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Triple-Formed is not your usual erotic storybook.

Adam, the central character, like a lot of men, has a fetish for kink and female domination.

This book follows his journey from porn addiction to self-acceptance of who he is while battling with shame, guilt, anxiety, mental illness and judgment from friends and family.

Adam is a geeky married man and persists with new ways to manage his addictions and self-development, however, he is not always successful. He finds the courage to approach a dominatrix, Mistress Hecate, and finally face up to an horrific teenage incident that he has kept secret all his life.

Told in a rhyming prose, Triple-Formed combines moments of humour and stark realities to tell a complex story of a man’s fight within himself.

It is also an advocate for change towards common (mis)preconceptions of sex work and sex workers.

Podopheleus believes this book will help insecure males who feel lost, are ashamed of their sexual desires and don’t know how to approach their kinks, fetishes and fantasies.

Lavishly designed and illustrated by Moan Zine, Triple-Formed is a unique visual journey, and a unique literary work, focused on a segment of the BDSM community that gets very little attention.

This is powerful, thought-provoking, and one-of-a-kind.



“I’ve never read anything like “Triple-Formed.” This book is clearly a beautifully-crafted work of fiction, that weaves in some exceptionally real commentary on being a submissive man, what that journey is like, who he encounters along the way, how he deals with that lifestyle, both good and bad.

It reads like a mash-up of a graphic novel and poetry. Like “Pale Fire” by Vladimir Nabokov and “Watchmen” by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. I don’t throw those names around to shock you, but to get you interested in what’s being presented here.

Take this book seriously. It’s not just erotica, although it is. It’s not just a graphic novel, although it is. It’s not just a personal journal about what it’s like to be submissive, although it is.

This book is a whole category unto itself.”

– Dirk Hooper, Fetish Photographer, Artist, Writer, and BDSM Mentor

Dream hard,
– Dirk Hooper