5 sexual roleplay ideas for Foot Worship sessions

Today, I’m going to gift to you 5 Sexual Roleplay ideas for Foot Worship sessions. Oh, this will be fun. You ready for this? Alrighty then, let’s get down to kinkness.

5 x sexual roleplay ideas for Foot worship sessions

1. Sole Agency foot fetish role-play

I am an Estate Agent. I’ve received an internet inquiry regards to a free Lettings Market Appraisal from a Miss …….. ………….

I have offered Miss ……… ……….., a lower commission rate on a Sole Agency. However, Ms ……… ……….. Takes the view that a Sole Agency has a double-meaning. 

‘The agency will be instructed to provide a service under the Landlady soles…

Contains: Under Feet Worship, Foot Worship, Sole Trample and Worship.

2. Foot fetish temp job roleplay

I am on a temporary contract. My boss has called me into her office to say “I’m afraid you are outliving your usefulness” I’d explained to her that I really need this job. Taking everything into account my Boss offered me another opportunity. Having said that, the new role involves some real dirty work! 

Contains: Grubby Feet, Dirty Feet worship, Dirty Shoes Clean, Dirty Feet Slave.

3. Marketing Strategy Expert – foot worship role-play 

You are a Marketing Strategy Expert. I had arranged a meeting with you to discuss marketing strategies to increase my companies brand awareness and to attract new clients! However, your prices are very steep and out of budget. Nevertheless, I really need your help and you are world-class at what you do.

Taking this into consideration. You have offered to give away your services for free! 

The question is, what do you want in return?

Contains: Foot Domination, Lick my feet slave, footstool, Foot and Shoe Worship.

4. Foot for thought! (see what I did there) roleplay ideas for Foot worship sessions role-play 

You are my teacher and you are correcting my assignment. As mentioned previously, you don’t tolerate spelling mistakes or poor grammar.

One of the lines in my assignment reads like this; 

“It gave me a lot of foot for thought” 

You expressed your disappointment. You pulled me up on this. “I don’t tolerate spelling mistakes or typos or poor grammar. As a punishment I will give you foot for thought!”

Contains: Foot Gagging, Foot Smothering, Foot Slave. 

5. Tinder Date – roleplay ideas for Foot worship sessions

We’ve been talking on Tinder for quite some time now and tonight is our first date. We went to a bougie restaurant.  Things were going super-duper great until the bill came and I said. 

“Babe, can you foot the bill? I forgot my wallet!”

Now you’re thinking WTF?! You’ve agreed to pay on the conditions that:

1. I become your Foot Slave

2. I will pay you back! 

3. I prepare myself for humiliation

Contains: Foot Gagging reverse and forward, Foot Humiliation, Foot Degradation, Foot Slapping.

And those are my 5 top roleplay ideas for Foot worship sessions!

There we have it guys. Which Sexual Roleplay did you pick for your Foot Worship session? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love


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