June 2022 Rhyme Challenge – Mistress Sophia Sahara

Hello Beloved, Storytelling Compound Rhymers!

Now here we are, back again for June 2022 Mistress Rhyme Challenge, dedicated to, The Arabic Goddess – Mistress Sophia Sahara! Oh, and just in case you missed the previous Mistress Rhyme Challenges, here they are again. 


Once more, I’ll explain what the Mistress Rhyme Challenge is all about. Every month I will handpick a Mistress/prodomme and rhyme Her name to the syllable. I won’t necessarily be rhyming about the Mistress/prodomme. Alternatively, I’ll be dropping Her name into my rhymes and using Her name to create rhyme structure.

I will rhyme whatever pops into my head at that moment. It is important to keep in mind that this is my way of paying homage to the prodommes I have enormous respect for.

In this instance, I decided to do something somewhat different by using the prodommes name to tell a gritty story about a youth caught up in the drug game. Although the story is brief and to the point, it is still graphic and intense. 

With all that said, let’s get friggin’ started.

June 2022 Rhyme Challenge – Mistress Sophia Sahara

Gotta story to tell – little man cop gear from a rasta

Who sold him fake crack, [“Ah, crap!”] got wasted on beer and lager 

Shortly after, little man got robbed near Panama

Couldn’t pay back what he owed, lost fingers and Papa

Hot tears sprang after, transformed into; cold killer and monster

He’ll never leave yard ‘gain without his strap on like Sophia Sahara

There we have it, Compound Rhymers!

Are you fucking with my rhymes? Which Mistress/prodomme would you nominate next? 

A humongous Shout-Out to the Arabic Goddess – Mistress Sophia Sahara! Please follow the wonderful Mistress Sophia Sahara on social media.

Twitter: @thesophiasahara

Instagram: @mssophiasahara

And check out Her links, so you don’t miss out on the latest! 


More importantly, book a session with the Arabic Goddess here.


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