London’s newest prodomme – Mistress Annaliese!

Podopheleus interviews newly trained prodomme – Mistress Annaliese

Hello, dear kinksters… as you may already know, I interviewed Mistress Annaliese back in August 2021. At the time, Mistress Annaliese was undergoing training. Well, guess what, kinksters?! Mistress Annaliese has now completed Her training. I know, right? 

Oh, and just in case you missed the first interview with Mistress Annaliese, here it is again. 

Well, kinksters, let’s get started.

1. In reference to our last interview, firstly, I would like to congratulate you on completing your training sessions. What did your Training actually consist of for you? And what did you learn from your training? 

Thank you so much! My training took place in London with the ultimate Goddess Cleo. We spent hours together with a number of awesome kinksters learning ropes, caning, flogging, nipple play, cock and ball torture, trampling and strap on. As we all know G.C. is the best person to see to experience ass-gasms.

Working with her has been the most rewarding and awesome experience. The main takeaways from my training was that I learnt about myself in the process. I love being sultry, sensual and sadistic. I love the exhilaration each session brings, the bonds I make with the people I play with, and how brilliant this community is because of the many many different people who are a part of it. 

2. Your website is soon to be launched, in the meantime can you tell us what activities you are currently offering and what are your favourite activities? 

My Website is finally launched!!

My session activities are on my Session Activities page. My favourites include caning, flogging, trampling, cock and ball torture. There are more activities that I would like to learn in future – rope bondage and breath play to name a few! 

Mistress Annaliese

3. How does one go about booking a session with you? 

Awesome! You’re ready to book a session – the most important information you will need is my email address, as I don’t take bookings outside of my email. 


The most important information I need is – Name, Preferred date and time of booking, duration, activities, boundaries, health issues. I do have a sample email that you can view on my Contact Page, in case you get stuck! 

4. Your training took place in Kent. Is that where all your sessions take place? Or do you venture out into other areas and dungeons?

My training took place in London, under the watchful eye of Goddess Cleo. My sessions do take place mainly in Kent but I like to keep the venue under wraps until the booking has been made. I do tend to venture out into London, most notably The Peacock Parlour and The Serpent Rooms. I would like to try out some more play spaces soon!

5. What do you expect from your submissives and how does one get in your good books? 

Mistress Annaliese

Follow my instructions, don’t push my boundaries and be open and honest. We all have boundaries, just because you are submissive, it doesn’t mean you’re the only one with boundaries. You’re an adult, be respectful and acknowledge that not everything revolves around you, even if you think you’re doing something to benefit me! NO MEANS NO! Sorry, not sorry!  

Be open and honest with me about your boundaries as I will with you about mine. I will always do my best to ensure you feel respected and cared for. 

6. What are the most requested activities you get asked about the most? Have you had any requests that are off-limits for you? And what are your hard limits? 

My most requested sessions are foot worship sessions, mainly due to my slave, P. Other than that my next most booked sessions are impact play sessions like caning and flogging, and finally CBT. 

My hard limits are noted on my activity page, I understand other Professional Dominatrices do indulge their clients with these activities. My hard limits are – Race Play, Scat, Pussy Worship, and Full service requests. I always reserve the right to say no to anyone if I believe a prospective client has ulterior motives.

Yes, I have had clients request Race play as a session activity, but this goes against my morals and ethics. I pride myself in knowing that I have done a lot of learning and research about Racial issues and intersectionality, so Race play does nothing for me but make me feel awful. I understand, not everyone views this activity how I do, and that’s perfectly fine. But this is me, and my rules are absolute. 

7. Lastly, feel free to shamelessly plug why someone should book a session with you

Well, I will leave this fucking awesome testimonial here – 

“I was lucky enough to be accepted to session with the incomparable Miss Annaliese. Whilst deliciously young she has effortless confidence and control’s with the skill of one much older. Just one look from her amazing eyes and you want to do anything to please her, take whatever she desires simply to see her beautiful smile. I have to admit to being completely smitten within minutes and had the most fun I can remember. Reading her website before, I had high hopes for a great time, but these expectations were surpassed many times over by the actual event. Even the background music was perfect. 😉 I cannot wait to return.”


There we have it, kinksters! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog. Once again, a big big THANK-YOU to Mistress Annaliese for answering my questions so comprehensively.

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Twitter: @MissAnnaliese_ or @MsAnnalieseLDN 

Instagram: @MsAnnalieseLDN



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