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Hello, and Happy New Year, Kinksters!

So, I met Satin Lingerie Boy on Twitter through the wonderful – Kaz B! After months of back-and-forth banter, I decided to reach out to Satin Lingerie Boy for an interview, which he happily accepted. Before we get started, I asked Lingerie Boy to write a little introduction about Himself.

Introducing Satin Lingerie Boy

I’m a happy go lucky, married guy, outwardly a bit of a toughie! My inner self has a deep feminine element and I love to play the part of a Sissy. Lockdown and Twitter have allowed me to better explore and understand my Sissy side. Having endured PTSD, Bipolar and Abuse I’m a resilient person and refuse to let hardships turn into bitterness, that’s my greatest achievement in many ways.

Don’t do pretension, whingeing, bullying, bigotry, misery, unkindness, and hatred. Stress is when you can’t feed your family, not something many have seen around the world; trust me nothing compares to that grief. So, speed bumps are all navigable as hard as they may be.

1. Tell us your story, how did you become a sissy?

Journey to becoming a sissy

From a young age, 7 or so had a desire to wear silky and satin underwear, possibly cos as a baby I had a blanket with a satin lining. We moved to the USA about this time, and it was Satin heaven, so I used to occasionally lift a pair of panties from the laundry baskets of my parent’s friends. Wasn’t after used panties though, so started getting them from shops. Whoever suspects a sweet 9-year-old around the lingerie section of pinching satin panties?

So, from there moved on to bras and then stockings, nighties and the full ensemble by my 20’s. Pre online it was way more challenging, always pretending when buying was a prezzie for a partner! Had to vary the shops or it would have been obvious, London is always good. I have a vast lingerie selection as a result, mainly satin and silk. It’s so sensual.

2. Do your family and friends know that you are a sissy? If so, what was their response?

My Mum found panties now and then but never said anything, also my porn was mainly lingerie and lesbians as a wannabe woman in a sexual, not physical sense. Friends/Housemates occasionally found a pair of panties, but I always laughed it off as from an overnight guest 😉 Things got pinched occasionally, so clearly I was not alone!

Had a couple of GF’s who were quite into it, then stupidly married someone who was very against it. When we divorced, she told all my friends, again nobody said anything. My new partner is cool with me wearing panties all the time, but not so keen on me dressing up, though does understand my compulsion so I am very lucky!

3. Satin Lingerie Boy – Have you ever had a sissygasm? If so, what was it like?

Many times, when dressed up with toys/strapon/fingers and Trans cock. Awesome feeling cumming in satin panties and/or over my lingerie, very feminine act and electric! I rarely cum in the company of others though, that’s related to loads of non-sexual things not a reflection on a sexual partner!

4. For the uninitiated what is satin sissy lingerie? Why do you only wear satin, and what is it that you most love about satin? 

Satin Lingerie Boy wears satin panties everyday!

Satin Lingerie Boy. I love wearing women’s lingerie and get aroused by doing it and more – The texture of satin and silk is lush, plus the colours appeal to my strong feminine side. Wearing lingerie also gives me a strong sense of comfort and femininity. I wear satin panties every day, aside from being comfy and fem I love the tough guy on the outside, secret sissy on the inside. I’m a very sensual person. Silk is a feature of my inner self and fem side.

5. I see that you have an OnlyFans and a 7-day FREE trial, could you tell us more about this? Additionally, why should one sign up to your OnlyFans?

My OnlyFans is primarily solo playing and Toys. Though I also have duo content with several Trans women, and with Mistress Kaz B in a variety of situations! If you love lingerie, toys and seeing a Sissy being a slut sure it’s worth a look. The free week’s trial should be fun anyway 😊

Next year hoping to do more duo/trio content but for other performers. Guess my OF will wind down next year but will leave it up as free; with the occasional bit of new content and promos for my friends.

6. For the sissies who are conflicted about their sexuality, what type of advice would you give them? 

I’m 100% straight, as in I do not find the male form attractive – Am very attracted to women and feminine Trans women. Most Sissies are straight or bi, why does it matter? As for advice… that’s a hard one, I spent my 20’s highly promiscuous to prove my heterosexuality, worked as an escort for women briefly and occasionally paid for escorts who would let me dress up and peg me etc.

Bottom line is that having been rejected wearing lingerie for sex by several women felt it was easier to separate the two. Even with a partner who approves it’s really hard to mirror that obsession with someone however close and loving you are together. So, my advice.

  • Be honest with yourself, ask a woman, Trans or guy at the outset if the Sissy thing is something they can accept.
  • Embrace this part of you, it’s not perverted or any other crass epithet just an expression of your inner self and femininity.
  • If you cannot find a partner to embrace your Sissy self don’t beat yourself up, explore finding an escort(s) and/or Domme(s) who you feel comfortable with + who you embrace and understand your kink. This will give much needed confidence & peace of mind in my experience
  • Don’t despair of never finding someone to share Sissyhood with you! Attitudes and kinks are more accepted & people are getting far more open minded.
  • Most sissies are wannabe Lesbians to some extent, playing that part as a passive or active half or both seems pretty normal. I love toys and pegging but some Sissies are just happy having intercourse and pleasing their partner. 

7. And finally, what are you working on next? What kind of kinky projects can we expect from you in 2022?

Satin Lingerie Boy

There’s a question!! As you know Podopheleus, I have a digital platform idea to evaluate and might progress with. I’m probably going to become more vocal to express how normal us Sissies are Written/Audio and Streamed. 

Also hope to carry on shooting content, but that remains to be seen. The solo stuff is becoming a bit repetitive, love making duo stuff with a select few friends – Moving ahead I’ll hand over the content rights. I am an enthusiastic performer but not a professional SW after all!

There we have it, Kinksters! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog. A massive shout-out to Satin Lingerie Boy! Thank you for answering my questions so comprehensively.

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Podopheleus 🖤

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