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This will be a series of positive articles celebrating the altruistic and positive people and experiences I have encountered in my journey through kink. I hope this will give hope to those who feel alienated in their lives to know that there are people out there who stand side by side with you from when you take your first step in to self-exploration to when you achieve self-realisation. 

What this is not is a chance for people to obtain marketing about their brand or selves or a hidden agenda. This is purely to speak about the more positive side of kink in my own limited and humble experience. 

I am a closet CD submissive with gender identity confusions who remains very much in conflict with who I am. For that reason, there are times when I can feel quite frustrated or negative about what I am. These articles are a means for me to prove to myself that there is so much positivity in exploring our alternative sides and to show that there are people who understand and will help elevate those of us who struggle.

My first article is about Podopheleus 

Drawing a parallel

positive people in kink

To adequately communicate why the subject of this article is featured I would ask that you cast your mind back. To a time before puberty. To a time before responsibility. To a time when your reliance on your guardian was at it’s greatest. 

Think back to the first time you made a friend outside of those you had so far grown up with. Think back to when they shared their toys with you and allowed their imagination to meld with yours to come up with games you quite possibly recall to this day. Think back to the first time your friend asked you to join them at their house. 

If you are anything like me then you may have been excited at this prospect. A chance to play with their toys and enjoy their imagination in a space they felt most comfortable. But as you neared their house that excitement became fear.

As you took your first steps in to your friend’s house that fear soon became justified. You were used to a certain way of doing things. To take your shoes off and put them in a certain place or to say “thankyou” at different times. Your friend’s guardian was not your own. They were strange in their mannerisms and there was little comfort to be taken from them. Instead, you had to be polite instead of relaxed. 

You could not complain and you feared to ask questions in-case they were the wrong ones. You were not equipped with the tools to communicate how you were feeling to a guardian who could not see it in your eyes. 

The rules of the house were different from the time they ate their dinner to the locations of the important rooms. This world you had found yourself in was alien and scary to you. 

Of course, I am projecting my own experience on to you but hopefully it serves to allow you a glimpse at what that experience was like for me.

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The friend to all 

positive people in kink

In that house, with strange people and strange rooms, with different rules and different sounds there was only one link to your every day life. One link to help you feel accepted. To help you feel this world was perhaps not so alien after all. This one link that would explain the rules and help you navigate the minefield of minor differences to your own existence as you braved your first steps. 

That one link was your friend. And that friend is Podopheleus. 

The BDSM scene is that strange house. A place I very much wanted to be with new toys and new experiences. But it is alien and has rules different enough to keep me on my toes with every step I take. 

It is during your self-doubt and fear that Podopheleus enters stage right. If you have ever spoken to him, you will already know he has a warm and inviting way of speaking. It is hard not to feel at ease when he is talking to you. His mission is the mental well being of those society has long condemned. And he excels at helping us subs know we are not alone. 

He is the one who appears out of nowhere and helps iron out the kinks (pun intended). Who explains with such genuine sincerity the positive experiences to be found if only we can allow ourselves to experience them. 

If you came early to the scene you might wonder why someone would feel so out of their depth when they first step foot on this path. But rest assured it is an intimidating venture for those of us used to a very different lifestyle. A lifestyle where in our heart of hearts we yearn to cross the metaphorical bridge and join the scene and all it entails. 

And when we do make that step, Podopheleus is waiting to welcome us and introduce us to the worlds offerings. His altruistic encouragement of all who surround him is inspirational. It is without hyperbole that I can imagine many a sub would have given up their journey for fear or failure had Podopheleus not stepped in and gently guided them and supported them.  

He achieves his goal with this very site (Assuming Pod allows me to host it on his site. He doesn’t know I am writing this about him yet). And with a manner that speaks of familiarity. He holds no expectations of you. Sets no formality. Like me, he is a sub and he connects to people on their own level and at their own pace. 

The BDSM world is richer and safer with Podopheleus in it and that is why my first article about the positives of the scene is dedicated to and about him. 

If you get a chance to get to know him, my only recommendation is that you listen to what he has to say and allow yourself to befriend him. 

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