Mistress Rhyme Challenge 1 – Jane Grey

Mistress Rhyme Challenge – February 2022 – Jane Grey

Hello, Beloved, Rhyming Kinksters! Okay, so, I decided to create something fun and playful. It’s titled, Mistress Rhyme Challenge. Every month I will select a Mistress/prodomme and rhyme her name to the syllable.

I won’t necessarily be rhyming about the Mistress/pro domme. Alternatively, I’ll be dropping her name into my rhymes and using her name to create rhyme structure. I will rhyme whatever comes to mind in that given moment. Fortunately for me, Jane Grey is a 2 syllable rhyme structure, meaning it’s not too complex. I will keep this going until the end of the year. 

With that said, let’s get friggin’ started.

Mistress Rhyme Challenge – February 2022 – Jane Grey

[Verse 1]

Hey, hey, this is Pod, make way, make way

I’m not tryna pave the way, instead, Pod, provides a safe space

A judgement Free Zone, whether sub, maid, slave

My life changed when I visited Mistress Adreenas play space

From that date, I started to meditate, pray 🙏

Too many tenants living rent-free, you need to vacate

Now I leave home without feeling shame-faced

Advocate For Change

Steer clear from those who see the world through a snakes gaze

Fighting societal norms while trying to stay sane

Dive into your true self, don’t let anyone tell you that you ain’t great

IT’S ONLY RIGHT, word to RJ Payne

[Verse 2]

Too many cocks, think with their cocks, should be put in a cage, ay?

Milked, Leaked like Kim and Ray J sex tape

Oh, they’re far too many time wasters, just remember; No Pay, No Play

Be mindful and stop playing the blame game

Wrekonize, like ¡Mayday!

We have moved with the times, but there’s still a lot of gay hate

There’s nothing more fucked up than the slave trade

Fuck all the bigots and misogynistic cunts, we are not on the same page

Lame brains, I hope you’re into pain play

You’re going to feel the impact like a session with Jane Grey

We don’t choose our fam, we’re not the same, same

Oh, you only got my back when my blood is on your blade, ay?

Tryna scare me like a 12 gauge to the face

But when you take aim with toy guns, it doesn’t spray the same way

There we have it, Rhyming Kinksters! 

Do you fuck with my rhymes? Which Mistress/prodomme would you nominate next? 

A big shout-out to Jane Grey!

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Lastly, did you know that I interviewed Jane Grey? I know, right? Okay, in case you missed it, here’s the interview.

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Much Kink Love,

Podopheleus 🖤


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