Guest Mistress Rhyme Challenge by Manlock

Hi Kinksters 

This is my entry to Pod’s rhyming challenge. I have decided to do things a little differently. Firstly I am dedicating this rhyme to three Domme’s all of which have had a positive influence on my journey so far. 

Divine Theratrix

Mistress Sakura 

Miss Diana Von Rigg 

Secondly, I will start the rhyme with no restrictions and when I get to the section about the Domme, in question I will try to rhyme with their name. 

Lastly, I am used to poetical and flowery rhyming but I have tried to match Pod’s rap style rhyming so I apologise in advance for the amateur nature of the rhyme. 

I hope you like it 

My Elevation 

Being a sub can be hard, we’re starved 

Of any media role models like Jean Luc Picard 

We are seen by the world as freaks o’ nature 

The common response is “You’re weird, I hate ya” 

Sick of the world trying to disown me 

I ventured on the scene but started slowly 

An uphill climb, I’m fine, I’m not fine 

I fail to find my tribe time after time 

This story tells the tale of my elevation 

Thrice now a domme has moulded my creation. 

Divine Theratrix 


A chance set of tweets about scene ethics 

Introduces me to Divine Theratrix 

She engages, there’s pages of fun hysterics

She teaches and reaches for my inner genetics  

She let me work for her, I felt electric 

She put my mind at rest, my thoughts concentric 

Always so warm with never a Nix 

I owe so very much to Divine Theratrix 

Mistress Sakura 

Time to spread my wings and dive in to Narnia 

I booked a pro-session with Mistress Sakura 

Elegant and friendly I loved her Aura 

The session was sublime, the start of an era 

Her aftercare lit my way better than the Luna 

She kept in contact to counteract sub drop and voila 

A highlight of my life was surrendering to her 

A touch from Mistress Sakura is enough to make you purr  

Miss Diana Von Rigg


As time wore on my self doubts grew big 

What I thought I knew was fragile as a twig 

Enter stage left Miss Diana Von Rig 

Beautiful and funny, as dangerous as The Stig 

She eased my mind, gave her time with a branching sprig 

Of advice and opinions, from her knowledge I took a swig

Despite my mental hole that I had started to dig 

She pulled me free, let me be me, thankyou Miss Von Rigg

And so my tale is told, as it unfolds I do behold

That as I grow old, I grow more bold and infinitely more controlled. 

All thanks to the three who were there for me 

They heard my plea, cleared the debris and let me be their devotee 

Thankyou to the three women I mention above. Your kindness and knowledge will not be forgotten.



Divine Theratrix: and

Mistress Sakura: and

Miss Diana Von Rigg: and

There we have it, Kinky Rhymers!

Once again, a massive Shout-Out to the Manlock! Thank you for your dope rhymes and words.

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