Pain for Pleasure – A Fantasy Story

Guest Blog: “Pain for Pleasure (Part 1)” Nadu By Nature

Collared and Locked

As I was collared and led into the Inanna Studio, the metal chastity worn for the last 48 hours as ordered starting to tighten and constrict watching Mistress Adreena glide gracefully in front me leash in hand, her amazing skin tight leather dress and beautiful black stiletto heels clicking on the floor as she walked, her body so alluring and curves as she walked whilst I tried to crawl along as quick as I could on all fours, trying not to stare but just to be so lucky to catch glimpses of sheer beauty.

My wrists and ankles were strapped to the St Andrews Cross; Mistress lubed up her latest toy – a remote controlled plug that she inserted quickly inside of me with little warning. 

“Time to take this basic cage off you and have some fun” she purred, her voice as it always does, sending shivers all over my body.

Spiked Chastity Cage

She reached over and picked up another cage, slightly larger than my own, but with metal spikes on the inside. Taking the time to stand so close to me I could feel the soft leather and the smell of her perfume, the cage was slowly pushed on and locked in place, I could already feel the spikes pressing into my soft flesh and tried hard not to think of how they would feel when too excited! 

My pleasure, your pain 

“Today is about pleasure……MY pleasure….and your pain….and if you take some sort of pleasure in your suffering that is a very happy accident, but too much pleasure will result in more pain. Any questions?”

I didn’t want to speak, as I feared I already knew the answer but I couldn’t help myself – “Is the spiked cage the pain?”

“My Sweet Slave”, she whispered into my ear, feeling her warm breath on my neck making the spikes already go deeper “this is the pleasure part” she laughed.

Tease and denial 

With that, she turned on the plug, and started walking away from the cross, her back to me as I watched her – she turned to make sure my focus was 100% on her, her evil grin appeared, and she started slowly unzipping her dress from the back, the full zip creeping down revealing her perfect body, incredible body art and then her amazing pert bum.

I could feel the spikes taking a bite now as I quickly realised she had nothing on under that dress, and in a flash, she teasingly dropped it to the floor. She stood still for what felt like forever as the spikes dug in deeper and deeper, her back still to me the whole time in nothing but her Stiletto heels, looked over her shoulder, and then walked out of the room.

I stood strapped tightly to the cross, completely naked, still in awe of what I had just witnessed, the spikes digging deeper and almost piercing skin as I kept thinking of her flawless figure, the plug vibrations kept turning up and down in waves and patterns to keep my mind off what I was wondering was to come!

Turns out I didn’t have to wait long.

About 10 minutes later Mistress walked back in – looking even more fantastic in one of my favourite outfits I had seen in pics and had dreamed about seeing in person, a strappy mesh, and almost see through stunning body, stockings and black heels!

Instantly I could feel the spikes pushing super deep now, but I didn’t care, the pain was worth seeing this in person! What I hadn’t noticed was in her hands, in one a riding crop and the other a violet wand.

Spiked cock wand male chastity 

She started running her soft sensual hands on me, her touch just sublime, and I could feel the end of the violet wand being pressed on me, then held close to my skin as suddenly- the first small shock hit me!

She continued with the strokes and shocks all over, running from my ankles up my legs, along my arms, and over my chest and nipples – all the time her evil (yet gorgeous!) giggle making me twitch and throb in the cage as the spikes dug into my hard flesh, causing little ruptures in the skin. Eventually she had started working closer and closer to my caged area, shocking just above and the inside of my thighs.

“Are you ready for this Slave?” she asked, fully knowing I couldn’t answer.

Locked and Shocked 

ZAP! The pain was unbearable, as the wand touched the metal cage causing shots of electricity to run all round the cage frame and also to the ring holding it on firmly behind my balls. ZAP! Again, a little stronger this time as I let out a sharp wince noise she laughed, adjusted the setting higher and went again.

ZAP! ZAP! ZAP! I struggled to contain the moans of pain as she stepped away and I stood…well hung by my wrists to try and catch myself from what had just happened! 

“Well done” she said, “I didn’t think you would handle more than 2” I almost felt a little proud that I had suffered for her pleasure, “But…”

Oh no I thought! What but? What had I done…?

“You made too much of a noise, without my permission, so you need to be punished”

Pain for Pleasure – Punishment Time

I could see the riding crop in the corner of my eye. She had gone walking towards it and was walking back with it in her hand, gently hitting her palm and flexing and bending the crop.

“20 Strokes punishment…. half on your bum, half on your cock – you choose which first?”

“Bum first Mistress” I said, both sounded painful but this was the lesser pain – or so I thought! 


I was unclipped, my cock cage removed as I turned around and was locked back to the cross, looking down I could see the spike marks biting deep into my member as it bounced up and down with every hit of the crop, knowing that soon those small dents and cuts are going to be added to with 10 strikes of the crop across it.

I could feel my cheeks getting redder and redder and sorer with every hit, but it was soon to get worse as Mistress pushed her body against my back, reaching for the wrist cuffs and whispering in my ear “I’m not going to take it so easy with these next 10” as she turned me back facing her, her insanely perfect figure almost touching my body I could almost feel the fishnet and latex pressing against my skin. 

With a quick step back and a fast wrist motion the first hit came down hard on my cock, already far worse than the bum strokes as the pain echoed throughout my body, I just tried to focus on Mistress’ outfit and how fantastic she looked as the smacks rained down in quick succession until we got to 8.

Punishments and Rewards 

“Two more to go, and I have a treat for you if you can take them” 

“Yes Mistress, Thank You Mistress” I managed to say between deep breaths

The last two were harder and right on the thickest part of my shaft, near the base – looking down I could already start to see the deep marks and purple appearing and the slight burn of the pain.

The Examination Chair

“Well done, Slave”, she said with a wry smile as she unlocked my wrists and ankles from the cross “I think you very much deserve this lay down, now come with me”.

I was already dreading what might be coming next, her tone and little laugh at the end as we headed over towards the Examination chair, I could see the fucking machine was setup right in front of it, pointing upwards at an angle, and a new device next to it I hadn’t seen before, along with what looked like a lot of medical tools and devices! 

I was ordered up into the chair, my wrists locked tightly in place and my legs in the stirrups that held them wide open, my collar was also then secured as well to the headrest. 

“I think you might be needing this now” she picked up a gag and placed it in my mouth and tightened it firmly.

The fucking machine was moved closer now to me, and the dildo lubed and inserted into me that I could feel its size instantly filling me, knowing full well what was to come next if it was turned on.

Gagged, Edged and Anal Fucked

Mistress Adreena then went to the new device, one I hadn’t seen before, it had a number of dials and display and a long tube connected to what looked like a cock suction pump, and proceeded to bring this down and put my still throbbing and now very purple member inside of it.

The inner material was lubed and soft around my member as with a flick of a switch the machine kicked into life and it tensed up around me, making me instantly throb harder and harder. The feeling was unlike anything experienced before as it sucked in and out, making me get harder and harder but not enough to push me over the edge.

Within a moment, the dildo also started slowly moving deep inside of me, then out, then in, almost at the same opposite pace to the suction machine – when the fuck machine went in hard the suction stopped, and as it came out, the suction took grip of me keeping my brain in complete limbo!

Further tease and denial 

“This should the patient busy for a while” Mistress purred again, “whilst I need to go make a few changes so I will be back in 30 minutes for your appointment” and with that, she walked again out of the room leaving me completely helpless at the mercy of these two machines, pushing me to the point of ecstasy but no further, they were set just to tease and tease.  

Time seemed to stand still and feel like forever on these machines, I had to lie back, close my eyes frustrated that these machines were getting me so close to cumming but not allowing me no matter how much I tried, I hadn’t even noticed or heard that Mistress had re-entered the room until I heard her put tap on the metal tray near me, clink, clink, clink and I looked up.

Latex Nurse Tease

Dressed in just the most incredible blue/green latex Nurse outfit and holding what looked to be an especially evil looking sounding Cage, she had been staring watching me for a few minutes, before, in her sexy sultry voice saying to me 

“Let’s take these machines off you, Nurse Adreena will see you now…”

To be continued…

Nadu By Nature

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