Mistress Rhyme Challenge – May 2022 – Mistress Severin

Mistress Rhyme Challenge – May 2022 – Mistress Severin by Podopheleus

Hello again, Kinky Poet Lovers! Welcome to my 4th Mistress Rhyme Challenge of 2022. I know, right? Oh, and just in case you missed the previous Mistress Rhyme Challenges, here they are again. 


And now, for the Mistress Rhyme Challenge – May 2022, this is dedicated to the Ethereal Spiritual Kinky Goddess – Mistress Severin 🖤

One more time, I’ll explain what the Mistress Rhyme Challenge is all about. Every month I will pick out a Mistress/prodomme and rhyme Her name to the syllable. I won’t necessarily be rhyming about the Mistress/prodomme. Alternatively, I’ll be dropping Her name into my rhymes and using Her name to create rhyme structure.

I will rhyme whatever springs to mind in that instant. It is important to bear in mind that this is my way of paying homage to the prodommes I have tremendous respect for.

With all that said, let’s get friggin’ started.

[Mistress Rhyme Challenge – May 2022 – Mistress Severin]

When you can’t be who you are, that’s truly depressing

I feel a storm developing, call me the weatherman

I once knocked on death’s door, but no one would lemme in

After years of repressing, I booked a session with…

It’s evident, every session is, heaven sent

Some got wind of it, the feminist despiser, extremist

Tried to sabotage, Podo! I had to have leather skin

I had to stand my ground, can’t back down, I’ve just kept winning

I just wanna say, FUCK… [Nah], they’re not even worth mentioning

The whiskey looks tempting, but I reach for something more refreshing

Turmeric, ginger, bee pollen, lemon that’s my medicine

Once you’ve learned to count your blessings, life is sweet lika nectarine

I’m cool lika peppermint, I told Anx, you better scram

I spend everyday trying to be a better man

Don’t mean to preach like the reverend, here is a lesson in

Kink, BDSM and Spirituality by Mistress Severin. 

There we have it, Kinky Poet Lovers! 

Are you feeling my rhymes? Which Mistress/prodomme would you nominate next? 

A massive Shout-Out to the Ethereal Spiritual Kinky Goddess – Mistress Severin! Please follow the magnificent Mistress Severin on Twitter and check out Her links, so you don’t miss out on the latest! 

Mistress Severin Twitter: @Severin_LDN

Links for Mistress Severin: https://allmylinks.com/severinmistress

Mistress Rhyme Challenge – May 2022 – Mistress Severin

Just in case you don’t know, recently, I met the wonderful Mistress Severin at ‘Scene’ which is a kinkster play party hosted by @The_JaneGrey & Gal. Would you like to know what happened when I finally got to meet Mistress Severin? Click here to read the full article – https://orgasmicways.com/my-first-kinkster-play-party-by-podopheleus/

Let’s support each other, Kinksters! So please feel free to SHARE this Mistress Rhyme Challenge with others. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @podofeleus and Instagram @Podopheleus.

Much Kink Love,

Podopheleus 🖤


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