Peak Sexuality – The Apogee of the Apogee

Guest Blog: “The Apogee of the Apogee by SafferMaster

I have written extensively about our search for peak sexuality. Now to be clear, we have lots of opportunities to achieve this elusive notion. At times, it feels like, “that was it!” and then we play a few more times and say, “No, that was it!” and that’s how its been going for the last 3 years.

What is Peak Sexuality?

peak sexuality

As kinksters, we are a 24/7 D/s sado/masochist couple. She is my collared slut. We have incorporated elements of kink into our sexuality ongoingly, building what for us, is a moment-by-moment expression of peak sexuality. We weave a mix of our fetishes in a series of interactions that on their own, are very hot, and linked together, are extremely hot and when the stars align, then the experience achieves what can only be described as “peak sexuality”.

It’s exotic, erotic, orgasmic, hypnotic, energetic, romantic and very intense!

Sexual Exploration

Over the years, we have specifically incorporated hypnokink, impact play, mouthgasm, edging, oral, anal and vaginal sex. Tantra, breath play, foot fetish, cock worship, breast & nipple fetish, and energy play into our scene. When we mark her, we also add to this list, chain bondage and cane marking.

Early in the day, I sent her a text that read: “I’m excited I am going to light up your ass today kitten and pull on your swollen nipples while you tongue fuck my ass!”

Her response: “Mmmmmmmm🔥🔥🔥

This communication that happens earlier in the day is the first step in building up the anticipation. When we scene, it’s always hot and she is always excited to get home and kneel. When she arrived home, she came in to greet me and I had her lift her shirt so I could caress her breasts…”Let’s get these nipples nice and swollen for Daddy” She smiled saying, “Yes Daddy, going to get ready now!”

The lull before the storm

This is the lull before the storm. I sit at my computer trying to work even as my mind drifts toward the debauchery that is about to take place. After a while, an incoming text message gets my attention: “Ready for Daddy’s use!”💗

For her to be ready, her nipples were being pumped, her ass had been cleaned, she pulled her hair up into a ponytail and she put on perfume, lipstick and eye shadow. She had crawled to the living room and assumed the Nadu pose holding her leash for me. The implements were set out for my convenience.

Kneeling for Daddy!

When I step into the room and see her kneeling there, I am already getting aroused. She is kneeling to offer herself to be used by her Daddy as I see fit. There is total trust between us. In the context of our TPE, this is absolutely C/NC, or, as I like to say, consent is present.

I sit behind her on the couch and take the leash from her hands locking it around her neck (her day collar is too light to attach it to). I fondle her breasts and take off her nipple pumps so I can play with her sensitive swollen nipples. I whisper in her ear about how I am going to use her while she maintains her posture, moaning softly as I squeeze her breasts and nipples while I talk to her.

Tantra and hypnokink

Then we engage in a Tantric moment where we get our breathing aligned as I hold her head between my hands until when I feel the energy come into alignment, at which point I initiate hypnosis to induce her. We have been using the hypnokink to train her to have a mouthgasm these past several months, and she has recently achieved the ability to have a vaginal orgasm when my cock is plunged into her throat. This is very exciting.

As I wrap up the hypnosis I hand her the Hitachi wand to edge with, and while she is edging, I play with her breasts. It’s so damn sexy I cannot even stand it. This uber sexy woman is masturbating with the Hitachi while I play with her tits and whisper in her ear as she moans in pleasure. It’s very sexy and so very erotic and so hot that I get very aroused. I take myself off to the bathroom to get cleaned up and prepared.

Prepared and ready to play

When I return she is so sexy and I am maximally aroused so I am maximally erect.

I pause to admire her beauty and her wonderful tits with their swollen nipples that I find such a turn on. As I stand there, she beckons to me to plunge my cock down her throat by leaning forward and opening her mouth for me. She is looking back and forth at me and then at my swollen throbbing cock. Her mouth parts as she indicates her preparedness for me.

She is very aroused by this time, having edged continuously for some time with the Hitachi, and she wills me and leans forward with a wide open mouth to encourage me to come forward to plunge my cock down her throat so I can stimulate her mouthgasm.

Climaxing for Daddy

Peak Sexuality The Apogee

I have to say how hot it is to step forward at this point. I plunge deep into her throat; I grab and hold her head close against me as she starts immediately to climax. She has waves of orgasms as she relaxes into the experience. She is quite literally vibrating attached to my cock while slowly getting lightheaded. Its fucking hot! When her orgasms are complete, she hands me the Hitachi and sets about worshiping my cock and balls. I last as long as I can before guiding her to the fuck chair. She climbs up and presents her ass for my use.

Peak sexuality – Let’s fuck

From there we fuck, I surf and fuck her ass and I turn her over intermittently to eat her pussy, we do that a couple of times and from the moment my cock touches her, I am in an energy space, feeling electrically attached to her at a cellular level. She is moaning and cumming over and over as I fuck her pussy and fuck her ass, and when I am eating her pussy, she is in a continuous orgasmic state. Her moans are very arousing, and I am on the edge of ejaculating the whole time. I literally have to eat her pussy so I can give my throbbing cock  a break! LOL It works out though!

Time for some impact play

When I am too aroused, I start flogging her. I flog her and fuck her and eat her pussy, then I paddle her, fuck her and eat her pussy, then I carpet beat her till she is a nice shade of pink, fuck her ass then drop to my knees and eat her ass while I finger fuck her pussy and she strokes my cock with her feet. That is a hot fucking sequence!

After that, she drops off the fuck chair to suck my cock, which she does while holding my balls in a vice grip and tugging them down to tighten all the skin on my cock…I am on the fucking edge at this point, and she has another mouthgasm unprompted by edging. This is a major milestone in her training and a small victory! She is a well-trained 3-hole slut!

When I cannot stand it any longer, I climb up on the arms of the fuck chair and she buries her tongue in my ass while she strokes my cock and slaps at her clit. She cums again as I grab her swollen nipple and pull her closer to me. god that is so HOT! About to lose my load, she climbs back up into the chair as I step down, and she presents her ass for me to fuck. She reaches back and stretches her ass cheeks apart causing her asshole to gape. 

Daddy’s turn to 💦

Peak Sexuality The Apogee of the Apogee

My cock is super swollen at this point, and she gasps as I stretch her out. She is yelling, “Fuck my ass”, “Fuck your whore”, “Fill my ass” and so on as I feel my cock in full contact with her rectum, the orgasm that usually grows from the top right side of my cock, this time begins as an all over as the full length of my cock is buzzing, and the feeling grows quickly till I explode filling her with my hot jizz.

I pump to finish as she clenches down on me, while we catch our breath, then I pull out and flip her over for one more go at her pussy.

And finally… The massive clitoral orgasm

She is super sensitive by this time with her legs and groin soaking wet with her cum, I wipe her down so I can stretch her out and expose her swollen clit which I pay attention to by lightly touching the tip of her clit with the tip of my tongue. I touch her ever so softly with the softest part of my body causing her to start to climax immediately peaking with a massive clitoral orgasm that sends her into convulsions.

When I kneel back smiling at her, she is all Ahegao. She sits up reaching for me with both hands pulling me into a passionate kiss.

“I love you” she says, “I love you too” I say smiling. 

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