My Favorite Time of Morning by SPR

It is my favorite time of morning.

It is the time of morning where the sun is just peaking

over the horizon. There is still dew on the ground.

I can hear nature waking up around me.

I love my little cottage. It is unique and cozy compared to other dwellings.

It is tucked away between the vineyards of California’s wine country.

I am on my back porch. I am sitting in my big comfy chair.

My knees are tucked underneath me.

It’s a bit cool and I have goosebumps on my skin.

The marine layer is just burning off.

My hands are clasped around my favorite delicate porcelain tea cup, full of hot tea, milk and sugar. This is helping a bit with the chill.

This is my time of morning where I create my poems and stories.

I look longingly at the blanket beside me… I want to wrap it around me so badly, but I know I won’t, because my Sir says I have to wait for him.

My nipples are so hard from the cold. With each movement, my nipples rub against the red satin fabric of my camisole. I let out a soft moan…enjoying the sensation it’s creating. The anticipation of seeing my sir is making my body quiver with excitement.

My task is to sit, write and wait for my sir to wake up and join me.

I have written a poem, but I can’t seem to concentrate anymore.

My mind is full of my sir and the delights he has in store for me.

Have I told you this is my favorite time of morning?

I hear the sliding door open softly. My heart skips a beat and It’s suddenly hard to breathe. I hear your footsteps…You stop behind my chair and put your hands on my shoulders. I love the feel of your hands against my skin. I put down my tea and lean back into you. Looking up into your beautiful blue eyes.

I say ‘Good morning sir “

You sweep my hair off my neck and dip your mouth into it. Your soft lips move slowly up to my ear. The hairs of your beard and mustache tickle my soft skin.

My goosebumps are no longer from the chill….

You whisper in my ear. “You’re a good girl…I am so proud of you, You didn’t break the rules”

I smile and whisper “Thank you …I love making my sir proud”

Have I told you this is my favorite time of morning?

You hug me from behind with your large, rough hands. settling on my breasts. You start moving the red satin of my camisole over my hard nipples, taking each peaked nipple and rolling them between your fingertips.

I moan with pleasure…I am starting to feel that familiar ache …I am no longer chilled and my need for you is apparent.

Have I told you this is my favorite time of morning?

You nip my neck and whisper, “Now it’s time for a reward, my good girl”You step away from me. I instantly feel naked without you.

You grab the chair from the patio set by the pool and put it in front of me.

You pull my chair a bit closer, and you unfold my legs, and you spread them wide.

You then grab the crotch of my red satin panties and pull them aside.

Your breath hitches and you growl “My baby girl is so wet for her Sir”

I smile shyly at you.

Your fingers start to travel moving slowly up and down my wet slit. I gasp and move into your fingers. I look into your eyes and they have darkened with lust. I am now so wet that I can feel it trickling down between my cheeks. I have soaked the cushion on my chair. You whisper ‘Good Girl”

Have I told you this is my favorite time of morning?

You take my hand and guide it to cup my wetness

You hand and my hand are now one ..spreading my wetness all around.

I know this is the signal that tells me that you will allow me to masturbate for you.

You take my hand and lick it, You whisper “my baby girl tastes like honey “

You then take two of my fingers and guide them into me.

You spread my legs wider and dip your head down and start licking and sucking my clit. I arch into your mouth

You never break eye contact with me. It’s like you can see the flesh of my soul.

You lift your head and kiss me deep.

You start to move my fingers in and out, quickening the pace and hardness. I can hear the sloshing of my wetness. I am moaning and whimpering

I can’t take it any longer and I know I will cum if you don’t stop. I am not allowed to cum unless my sir gives me permission.

I whimper, “Please sir, may I cum?”

You smile and then you pull the chair closer lifting me onto your lap like I weighed nothing.

You cradle me and plunge two of your fingers into me. I can’t help but moan at the fullness , making me clench hard around them. You start moving them in a most delicious way…hooking them and hitting that spot that throws me over the edge. I look up into your eyes and I whimper ” Please Sir?”

You bend close to my ear and growl “Cum for me baby girl “

With that I grind into your fingers and finally fall off the edge with a gush and scream burying my head in your shoulder.

Your fingers are relentless and when one orgasm subsides another follows closely. I can’t help but buck and grind into your fingers harder, riding wave after wave of pleasure.

When you are Satisfied that I am a ruined mess and cannot cum anymore, Only then do you finally remove your fingers from me. You hug me close and place them in my mouth whispering “Taste how sweet you are, my good girl“

You then kiss my forehead and pull my chin up to look into your beautiful blue eyes. I see now your lust is replaced with love and tenderness.

You Whisper “You are the half to my whole. I love you baby girl“

My heart swelled and all the doubts I had ever had disappeared.

It was at that moment that I knew that you, my sir, were my future.

Have I told you this is my favorite time of morning?


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