Why I decided to do Semen Retention and why it is amazing

Semen retention is amazing. I’ll start with that.

When I was younger I was hooked on Foot Fetish porn. My fave Foot Fetish stars were:

  • Jolene hexxx
  • Sasha foxx 
  • Naomi swan

Geez! And just like that I went through boxes of tissues and bottles of lubes.  

However, choking the goose on a regular basis made me feel so Goddamn jittery. See porn is an addiction that you can never get enough of once you commit to watching it on regular basis. 

Why I decided to do Semen Retention and why it is amazing

Once I started seeing a Dominatrix though I moved away from porn.

See, when I used to jack off like I was employed by the Association of Jerk-offs, I found my self feeling lethargic. I was drowning in guilt and shame. I used to procrastinate helluva lot. My diet was poor! I never exercised during that time. Watching porn blocked my creativity. I had an addictive personality.

I had no motivation because I wasn’t putting the energy into myself. Instead I was giving away my sexual energy. 

Today, I feel more balanced/peace inside myself. I’ve detached so far from the old me that I can feel vulnerable at times.

So, what is Semen Retention?

In a nutshell Semen Retention is not spilling your seed for a period of time. The time frame is usually around 30 days + it also means eliminating porn. You can have sexual intercourse though providing you do not bust a nut. 

Okay! What’s the point of Semen Retention?

Holding on to your seed can have a multitude of benefits:

  • prevents procrastination
  • gives you more energy
  • it can help improve your focus
  • improves your confidence 
  • improves your self-discipline
  • improves sperm quality
  • thicker hair
  • deeper voice
  • increased muscle growth
  • Etc. Etc…

You’re probably thinking, Erm! Is this really true?

Okay. So in May 2020 during the first Lockdown I started my Semen Retention journey which lasted around 80 days. That was the time period when I wrote Triple-Formed

Why did you do it?

I had an epiphany to write a book. At the beginning, the story felt like a jigsaw puzzle. I had an idea but I was trying to piece it all together. I was adamant though I was going do it and if I said it then I had to fricken’ dooooo eeeeet!

However, I wanted to eliminate any distractions and that included having sex, edging, thinking about sessions. 

So what did Semen Retention do for you?

For me, Semen Retention helped me stay focused and disciplined. I felt more energetic and positive – it’s like I had finally connected with my soul path. 

During writing Triple-Formed and my Semen Retention journey I wasn’t thinking about anything else. I was fully focused on the task at hand and nothing was going to stop me. I would wake up 4:30am every day and start writing. Triple-Formed is now a complete story and I’m already piecing together my next book. 

Should I do Semen Retention?

I think Semen Retention is G-Great for anyone who is on a mission to achieve something that’s linked to their passion! It’ll help you improve your concentration, stay focused and committed to what you’re trying to achieve.

Have your tried Semen Retention? I would love to hear about your journey and your experience. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love,


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