Mistress Tatyana – Cuckoldress – INTERVIEW!

Podopheleus interviews Mistress Tatyana – Cuckoldress

Hello, and Happy Fri-yay, Curious cucks!

What is a cuckoldress? How does one become a cuckoldress? What makes a good cuckoldress? Is cuckolding the same as an affair? Ok, so, I don’t have any of the answers, but I know someone who does. 

Introducing Mistress Tatyana

My name is Tatyana, wife, Goddess and Cuckoldress to The Hopeful Cuck. I’m a strong, intelligent woman with a professional career. We have been on our current journey of cuckolding for a year. We also live in a 24/7 D/s relationship. I’m naturally dominant in my life, and now have been able to live my truth.

1. For the uninitiated what is a cuckoldress?

I think everyone in this lifestyle has a slightly different definition, it’s all a spectrum. A cuckoldress is a woman who has the support of her partner to explore her sexuality. This may happen in a variety of ways. A cuckoldress is a partner (though wording may be different, not always a wife) who is the active person in an ethically non-monogamous relationship. Our ENM (ethical non-monogamy) relationship is one sided. 

2. Tell me your story—How did you become a cuckoldress? And what makes a good cuckoldress?

About a year ago Hopeful Cuck came to me with his fantasy. Hopeful and I had been together for about 4 years. We had ups and downs sexually. The prior year was the worst. We were not connecting at all sexually. He could not satisfy me and really had no interest to. I became increasingly resentful and disinterested, as did he. We worked in every other way.

Once he came to me with this offer, my inner Goddess was jumping for joy! My biggest kink is variety. So, we set out on this journey together. It has been a year of exploring. What we thought it would look like a year ago vs, now are quite different. The pandemic has certainly put a damper on actual experiences, but we have spent the past year honing our relationship in this lifestyle, making new friends, and getting very involved in the community.

I think a good cuckoldress is one that is not afraid of exploring her sexuality. Not afraid of her power. Mostly though, a good cuckoldress is one that embraces her loving cuck. Always keeps his needs in mind. It is a symbiotic relationship, and it needs attention to thrive.

3. What do you love most about being a cuckoldress? 

I love how close it has brought us. We communicate better than we ever have. I love being able to explore my sexuality without judgement. Years of being expected to be “the good girl” is still ingrained in my brain, but I have moved way past it. I love having platforms like this to get my story and voice out there. Dispelling the myths, and doing my part to normalize this lifestyle are important to me. 

4. What were the biggest challenges you faced in finding a bull? And what do you look for in a bull?

Well, the biggest challenge right now is being in a pandemic. We are hesitant to attend lifestyle clubs or events because of this. That leaves the dating apps. I swore after I got married to Hopeful (it’s a second marriage for me) that I would NEVER do online dating again. I find it tedious. Trying to weed out profiles, making conversation, having meet ups etc. It can be difficult and a lengthy process, as I am discerning.

What I look for first is someone I am physically attracted to. Next, are they well spoken, intelligent, a good person?  I’m certainly not above having casual encounters, but ideally, we seek a regular. Someone that is a regular will have to be someone who has “boyfriend “qualities. I have no interest in spending chunks of my precious time with someone I don’t like as a person. 

5. What’s the biggest misconception about cuckolding?

I think the biggest misconception is that it is cheating or that either partner was forced in to it.

6. What’s the difference between cuckolding and cheating? 

As in all things sexual, consent and honesty. I have experienced both dynamics. I guarantee I gave no consent to my ex-husband having other women and there was no honesty from him.

Cuckolding has been around for centuries. People are now starting to feel more comfortable about being open about it. I believe this is because social norms are changing. I think there are more people sharing their voices, giving others safe spaces and being more accepting in general.

8. And finally, tell us about your new project – ‘in celebration of the strong men in this lifestyle’

My project was my contribution to Cuckweek. There were several projects and platforms that gave education and support to cucks. Many positive voices sharing our love to cucks. I wanted to hear their voices. I compiled statements from about 70 cucks who answered 3 questions:

  1. Please give me one word you think defines a cuck?
  2. Please tell me what you are proud of as a cuck?
  3. Tell me one thing you want the vanilla world to understand about being a cuck?

Having the support of other cucks, hearing that you are not alone in navigating this lifestyle was very important to Hopeful when we first started this journey. I wanted others to feel that too

There we have it, curious cucks!

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog. A gargantuan Shout-Out to the Badass – Mistress Tatyana! Thank-You for answering my questions so comprehensively.

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