Mistress Rhyme Challenge – Mistress Katerina

Mistress Rhyme Challenge – Mistress Katerina

Wassup, BDSM Rhymers!

Goodness gracious!! Podopheleus is back for another Mistress Rhyme Challenge. Ay, caramba! Dedicated to the Pro Mind Fuck Domme – Mistress Katerina!

For newbies, I’ll explain what the Mistress Rhyme Challenge is all about. Every month I select a Mistress/prodomme and rhyme Her name to the syllable. I won’t necessarily be rhyming about the Mistress/prodomme. Alternatively, I’ll be dropping Her name into my rhymes and using Her name to create rhyme structure.

I will rhyme whatever enters one’s mind in that given moment. It is essential to take into consideration that this is my way of paying homage to the prodommes I have the deepest respect for.

With all that said, let’s get friggin’ started.

Mistress Rhyme Challenge – Mistress Katerina

Yo, when it comes to rhyming you won’t find a faster thinker

I don’t trust rats unless it’s Master splinter

For real, Pods rhymes speak to the soul like a Chakra healer

This is the ‘Takeover’, additionally, I mastered ‘Ether’

Can I rhyme? Ask Karina

Podo only drops dope rhymes, this ain’t no Macarena

Gee, I had a heartfelt convo with Cleo after dinner

Thank goodness for Dommes – keeping me on my toes like a ballerina

I used to be overly anxious eager

In former times I wasn’t the sharpest cleaver

I paint vivid pictures so capture this ya

It’s the rhyming sub – Bow Down to your Master Leader

(Ha) Podopheleus’ rhymes – as cold as yer freezer

(Brrr!) Oh, you wanna get your ass effed deeper!?

👇I suggest booking a session with – Mistress Katerina

There we have it, BDSM Rhymers!

Are you fucking with my rhymes? Which Mistress/prodomme would you nominate next? 

A huge Shout-Out to the Pro Mind Fuck Domme – Mistress Katerina! Please follow Mistress Katerina on social media.

Twitter: @Katerina_The_G

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Much Kink Love,

Podopheleus 🖤


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