Rap Poem: Not All Men. Calling out rape culture

Wassup ladies and germs? In today’s blog post, I will share with you a rhyming poem, or as I like to call it – a Rap Poem! This is about a sensitive topic, but one that I believe should be spoken about more. It’s also about how everyone, and in particular men, can do more to combat and call out rape culture.

Okay, without further ado, let’s jump into it. 

Rap Poem – Not All Men

Title: Not All Men
Author: Podopheleus

Anne looks in the mirror and she gets ready for her big night out.

She puts on her lipstick, mwah, and she plucks her eyebrows.

Her mum calls up and says, “Your friends are outside waiting for you.”

She mixes a drink for the road – vodka and Red Bull for the crew.

Poured into a flask, then runs out the door in her high heels.

She was drinking and bantering with one of the girls.

“Are you gonna bang Mike tonight? Cos’ if you don’t, I will!”

She laughed as she said it. “Go ahead, fuck his brains out, Barbie.”

Heads turn when they show up at a house party.

She got talking to a cute boy, he said “Why aren’t you smashed?”

“I could ask the same of you.” they both laughed.

He handed her a bottle, “I’ll share your optimism.”

They finished the bottle, “Everybody look: it’s Tony Wisdom.”

He was Anne’s BEST FRIEND. “Hey T-Tony, have you met…?”

Surprise, surprise, they knew one another, “Wassup, Stuart?”

Anne was drunk as a skunk, she could barely stand up.

She put her hands on Stuart’s face, “Oh, you are so handsome!”

Later on the same night, Tony went upstairs to take a whiz.

He could hear Anne in the next room going apeshit.

He rushed in and saw Anne on the floor passed out.

Furthermore, Stuart was holding his hand over her mouth.

They were mostly naked. Tony wanted to pull his hair out.

Stuart gave Tony a look that said “Don’t even think about it.”

Tony’s not confrontational, that’s what others loved about him.

Even though he knew what had just happened. He kept quiet.

At a later date, Anne told him about the rape and she started crying.

He gave her a hug and said, “You’re not alone in feeling resentful.

I want you to know that if you’re feeling vengeful.

There’s no need for you to step outside of your own character.

And just remember that not all men are sex attackers.”

***The End***

I will explain this story.

‘Not All Men’ explained

Anne is a young girl who enjoys a drink, a laugh and a night out. The story begins with Anne getting ready for her big night out. Her friends pulled up outside her mum’s house to pick her up. Anne makes an alcoholic beverage for the road and she and her friends head to a house party together. When she arrived at the house party, Anne wasn’t drunk.   

She met a cute boy called Stuart at the house party and they got drunk together. Anne’s best friend shows up – Tony. She introduced Tony to Stuart but they already knew one another. At that point, Anne was so drunk that she could barely stand.

Later that evening, Tony went upstairs to take a pee. He heard screaming and shouting coming from the next room. To his surprise, he discovered that Anne was passed out on the floor. Stuart was holding his hand over Anne’s mouth and they were mostly naked. Stuart gave Tony a look to say, don’t even think about crossing me.

You have a choice

Tony is a non-confrontational boy. On one hand, Tony was confused about what was happening. On the other hand, It was obvious what went down. Tony knew what Stuart did was wrong and completely unacceptable. At the same time he was too scared to get involved. What would other guys think of him? It could just as well affect his popularity. So he chose to keep quiet.

At a future date, Anne confided in Tony that she was raped by Stuart at the house party. Tony then tells Anne not to act on the feelings of revenge. The story ends with Tony telling Anne that not all men are sex attackers. This is Tony’s way of saying “I’m nothing like them.”

Well, in fact, the opposite is true.

Calling out rape culture

rape culture - not all men

Tony might be just as bad or even worse. Tony failed to speak up because he wanted to avoid confrontation. He failed to protect Anne who is his best friend? Tony is the definition of a complicit in rape culture. We do not need men like Tony and Stuart.

There are a lot of puzzled men who are unclear what it means to be a real man. You can have the most money, have a gargantuan penis, or be built like a tank or drive the most expensive cars. However, you are not a real man if you don’t have the balls to protect women by calling out rape culture when you see it.

If you ever find yourself in similar shoes to Tony, Just imagine if that was your daughter, wife, mother, sister, girlfriend, partner, niece, cousin, auntie, work colleague etc. How would that make you feel?

Okie dokie. Let’s wrap things up. Guys, let’s protect our women by intervening when needed, calling out rape culture and by helping women to feel safe. Let’s take action together, guys!

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