Double Domme / Roleplay session with Mistress Adreena and Mistress Aria

Hello again Beloved Kinksters!

Introducing Mistress Adreena and Mistress Aria. On the 15th of July 2021 I had one of the most epic sessions yet (And that’s no exaggeration.) The session was a Double Domme Roleplay session with the pulchritudinous Goddess – Mistress Adreena and the delightful – Mistress Aria.

So here is the roleplay that I sent to Mistress Adreena, prior to our session at Inanna Studios.

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Roleplay: The obnoxious student

Miss Adreena and Miss Aria are teachers. I am an arrogant, cocky kid. I will, however, make a few immature comments every now and then, such as:

“Miss, you are sooo Cock-on”, and then I start giggling about it. Miss Adreena — asked me to stay after class to talk with her. Miss Aria was also invited to join the meeting. Miss Adreena locked the door. I instinctively yelled, “What the buggered arse in hell is that?”

Miss Aria laughed out loud and Miss Adreena said: “Oh! Allow us to introduce you to the Vixen Outlaw and the Vixen Bandit. Now, let’s see, who’s sooo cock-on, shall we?”

Contains: head-grappling, hair-pulling, face slapping, spitting, merciless strapon throat-fucking, pegging and watersports.

Alrighty then, Kinksters! Shall we get into it? Let’s do this!

After-class meeting with Miss Adreena and Miss Aria

I was standing in front of Miss Adreena and Miss Aria. Miss Adreena shakes her head at me, censoriously. I was asked to explain my actions. So I explained: “Judas priest! You guys really need to develop a sense of humour. You shouldn’t always take everything to heart, Goddammit!” Miss Aria looked at me with exasperation, clicked her tongue in disappointment. Right away, Miss Adreena said to Miss Aria, “You remember I told you about this one?” “Oh, you can tell that he is arrogant, he needs to be disciplined and punished”. Miss Aria said. I start to chuckle. “Look, I’m not being funny, but writing lines is NOT exactly a form of punishment, and you guys are way too cute to dish out punishments”. If looks could kill I’d have died there and then. I continue to make immature remarks “Oh oops, did that hit a nerve?” They both stood up, instinctively, that’s when I knew I had crossed the line. “I beg your pardon. It’s time to shut the fuck up now”. Miss Aria said. Before I could get another word out of my mouth, Miss Adreena firmly squeezed my cock. She demanded that I take off my clothes. I try making a sarcastic, witty comment. Miss Aria slapped my face. I lowered my voice, Miss Adreena demanded I get down on my knees. “What the buggered arse in hell is that?” I said.

Miss Aria laughed out loud and Mistress Adreena said: “SUCK HER COCK NOW”.

Double Face Fucking

Miss Adreena grabs my hair, holding my head still, while Miss Aria is fucking my mouth with her cock. God, have pity! She vowed to show any compassion, as she forces her cock all the way down my throat, I started to gag a little, my heart started racing, and I remember thinking, “Holy Fuck Knuckles!” Miss Aria pulls her cock out of my mouth. I took a moment to catch my breath, and before I could take another breath, Miss Adreena grabbed me by the throat. She spits in my face and slides her gargantuan cock into my mouth. She persistently forced her cock down my throat. “Good lord! That’s a profuse amount of saliva dripping from your mouth”. Miss Adreena said. Tears started running down my face. “Oh, he’s so quiet. Wait a minute, I have an idea”. Miss Aria says to Miss Adreena.

Double whammy Ass-fucking and Face Fucking

Before I knew it, my hands and feet were tied to a padded bench. I knew what was about to happen. I tried to talk my way out of it; I tried opening my mouth, but Miss Aria shoved her cock completely down my throat until I choked, while Miss Adreena shoved her cock in my ass without warning. I let out a long high moan. She really started going wild. Miss Adreena was fucking the shit out of my ass while Miss Aria was fucking the shit out of my mouth. Miss Aria Reminded me that bad behaviour begets unpleasant consequences. “Oh, he has an insatiable appetite for cock”.  At that moment, everything became quiet. I succumbed to their power. I couldn’t speak with or without a cock in my mouth. I went somewhere else in my head, a place I never believed existed. “Okay, Let’s move him to the sex swing”. Miss Adreena said to Miss Aria. When I stood up I felt a combination of lightheadedness and sexually stimulating high. Miss Adreena called me over to the sex swing. As instructed, I hopped on the sex swing. We carried on where we left off, the double penetration continued. Once again, I found myself lost in another world. I could feel my body pulsing with joyous energy. It all felt so good, I felt spaced out. My body started to shake, I held onto the straps and I let out a loud moan. In that instant, I felt at peace, however, there was one more punishment ahead.

Watersports with Miss Aria

As I got up, I felt kind of dreamy and wobbly. Miss Adreena laid out large sheets of paper on the floor, then instructed me to lie down on the floor. Miss Aria pulled down her underwear and squatted over my face. I was instructed to open my mouth. I suddenly felt a warm stream hit the back of my throat and in a couple of seconds my entire face was covered in Miss Aria’s pee. It tasted like water, with a hint of something. “Oh, wait, there’s more”. Miss Aria said. She definitely had a full bladder. I breathe-in through my mouth and I exhale through the nose as I swallow her pee. “Oh, there’s still more”. This time around, Miss Aria urinates in my mouth until it overflows. It was incredibly humiliating and degrading and stimulating all at the same time. Miss Adreena gave me a jerk off instruction. I took a few more big gulps of Miss Aria’s pee. I vigorously jerk my cock to a cum-explosion.

In summation

I want to say a massive thank you to Mistress Aria for the piss play experience. It was incredible, I have never experienced anything like that. Furthermore, It was lovely to meet you, Mistress Aria! I want to give a shout out of gratitude to Mistress Adreena. I have been visiting Mistress Adreena for almost 3 years now. Thank you, Mistress Adreena, for always going to such great lengths to make every session a unique experience. Lastly, I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to serve two beautiful and talented Goddesses.

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There we have it, Kinksters!

Submissive men – have you ever been double penetrated? Have you ever tried watersports? I’d love to hear all about it.

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