The 1 Russian Sex Slave Story – A femdom revenge?

Did you hear about the Russian sex slave story? How are you diddling, kinksters?

So, I recently discovered this really intriguing blog, titled – ‘True or False the Russian Sex Slave Story’

Get a load of this, guys! 👇

As you might imagine it immediately caught my attention.

What’s the Russian sex slave story then?

‘True or False the Russian Sex Slave Story’ in summation is about a Russian woman that brings a burglar to his knees in her business and detained him as a sex slave over several days.

From reading this blog I immediately had a light-bulb moment 💡 to retell the story as a femdom revenge fantasy. So, I got in touch with Weird World Wire to run some ideas by them before getting started. As luck would have it, Weird World Wire gave the green light. Yippee!! 🎉 Are you ready for this? Bob’s your uncle👇

Validation - Russian Sex Slave

Podopheleus’ ‘Femdom Revenge’ Tale…

Here it goes!

He was preparing to rob a local hairdresser.
“I need that money it’ll guarantee me a fair measure.”
He’s a ravenous female sex attacker.
His whole body is shaking like a prostate massager.
He is all dressed in black. He comes in through the back.

Oh! He’s just a mouse falling into her trap.
He was stunned to find her standing behind him.
Collapsing, after hitting him three times with…
Dragged him into a storage room.
She’s wearing a harness and strap-on orange Yoo-Hoo!
(Sob!) (Boo-hoo!) Stripped him naked and bound him to a radiator.

He woke up but can’t see through cracked Aviators.
The glasses come off. “Holy fuck! This doesn’t make any sense!”
She made him question his existence.
“I am going to teach you a lesson, slave!
One hour of face fucking, skull fucking with no resting phase.”
Swear, he died after that. He’s reading this from the afterlife.

She skull fucked him till his mouth felt paralyzed.
Oh gosh! He is sweating half to death. Praying to thee.
She skull fucked him so hard. I don’t know what hurts more his poor throat or his aching knees.
After assaulting his mouth, she said “get down on all fours.”

She fucked his arse with her strapon dildo. Passing out, dead on the floor.
He pleaded with her to stop as he collapsed in agony.
A nightmare for some. In some other cases a rape fantasy.
Pumped him full of Viagra. Locked his cock in a chastity.

So, there you have it, guys 👇 a pretty intense femdom revenge tale, Huh❓

Btw, guys! I have a Free Gift for you today! I’m so excited to share it!! 🙌 👇

Roleplay – Sex Slave Femdom Revenge

What not to say to a Dom - sex slaveinatrix

I am burglar and a sex attacker and I’m plotting a break-in. I plan to rob you, steal your car and your gold. Furthermore, I’ll have my way with you! However, you are on to me and you are skilled in Taekwondo. As I walked through the door, I thought I had made a big mistake. I was surprised to find you standing behind me wearing a harness and strapon…. Eeek! 😱 what in heaven’s name!

You’re messing with my mind, right? 😮 Blimey! I gotten mighty big for my britches. Goddammit! I am now royally screwed! In this session things are going to get outta hand ✋ you are going to fuck 🥒 my skanky ass and eff my eyes out 😵 you will mercilessly skull fuck my brains out 🧠 for your own gratification 😈

Contains: No friggin’ mercy 😭

Is the Russian Sex Slave story real?

There we have it, guys. I want to give a massive shout out to Weird World Wire. The story certainly seems real, but real or not, it has at least got the creative juices flowing.

I hope you enjoy my blog, my rap poem and roleplay. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site.

Much Kink Love

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