mistresses were spanking me. Miss Poison Candi often checked in with me to make sure I was alright. Although I like the act of being spanked and the humiliation of it I can’t take much pain so eventually I had to bail out. Miss Poison Candi congratulated me on being the first and for having a go. I was made to kiss all three mistresses’ boots and then I was back watching. 

As I knelt down and handed her implements and drinks when she required I got a lot of time to observe. So many people took their turns. Each one Miss Poison Candi connected with instantaneously. Each one was singing her praises once they had had their turn. Some even queued up to have another go. 

I heard one Little next to me say “She is so fucking hot” as Miss Poison Candi was shaking her hips and shouting to the crowd as she delivered the next blow to the happy ass before her. 

Another asked me if she does sessions to which I replied with the affirmative. The mass of people around us loved her. Lusted after her. The awe and lust the crowd had for this eye drawing woman was nothing short of remarkable. 

I have never seen someone command and deserve affection from such a large number of people quite like Miss Poison Candi did. She was a showwoman with a huge amount of stage presence for sure. But more than that, she was genuine. She was enjoying herself. And she wanted everyone around her to be enjoying themselves no matter who they were.

One of the things Miss Poison Candi says to me a lot is “Kink should always be fun”. You could be forgiven for assuming this was marketing speak. All people have a face they put on for the public. But this is not the case with Miss Poison Candi. She believes it. And does everything she can to embody this mantra. 

If you are near Miss Poison Candi. You are likely having fun, feeling cared for, feeling listened to, and very very happy. This is her gift to the world. Miss Poison Candi makes people happy. Makes people better today than they were yesterday


Once she had spent some time dominating the various people at the Humiliation Station we went outside. I started vaping while knelt down at her feet. We spoke a little more about what kind of sub I was and then she spoke to some patrons. She asked me if she could use me as an ashtray and I thought for a moment before giving my consent. And so I experienced another first. 

It was so deliciously humiliating to be used in that way. She asked me if I wanted her to stub out the cigarette in my mouth. I did but I was really nervous about it. She must have seen my indecision on my face because she smiled warmly and said perhaps not for my first time and asked me to stub out the cigarette in the ashtray. 

One thing I loved was at one point she shifted and the leash went taught. I had to move my head for her to get in to the position she wanted to be in. It felt so good to have even the position of my body under her control. Miss Poison Candi is incredibly intuitive and must have realised I was only too happy to be moved in that way because after that first time it started happening more and more frequently. It was such a highlight for me. To not only be verbally commanded but physically too. 

Miss Poison Candi was so incredibly attentive. I never went too long without some form of attention. She would often include me in her conversations or talk to me one on one. She often checked in on me to see how I was doing. At other times she would pull my head in closer and run her hands through my hair or rest my head in her lap. I felt like the luckiest sub alive. 

On occasion she would grab my hair and move my head gently but firmly towards her boots. I knew what she wanted and started licking with adoration. 

She managed to juggle kindness and compassion with a firm domination. And I just could not believe I had been this lucky. 

While not engaged with serving Miss Poison Candi I tried to work out how I had arrived at this point. She was magnificent. She could have asked any sub in the room and half the dommes if they would like to serve her and they would have answered positively.  I just could not work out why she had chosen me. I had done nothing to deserve such a privilege. 

At other times I got to speak with her friend. I really liked him actually. He was a little laddy but not too much (As am I when I am not being submissive) and behind his eyes lay a complexity that one meeting would never be able to reveal. More than that I liked how he responded to me. 

It is difficult when you have repressed your submissive side for so long. It gets to the point where you don’t actually know how to be submissive. Not and retain the other parts of your personality at the same time. So going from serving Miss Poison Candi to having normal conversations with her friend and back again really helped me feel like it was okay to be who I am. It normalised it. And it was very grounding.

He was incredibly respectful of me and never once made me feel less for what I was doing. Instead he engaged with me, talked to me, listened to me and became someone I quite looked forward to spending more time with. 

The fellowship grows 

Halfway through the evening Miss Diana Von Rigg arrived. Meeting Miss Diana was akin to meeting a hero of mine. Even just a glance at her revealed she was stunningly beautiful. But rather than write just a few words about her here I would like to write an entire article on Miss Diana so I will leave the details of our conversations for that article. Needless to say, meeting Miss Diana was one of the highlights of my evening.

At roughly the same time another Mistress I had followed on Twitter also turned up with her sub and joined us. I had never spoken to her before so I did not approach but I did watch. She has a striking appearance with eyes any sub could be lost in and never want to be found. 

She was quieter than Miss Poison Candi and Miss Diana Von Rigg. She carried herself with elegance and grace. And yet she had such a commanding presence. I cannot imagine anyone saying no to one of her requests. 

All three of them were so much fun to listen to. Long time friends who were incredibly funny together. Miss Poison Candi would put on her excitable voice while telling a joke and Miss Diana Von Rigg would respond in kind. They would all make witty comments and I and the other guys with us would struggle to hold back the tears from laughing so much. 

Here I was, at Miss Poison Candi’s feet, being her Ashtray, boot lick and footstool while listening and sometimes joining in on hilarity and profound discussions in equal measure. 

It could not get better… or so I thought. 

As time wore on, I continued serving and listening, talking and laughing. I would be asked to get drinks on occasion and offered the money but I refused the money each time. I explained that had this been a session it would have cost me much more so I was only too happy to get her drinks for the evening. 

Eventually BBB had to come to an end. Not wanting the evening to end we headed over to the village LGBTQ+ pub down the road. 

When we were sat down Miss Poison Candi resumed using me as an ashtray and asked me if I liked to be spat on. I excitedly said it was my favourite thing. And so she spat in my mouth and on my face. She repeated this multiple times and I could not believe another one of my fantasies was being fulfilled. And still, I could not work out what I had done to deserve such fond attention from such a sought-after woman. 

After a while Miss Poison Candi went off to talk to someone else. I nervously addressed the other Mistress who had turned up and told her I followed her on Twitter and that it was a privilege to have met her. This was the first time we had directly spoken to one another. 

She eyed me with an appraising look and I worried I had offended her. Instead she held out a hand and said it was nice to meet me. 

We spoke for a moment and finally she asked me if I would like to give her a foot massage. My mind was busy wondering if I was dreaming. First Miss Poison Candi, enslaved me, then I met the amazing Miss Diana Rigg (See upcoming article) and now another Misstress was asking for a foot massage. I genuinely questioned if this was real for the briefest of moments. 

Of course, I said yes. Now I have a confession to make here. This was only the second foot massage I have given. My partners have always been submissive in the past and, being in the closet, I always went along with being the dominant role despite it doing nothing for me. So even when I offered a foot massage I was usually refused. 

It was made harder by the fishnet stockings she was wearing. I don’t think my foot massage was very good and when it was finished I apologised for my inexperience. She was gracious and said it had been fine. 

Her smile was stunning. It portrayed both her grace and desire to make sure I was not too embarrassed. It washed over me like a warm shower in winter and my embarrassment subsided. 


Miss Poison Candi returned and I found myself kneeling at her feet once again with everyone else sitting surrounding me. 

Miss Poison grabbed my hair and tilted it back to flick her ash and then spat on me. Then several other Mistress’s including Miss Diana did the same. In-fact for several seconds all of them used my face in that manner. Another Mistress with us Miss Ronelle Chambers also started to use me in the same way and I realised I had four sought after Mistresses all playing with me. 

I think I went somewhere else at that moment. I don’t know if it was subspace or something else but I was so overwhelmed by how much I was enjoying it that I drifted for a moment. Once my face was covered Miss Poison Candi stuck her finger in to my mouth and pushed it in and out, wiping the saliva all over me.

For the rest of the evening one of them would intermittently use me in that way and I was only too willing to oblige. 

Miss Poison Candi pushed me down at one point and sat on my back while a Mistress used my head as a foot rest. 

In-fact all three Mistresses played with me at various points of the evening. My nipples were twisted, my face slapped and I was verbally degraded at different points. I loved the degradation and the pain never became too much. They all knew when to stop and they all checked in with me to make sure I was well. My answer was always the same. I could not have been better! 

All of them were such personalities. So friendly. Each looked out for each other and their subs. And of course, each looked after me. I felt accepted. Truly accepted. I could be both a confident man and a submissive and no one judged me. No one set any expectations on me. I felt like I had found a group of people that I genuinely liked and could still be a submissive with no hang ups or judgement. 

At the end of the evening Miss Poison Candi grabbed my leash and pulled me to the dancefloor where we danced for some time. Another Mistress joined us and I have to say I was glad to be doing something vanilla that I enjoyed too. 

Supported to tears

As the evening came to an end I was still working out why I had been treated so well. Why Miss Poison Candi had chosen me to be her sub. Why Miss Diana Von Rigg and the others had opted to play with me. I didn’t feel deserving of such a privilege. I felt so incredibly lucky. 

As we all said our good byes Miss Poison Candi gave me a long and soothing hug. I could have stayed like that for hours. She asked me to message her in the morning and then I was walking back to the hotel. 

When I got back in I instantly laid on my bed, only then realising how mentally and physically exhausted I was. I opened my phone and there was a message from Miss Poison Candi congratulating me on doing so well. I responded and fell asleep with my phone still in my hands.

I woke up to a lovely message from Miss Diana Von Rigg. I responded immediately and sent a message to Miss Poison Candi to thank her for her generosity. I also messaged the other Mistresses to thank them. 

I thought that would be the end of it. I still felt exhausted and overwhelmingly happy but I also lamented the end of the perfect evening. 

But… Miss Poison Candi messaged me again. A few times in-fact over the coming days. A few days later she even suggested I serve her again when she is next at BBB. I stared at my phone for several minutes in disbelief. How could one person be so utterly selfless and altruistic. She was making such a positive change in me and asking for nothing in return. 

A few days later I was still on a high from that evening. It was beginning to become more manageable but I was still overwhelmed with how good I felt. 

Then it happened. Out of the blue Miss Poison Candi messaged me again just to wish me well and to call me “her darling boy”. 

Now I want to make it clear that I am not a crier. There is nothing wrong if you cry a lot but I just don’t. Call it upbringing, toxic masculinity or anything else but I just don’t find I tear up often. I did then though. Such a simple and short message. But it made me cry. All of the powerful and positive emotions I had felt over the last week released themselves and the catalyst was one short message. 

I never did work out what I had done to deserve Miss Poison Candi’s attention. I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter. All I know is that I am eternally grateful for what she did for me. I am in fascinated awe at how she instantly managed to get a room full of people fall in love with her. I am amazed at how quickly she connects with people on their level. I love her energy and enthusiasm. 

Most of all though I came to realise that nothing she says is marketing blurb. Miss Poison Candi is genuine. And is a massive boon for the community. I hope everyone gets a chance to meet her and experience her personality themselves because she is truly truly amazing. 

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