by Podopheleus


“SEXUAL EQUANIMITY” is a story told through an emotional journal by a submissive man named Zane, also known as Kinkanimity/Kink

Emotions poured into a journal 

Zane pours his heart into his journal, expressing the challenges he faced as a submissive man. These challenges range from struggling to accept his submissive tendencies and fetishes to dealing with discrimination from his family when they discovered his visits to sex workers. He also shares his experiences dealing with grief following the loss of his father and the end of his 3.5-year relationship with his Mistress.

So how does an emotional journal work? 

More than anything else, this is a story about handling emotions. When our emotions go off the rails, they can be detrimental to our mental well-being. Rethinking the same scenario over and over until it drives us absolutely insane, sometimes we may relive the same scenario and feel guilty, whereas other times we may feel angry towards that person. When we remember the good times, we may feel love for that person or fear of not seeing them again. 

Managing our emotions effectively can be life-changing, pushing us to be a better version of ourselves. With each emotion, Zane tells his story from a different perspective, and this is what makes the story interesting. Zane is a complex character. 

Sometimes we think things but don’t say them to others; however, Zane holds nothing back in his journal. He delves deep into each emotion, expressing his insecurities, vulnerabilities, and sometimes even contradictory and hypocritical thoughts. I believe this is what will draw readers to “SEXUAL EQUANIMITY” because it’s expressed with real emotions, without 


What’s more…? 

SEXUAL EQUANIMITY is a book of kinkducation. It covers a wide range of topics: D/s dynamics, D/s breakups, mental health, miscommunication, balancing a vanilla marriage with a D/s lifestyle, abuse within the femdom community, toxicity within the femdom community and so much more. It’s also a book about self-reflection, overcoming adversities, and the evolution of self. 

At times, the story is depressing; other times, it’s fun and filled with humor. But, more importantly, this book is empowering. This book will make you feel every emotion. By the time you finish reading it, you will feel empowered.

SEXUAL EQUANIMITY is artfully illustrated by the exceptionally proficient artists MOAN Zine and Dirk Hooper, and a powerful foreword written by the wonderful Kaz B

“An enthralling read that combines mental health and healing with kink – The Ultimate Submissive Man’s Bible!” -Kaz B 

Much Kink Love, 

Podopheleus 🙏💜

For more details about SEXUAL EQUANIMITY, please read my previous blog:


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Great book!