Hello there, Anonymous Submissives! 

In today’s article I’m going to discuss Screening Vs Anonymity! 

As some of you may know, a great deal of prodommes insist on some kind of screening procedure. 

Hang on second, what the heck is screening? 

Screening is the process to ensure that prodommes are dealing with a real person. The screening process helps prodommes differentiate between real persons and fake accounts/timewasters. This is essentially intended as a way for prodommes to ensure their own safety. This usually requires providing some type of ID to the prodomme. Here are some examples: 

💥Driving license/passport

💥A telephone number

💥LinkedIn profile 

💥Email from a Gmail account

💥To call or text

💥Links to social networks

Do all prodommes require screening?

Not all Dommes require screening. This varies from domme to domme.

What if I want to remain anonymous?

Screening Vs Anonymity. Did you know that most clients remain anonymous to a certain degree. Having said that, those same clients are still providing their ID’s to their prodommes. You can still be anonymous and provide some type of ID. You are only disclosing your ID, you don’t have to disclose info about your private life/professional life/family life etc.

Allow me to reiterate: Screening doesn’t lose anonymity. The process is only carried out to protect one’s safety.

But why should I disclose my ID to someone I don’t even know?

Screening is beneficial for the reason that a prodomme will be greatly settled or reassured if you fully adhere with their screening requirements without repugnance. It’s a reciprocal exchange of trust. Look at it like this – if you are trusting someone with your dear life and privy parts – surely you can trust them with your ID, right?

What if a prodomme leaks my info?

If a prodomme were to leak said information it would be detrimental to their business – if word got out they had released information. 

How about if I use an email address rather than Gmail? 

Listen here, smart-aleck! If a prodomme urges you to provide some type of ID and you fail to disclose any info of your distinct identity to them, well, call a spade a bloody shovel, this raises a huge red flag! A great deal of prodommes would be dubious of someone who is outright refusing to provide basic info to complete their screening process. Additionally, you may not be able to book a session with a prodomme who can’t screen you. 

Screening Vs AnonymityImportant to bear in mind

If you have reached out to a high-profile prodomme then you don’t have much to worry about. However, there are an awful lot of fake accounts out there, impersonating some of the most revered prodommes. So, it is imperative that you do your own homework, and are able to distinguish between a fake account vs a real account. For more info about this subject matter, please do have a read of @Zealousideal-BV article – ‘How to know if you’re with a “Real Domme” or a “Fake Domme”?’

Here’s another way to look at this

If you were to rent a property through an Estate Agent, you will need to provide your ID, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to rent the property, right? So, what’s the difference? Being a ‘Professional Dominatrix’ is just like any other business. So let’s remind ourselves of that, guys!

There we have it, Kinksters! 

What are your thoughts on this? Screening Vs Anonymity. Do you think it is essential for prodommes to carry out a screening process for each and every new client? 

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