Podopheleus interviews Inanna justice Paris’s number 1 BDSM Role-player

Hello, Beloved Role-Players!!

Podopheleus interviews Inanna justice
Podopheleus interviews Inanna justice

As you’re undoubtedly aware by now,  I looooooove Roleplay!! I’m always writing Roleplay script scenarios for sessions. So it only made sense to interview the one and only, Inanna justice – Paris’s number 1 BDSM Role-player. Before we get started, I asked Inanna Justice to write a little introduction about herself.

Introducing Inanna Justice

Podopheleus interviews Inanna justice
Podopheleus interviews Inanna justice

My name is Inanna Justice. I’m a French-American Domme that is based in Paris. I came to France about five years ago, not knowing whether I would stay, but here I am. 

I’ve been in the lifestyle for about a dozen years and working as a pro Domme for four. I host monthly dinners for professional Dommes, as well as workshops on safer play geared towards our specific needs (first aid for Dommes, MedPlay practices in BDSM, budgeting as a SW…) as well as small FemDom events in Paris.

I describe myself as tenderly sadistic. I love watching people suffer for my pleasure, to succumb to my desires through pain. That said, I’ve been told I’m one of the most cheerful and benevolent people on the planet. Through BDSM, I’m able to explore my sadism in a safe and caring space. 

One of the reasons I love BDSM is that it allows us to enter a space, both physical and psychological, where the outside world doesn’t exist. When we are in session, all the stress of the outside world disappears, the only thing that exists is the moment. Role play helps accentuate that, allowing both me and my partner(s) to further move from reality into an almost dream-like space.

1.For the uninitiated what is BDSM Roleplay, and what do you enjoy about it? 

Podopheleus interviews Inanna justice
Podopheleus interviews Inanna justice

BDSM roleplay is when the participants of a session agree to take part in a sort of theatrical act within the framework of BDSM. Depending on the desires of my clients and my inspiration at the moment, this can take on many forms. Sometimes it is an ongoing role play, such as with one client who needs to visit his sexologist on a regular basis. Other times, it is only for one session, such as when I recently played a HR executive that had to reprimand an employee for constantly being late to work. 

Often pre-defining a role allows the client to more easily step out of their daily life. As many of your readers are aware, it can be difficult to assume one’s’ desires, and role play can help them more easily relax. It’s no longer John Smith that is coming to see the Dominatrix Inanna Justice, it’s the naughty young Johnny who needs to be punished for looking up schoolgirls’ skirts on the playground and Headmistress Justice is there to ensure that he learns his lesson during after-school detention. 

I find that when my partner and I have decided on a particular scenario, it allows me to be quite creative and to step into another reality. For example, when I put on an airline stewardess uniform, I become that person. My mannerisms change, I carry myself in a different way, even my tone of voice can shift depending on the persona that I’m embodying. If I am playing a sorceress from the middle ages, the way that I feel and even think shifts. It’s much like when I was on stage as a child and young adult: I become another person. While there is of course always a lot of Inanna in my characters, I find other ways to express myself that I wouldn’t normally do. I might play up my masculinity or my femininity. I may be more distant and cruel, or I perhaps more nurturing and caring. I suppose that the best way to summarise is that it allows me to be different versions of myself!

2. They’re a lot of common BDSM Roleplays. For example, police women, teachers, nurses etc. What are some of your favourite unusual Roleplays?

Podopheleus interviews Inanna justice
Podopheleus interviews Inanna justice

I love the classics that you mentioned: police woman, teacher, nurse, and there are so many variations of those to explore. For example, I love organising long, intricate kidnappings and I may embody several different personas throughout the session. When I pluck my victim off the street, I’m the heavy-handed security guard. When arriving at my play space, I’ll need to do a thorough medical examination, and then I’ll switch into good cop/bad cop interrogation mode… 

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of sessions that are ritual-based. For example, I might transform the person into an animal, another gender, etc. I may have the person perform for me: a dance, a song, read a passage from a book that I’ve chosen, etc. before making them drink a potion that puts them in a trance where I can perform various rituals that will transform them into the object that I’ve decided I want them to become. 

I really enjoy doing sexologist/nurse role play as it helps me get into the head of my partner. I’ll ask a series of questions while they’re on my consultation table before moving on to performing various physical tests to see what treatments are necessary so that they can move through their illness or disorder. It’s a great way for me to learn more about them, and also to incorporate my favorite tools (of the moment) into play. Perhaps the person is a compulsive masturbator. I may have to use electric shock treatment, post-orgasm torture, or simply beat him so hard that he stops constantly wanking. 

3. What is the most bizarre BDSM Roleplay you’ve done? And how did it make you feel?

One of the most fun sessions that I’ve done was when I embodied the Goddess Inanna who wanted to buy lands from King Shulgi, who refused to sell. FYI, Inanna and Shulgi are both historically documented figures, although they weren’t alive at the same time. 

I drew up a contract that Shulgi refused to sign. I offered him the best tea from my lands, which, of course, contained a special ingredient that weakened him. We then had a sword fight to determine who was the most powerful between us. I intentionally injured him without taking his life, as I wanted him completely at my mercy before raping him, shaving him bald, and thoroughly humiliating him before sending him home. Of course, all of this was predefined with my client. The tea was not really drugged, and the rape was discussed beforehand. 

This one was a challenge as this play partner is not a sub, and the character he was playing was fighting for his honor. We agreed beforehand that he could fight back a bit. I’m so accustomed to being 100% dominant during sessions that I admit it was difficult for me when he was defending himself! That said, I had such a wonderful time organising the session, and the client is someone that I always have fun with, despite him not being submissive. 

I think that’s something that should be talked about more: not all clients are subs, and that’s perfectly ok with me if it’s clear from the beginning. Some people just want to explore intense sensations, be that emotional or physical, and visiting a pro Domme is a great way to do that in a safe environment. I have fetishists, masochists, LARPers (Live Action Role Play), and everything in between.  I think that clients often assume that pro Dommes only accept submissives, but many of us enjoy seasoning with a variety of people. 

4. You recently Tweeted “who wants to play? Not for the faint heart. Details coming soon!” Along with a caption titled Inannapoly. What can you tell us about this? How will it work?

I’m a huge fan of board games, and wanted to create something that I could use during sessions. I looked around on the internet a bit and found a few geared towards FemDom, but none of them were exactly what I wanted, so I decided to create my own. 

The goal of Inannapoly is to make it to the end of the game with money still in your ‘bank account.’ The player starts with a certain amount of Inanna Bucks and has to perform or endure a number of practices in order to advance. There was a lot of thought that went into the conception of the game. I want the game to go relatively quickly, so there is not a lot of heavy bondage, for example. Because I like hurting people (consensual ones only, of course), a lot of the squares on the game board are related to impact play, CBT, nipple torture, etc. I also wanted the other player to be able to earn money to keep the game going, so there are ways that they can do so, such as with the ‘chance’ cards. 

I don’t want to give out too many details before I get it back from the printer, but for those that are interested, I’ll certainly be writing an article about it for my own website. 

I’d like to give a shoutout to my dear friend from BDSAIME.com who has taken on the huge task of designing Inannapoly. He has helped me work out a lot of the details and it’s thanks to him that this game is becoming a reality. Check out his blog where he talks about his experience as a young submissive.

5. Are there any specific BDSM Roleplays that fascinate you but you’ve never tried out? What is it that fascinates you about this specific BDSM Roleplay, is it just a fantasy or is it on the cards?

I would love to organise a murder mystery role play with several Dommes and subs. We would come together for dinner, then one of us would disappear (the murder victim). Each of us would have information and we would have to work together to find the killer. Of course, we would have to torture the submissives in order to get them to talk, and the Dommes would only share details if the subs complete certain tasks that they want. 

I also dream of organising a multi-day kidnapping with another Domme (or two). I love planning out long sessions, and it would be fantastic to create a scenario where I had complete control over every aspect of their life for a few days. I’ve discussed the possibility with a couple of Domme friends and there’s lots of enthusiasm, but I’ve yet to find the perfect victim. I’m sure that they’re out there, though! 

6. What advice would you give to someone who has never done a BDSM Roleplay before?

If someone is starting out with role-play, I would recommend choosing a subject that you’re familiar with. If you’re interested in a particular historical period, for example, try drawing on the knowledge that you already have. Watch a couple movies for inspiration. 

It’s good to ask yourself a few questions when starting out with role play. What draws me about the person that I will play? How can I get into the role that I want? Voice/speech? Clothing? Mannerisms? 

Oftentimes we break out of our roles during play, and that’s totally ok! Part of the fun is developing the characters in advance and discussing what each of you expect from the session. Maybe it’s a simple role play like the delivery driver that is surprised when the door is opened by a scantily clad woman who wants her way with him. You don’t necessarily need to script that. We have all answered the door 100 times for a delivery driver. But how can you transform that into a BDSM scene? Perhaps she acts seductively, but he is reluctant, then she becomes more firm about her desires… 

As I mentioned, sometimes role play doesn’t go exactly as you planned, but it’s like improv theatre: sometimes it’s better when it goes off script. You can always try it again another time, fine-tuning the details along the way. 

7. Have you ever been asked to do a BDSM Roleplay that was so off the rails that you had to decline?

I’m fairly open to everything unless it goes against my feminist beliefs or I feel could negatively impact my client or me in the long term. One client asked me to do a role play where he had sexually harassed young colleagues and wanted me to take disciplinary action. While it was presented within the framework of BDSM role-play, I still wasn’t comfortable acting this out, as it is much too common in the real world.

Another one wanted me to reenact the sexual abuse that he endured throughout his childhood. While I do think that BDSM can be cathartic for moving through certain traumas (in conjunction with other therapy), in this case, I refused the session. I enjoy reading about psychology, but I am not a therapist and don’t have the necessary tools to guide someone through a potentially devastating experience. 

8. Lastly, what are you working on next? Feel free to shamelessly plug your services

As I mentioned before, I organise workshops for pro Dommes, and hope to increase the frequency and the variety of those in 2022. I think it’s extremely important that we have access to knowledge to keep everyone as safe as possible and continue to learn. The Domme workshops are also a wonderful way to connect with colleagues in France. 

I am also planning more and more small FemDom parties in Paris, including themed events: foot worship, protocol dinner, a sub hunt in the forest, and many, many other ideas. I will be announcing those on Twitter. 

I am currently working on a book that features pro Dommes from around the world, in hopes to bring attention to the diversity of our profession. The women that I selected are specialists in their domain: MedFet, wrestling, shibari, ABDL, etc. I think that the general public has the idea that we are all latex-clad, whip-wielding Amazons who scream at our subs. As you and your readers know, there are as many ways to dominate as there are women in the world, and I would like to highlight our differences.

For those who want to stay up-to-date with my many projects, Twitter is a great way to do so. My primary account is @InannaJustice. For the FemDom events that I organise (subs are welcome to apply) @FetesDesDames. For pro Domme events (no subs allowed) @FranceDommes. I post primarily in English on my main account, and French on the other two. 

Your readers can find me on AVN, LoyalFans, and OnlyFans. I work with lots of talented photographers and post several times a week. I’m always happy to chat with my fans on those sites. 

I offer BDSM Q and A sessions via videoconference. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to session with a pro Domme, or you simply have questions about BDSM or FemDom à la Inanna, feel free to email me about setting up a call. I hope to start a monthly online video chat group in 2022 where listeners can tune in and ask questions about my philosophy, practices, and advice. 

Again, if you want to keep up with my newest projects, Twitter is the place to do so. I also have a newsletter, which is currently available in French, but I’ve been debating whether to start writing in English. Feel free to sign up for that and use a translation tool if needed. 

For those of you that want to spoil me, you can find my Wishlist here

And finally, I want to thank you for taking the time to write these thoughtful questions. It’s always great to take some time to reflect on my practices, what motivates me, and where I’m going. Keep up the excellent work on your website. We need more people like you educating men about sexuality. 

There we have it, Role-players! I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog. Once again, a big shout-out to Paris’s number 1 BDSM Role-player – Inanna Justice! Thank you so much for answering my questions.

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Much Kink Love


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