My Top 11 Sex Roleplay Ideas

Looking for sex roleplay ideas? You came to the right place.

Looking at it now. Sheesh! I’d wrote a Butt Load of Sex Roleplays. I am going to give you a list of my Top 11 Sex Role-play ideas. In no particular order, let’s do this Kinksters!!

11 Sex Roleplay Ideas Good Cop Bad Cop

1) Good Cop vs Bad Cop sex role-play 

The good cop is highly skilled in foot teasing and will use it as a manipulation technique. While the bad cop will put her foot down! Lay down the law! Sanctioning the use of foot gagging torture to extract forced confession.

2) The Doctor roleplay

Doctor ……… needs a guinea pig to experiment on. I have kindly volunteered not knowing the full implications. Once I gained knowledge I thought FUCK ME!! That is literally what was about to go down and after signing and giving consent it’s too late to back out!

3) Boss Bitch role-play

You are my Boss and as of recently you’d been asking me to come in early, work through my lunch breaks and to leave late. I feel like I am being overworked. So I have approached you directly about this matter. However, you have taken offense and decided you will show me what a hard time really feels like.

4) Breech of post-employment play

I used to work for ………… company. However, I left her company 4-months ago and I just received a letter in the post. 

“I now have reason to believe you are in breech of these post-employment obligations & restrictions, due to your following actions”

Crikey! the list is endless! ………. Company then phoned me directly and gave me an ultimatum. “I can either apply to court for civil proceedings to be issued against you, which will be very stressful and expensive for you or, option 2 you now work for me! However, this time I have a very unique job description for you!”

5) Cheating Cockbag sexual roleplay

I’d cheated on my girlfriend and she is absolutely livid. I bought her a Me To You Bear, red roses, a Lindt white chocolate bunny and I’d apologised a bazillion times – I’d done everything! She explained that I really hurt her and she can’t forgive me unless I understand her pain. She has suggested that I spend the day with ……….. (A Dominant) who punishes unfaithful men. If I can get through this 1-day of punishment, then my girlfriend may consider taking me back!

6) The Annoying Student sex roleplay

You are my teacher and I keep making juvenile, immature comments, embarrassing you in front of the other students. I will say things like “Miss, you are soo Cock-on” and childishly start giggling. You have asked me to stay behind after class. You’ve locked the door and then! “What the buggered arse in hell is that?” You explained “This.. Is.. A.. Dildo, Let’s see who’s soo cock-on now!”

11 Sex Roleplay Ideas Lock and Chain

7) Corrupt Officer role-play

Officer ………. has pulled me over for speeding. Darn it! This will be the 3rd time in just 1-month and I now risk losing my licence. I’d given officer ………. a sob story. However, she does not give a squashed bollock and she will gladly abuse her power for sexual gain!

8) Poor Service! Sex roleplay

I am a waiter at a restaurant and today I will be serving you! Your food is ready, as I’ve put it on your table, I said “Enjoy your steak Ma’am!” You immediately corrected me “This is not what I ordered!” I replied “Ma’am, this is your order” you responded “Why would I order this? I’m vegan!” My response “I dunno, maybe you fancied a change!” angered and frustrated,  your final response. “You’re a shitty waiter! I have a better idea of how you can serve me…!”

9) The Worldwide Virus 

It has come to our attention that there is a deadly virus all over the world and we are forbidden to go outside. Jesus Crisps! We are stuck in a abandoned building together. Sheesh! What are we going to do to kill time? We hardly know each other and you are smoking hot! I’m thinking Fuckarumba! Woo-Hoo-Hooooey! Lots of sex! However, your idea of killing time is pretty sadistic…!

10) Slavery Mistresses Degree

Mistress …….. is looking for a full-time sub who will move mountains for her! However, how will Mistress ………. distinguish between subs? Firstly, Mistress ………, will start off with interviewing prospective subs. Once a sub has WHOA’d her, he will have to do a Slavery Mistresses Degree! This course will be an entirely different animal! It will be full-tilt! This extra higher-level qualification will show the subs drive, willingness, determination, ability to commit to his Mistress! 

11) Cute, Adorable & Princess! (Triple Domme Session)

I’m at a bar with 2 of my chums and 3 beautiful women have caught my eye. I’ve confidently walked over and said “Ola ladies, fancy joining me & mates?” Ffs, that went balls up!. “Ok, checkout this magic trick, I will guess your names; your Cute, your Adorable & you are Princess!” The red-haired replied “Haha, fancy coming back to our apartment, if yes! come now & alone” Holy Fuck! BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Getting in there! ? So, I’m at the apartment & the red-haired said “We are not Cute, Adorable or Princess” However, we will show you who we really are! 

There you go guys! That’s my top 11 Sex Role-play ideas! Woo-Hoo! With that said let me know how you got on. In no time you are going to have the most awesome sessions ever! Goooaaad! I’m SO fricken’ excited for you! Ay! Don’t forget you can alter each of my suggested Sex Roleplay to fit your specific kinks, fetishes and desires.

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Much Kink Love


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