First prostate orgasm? I achieved my first prostate orgasm from a Domme I visited for the first time in August 2020. Kinsters – allow me to introduce you to Mistress Sakura Strike!

Mistress Sakura Strike

Butt first – What is a Prostate Orgasm / Prostate Milking?

In a buttshell, A prostate orgasm is an orgasm reached by massaging the prostate gland with direct stimulation from a finger, cock, or intimate product. As for example: dildo, prostate massager, butt plug.

Ok so now you know, let’s get back to business.

Before the session we discussed how the perfect session would pan out for me. I mentioned to Mistress Sakura that I would love to achieve a prostate orgasm. I went on to explain that I had done anal strap-on several times and used butt plugs and prostate massagers at home. However, I can’t prostate orgasm.

Mistress Sakura said to me…

“Today you will have your first prostate orgasm. I am going to force you to have one.”

Mistress Sakura Strike

She spoke with such conviction in her voice that I was excited to be there.

She put her vinyl glove on. Then started lubing up my ass and put her fingers in my butt. Hmmm. At first it felt like a tickling sensation. The feeling like when you need to pee. It felt like she was pressing buttons in my butthole like “Oh, what does this button do? Ooh, well that seemed to work.” 

My first Prostate Orgasm

After becoming acquainted with my butthole. She knows it like the back of her hand. Once she had found my prostate. I noticed she did three things to get things going. 

1. Intensity – she would apply high to low pressure to the prostate using her fingers. She was impressively darn good at reading my body language and listening to my breath. As she applied more pressure she had me saying Oh fuck. That’s nice.

2. Speed – as she applied more pressure she increased the speed. As she lowered the pressure she continued massaging slowly and methodically. The switch up from rapid to slower movements felt awesome. 

3. Rhythm – the continuation of rhythmic massage. Oh it felt truly wonderful. 

Jeeezus H. I guess there is more to this prostate orgasm stuff than meets the eye. I remember this intensified feeling taking over my entire body. I tried to retain myself but I could no longer hold it in. I gasped out load. OH!! OOH! OOOOH! ARRRR! Mistress Sakura gave me something to scream about, alright! 

I reached new heights of sexual pleasure 

In the Lord’s name! I successfully, reached my first prostate orgasm. She walked in front of me and asked if I was ok. With a delayed reaction I replied “Sorry, I was miles away. That was so intense I haven’t quite recovered from that yet. I’m still trying to catch my breath, Mistress.” 

Till this day I think of my first prostate orgasm and it puts a huge smile on my face it’s like I can feel her there in the back of my head. 

Mistress Sakura Strike is an alluring Goddess who is well-versed in reading her submissives perfectly. If you are looking for a truly memorable session I would highly recommend booking a session with Mistress Sakura Strike.

How do I book a session with Mistress Sakura Strike?

Don’t worry Kinsters – I got you:

What are your experiences on achieving a prostate orgasm?

Are you able to orgasm through Strapon? Or are you like me and can only orgasm through having your prostate massaged. I would love to hear all about it! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love


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