Oz Bigdownunder – The No. 1 Male Escort in the World!

Podopheleus interviews Oz Bigdownunder – The Number One Male Escort in the World!

Hello, Kinky Ones! Have you been looking for a male escort that offers a BDSM service? However, the search for one has been excruciating as fuck. Well, look no further, because here we have The Number One Male Escort in the World – Oz Bigdownunder! 

Introducing Oz Bigdownunder

Hi Podopheleus and Podopheleus readers. Thank you very much for interviewing me! I’m Oz, a male escort and pro dom from Australia. I’m based in London, UK, and I tour internationally. I specialise in couples, duos, cuckolding and forced bi. I’ve been doing this for over ten years and my website www.ozinlondon.co.uk ranks so high in search results that when people search for terms related to the services I specialise in, I’m at the top. So I can claim to be number one.

I also own and curate www.elustsexblogs.com, a monthly collection of blog posts about sex, and I’m a moderator on www.reddit.com/r/sexworkers where I volunteer my time and expertise to maintain a space for over 200,000 active, former and aspiring sexworkers and those who love them.

I’m in the top 1% of chess players in the world. Studying and playing chess is my hobby. I play club chess matches and tournaments. I also like reading sci fi and fantasy, I enjoy watching and training in muay thai, I have a science degree and I can speak Japanese and a bit of Thai having lived for a few years in both countries working as an English teacher. 

1. What’s your story? How did you end up as a male escort?

I’ve always been very open minded about sex and love to have new experiences in life. I value my freedom. I love to be able to make my own choices and take control of my own destiny.

I have certain skills and attributes. Modesty aside, I’m 6’5, built like an athlete, defined six pack, model looks and 9 inches that gets rock hard instantly whenever I’m in the mood. Everything gets me in the mood. I’m a complete pervert and the list of things that turn me on is endless. 

I hate feeling exploited so working hard in a full time office job for higher ups who knew nothing about me and viewed me as a cog in their corporate machine, not a person, was not working for me. 

I got into this business because at the time my ex-girlfriend had just started out as an escort and I was researching as much as I could about the industry to be supportive and help her do what she was doing as safely as possible. I discovered the possibility of being a male escort and decided to place an ad for myself. 

The rest is history. Loved it. Never looked back. Quit my office job. Traveled the world. Fucked thousands. Got famous. Not exactly rich but I bought a house and paid off my mortgage and I can afford to buy nice things, have fun, travel and have a lot of new experiences. I meet a lot of interesting people and have a lot of hot sex. For me, that’s what life’s about. I love being an escort. 

2. So, you are a male escort that offers a BDSM service, how common is this? 

There are a lot of male escorts. Some of them list various kink and fetish activities as services they offer. There are some Male Pro Doms who specialise in specific services within BDSM but very few compared to all the incredible Mistresses out there. 

There’s nowhere near as much demand for male Pro Doms as there is for Mistresses but I noticed that a lot of the male submissive clients who visit Mistresses are bi curious. Cuckolding and forced bi are extremely popular fantasies and all the Mistresses I spoke to said the same thing, it’s almost impossible to find a male escort who can show up on time to an appointment for a duo, get hard, stay hard, cum when the client wants him to cum and understand that the session is about entertaining the client, not about entertaining himself. 

I can easily do all of the above plus I have my looks, personality and my Big Downunder. 

3. You mention on your website that “If you do a Google search for “male escort”, I’m number one.” Why is that, exactly? 

Building my own website was the best thing I ever did for promoting myself. 

I’m no tech wizard. I don’t have a background in coding or web design and I don’t have a lot of patience with tinkering with computers. But I do like creative writing. I discovered that the best thing you can do to improve your ranking in search results is to regularly write quality content that real people want to read and share. 

So I write about my adventures and try to inject as much of my own weird, nerdy personality and humour as I can into my writing in a way that people will enjoy reading. 

People read my blog posts and wanted to interview me. Clients want to meet me and Escorts and Mistresses want to do duos with me because of what I write on my blog. And search engines love me. 

The tech side of things I’ve done my best to teach myself. A Web designer I met via the saafe forum helped me build my site. I was lucky enough to meet Josey from lovesudo, via reddit. Josey is my web designer, she’s a genius. 

Then I did an AMA on reddit and it went viral. Hit the front page. Big media outlets like the BBC read my AMA, interviewed me and linked to my site. 

Different sites all over the world in dozens of languages were quoting me and linking to my site. 

All those links kept bumping my search ranking up and up and I kept on proactively contacting magazine and newspaper editors and webmasters to get more interviews with more links to my site. 

Basically, I’ve spent the last ten years working hard on promoting my website. My work ethic, the quality of my writing, the subject matter I’m writing about and some good luck along the way and I got to be the number one result on Google for “male escort”. It’s dropped off now. The algorithm is a fickle thing. But I’m still near the top for “male escort cuckolding”, “male escort forced bi”, “male escort couples’ ‘ etc. 

4. What are your best-loved BDSM activities?  

As a professional I specialise in cuckolding and forced bi. I love doing duos with female and TS escorts and with Mistresses. I’ve met so many incredibly talented characters doing duos and the sessions we’ve created together for our clients have been works of art. Each session is something unique and perfect and tailored exactly to the unique personality and kinks of each client. 

I have a sadistic streak so I’m always delighted to deliver a good hard spanking. 

I like to think I’m pretty imaginative and I take a lot of pride in roleplay sessions. I’m in no danger of being nominated for an academy award for my acting but I do take pride in making scenes as fun and sexy as I can. 

Bondage is up there too. Ropework can be really beautiful and I never get tired of tying people up. 

Coming up with “cruel” but funny ways to humiliate clients is a delight to me. Love a good sissification. 

My own kink is that I’m an exhibitionist both as a professional and for fun. I work best with an audience! 

5. Do you prefer dealing with singles or couples?

I love all my regulars and a lot of my regulars are single men. My preference is for couples and duos but that doesn’t mean I dislike the single guys. It’s just that duos and couples are what I enjoy most and have the most talent for. 

6. What makes a good male escort?

A lot of guys think they can be a great male escort. I get asked all the time how to get started. 

The reality is that under pressure, most guys can’t perform. The client has specific demands and it’s a big deal to them. They may have been fantasising about this moment for years, or even decades. If you can make it happen, you’re literally making their dreams come true. If you can’t, the disappointment is crushing. I get off on being the one who gets to take that moment where someone confides their deepest desires and really make their time with me into one of the best times of their lives. 

A lot of guys can’t do it. Especially if they’re feeling other sources of pressure. Eg if they’re desperate for drugs or they have debts or needy relatives.

I have no addictions, no debt and nobody depends on my income. I can say no to any job or any service any time for any reason. The jobs I accept are the ones where I know I’m the perfect match for that client. So no pressure, no problems with erections. 

You’ve got to be reliable. You can’t show up late to a job and be high or desperate for drugs and expect your clients and/or duo partners to work to get you excited. 

I’m not up against very stiff competition, as it were. 

Male escorts are notoriously unreliable both in terms of punctuality and erections. 

If you can stay off the drugs, operate a calendar and manage time well enough to depart from point A at a time that will get you to point B at an appointed time, be polite, friendly, professional, care about doing your job well, and your dick can get hard, you’re already miles ahead of the competition. 

It helps if you’re good looking and fit. 

Get a membership for the most expensive gym in your city. You’re going to be spending a lot of time there. 

Personality helps a lot. If you can talk and listen and make people smile, you’re on to a winner. 

To surpass the competition that has all of the above, you’ll need to find what you’re great at, specialise in that and make sure everyone who’s looking for your unique skill set finds you. 

To get from there to being the best male escort, the rest is all admin. Expect to spend an office shift worth of hours every day for years on a computer promoting yourself. 

7. What’s the most unusual feedback you’ve ever received?

There’s a couple who book appointments with me whenever they’re in London. 

They’re both married but not to each other. 

They both travel for work and so their affair plays out in hotel rooms when they’re on business trips in the same city at the same time.

They’re hot! I get the impression when they’re not together, their sex lives are non existent. There’s a lot of build up to their rendezvous and when it happens they really make up for lost time. Sparks fly. It’s intense. 

He’s a sex maniac and she claims that he leads her astray but is blatantly just as much of a deviant as he is. 

When we first met, she told me I looked like I was “hewn from marble and polished by angels”! 

Best compliment ever.

There we have it, Kinky Ones! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog! A massive Shout-Out to the Oz Bigdownunder! Thank you SOO much for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. 

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Much Kink Love,

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