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Hi, I’m GimpyPup (previously known as expacted_item). My wife and I have been transitioning our relationship towards a female lead (FLR) one over the past year. I’ve written about our initial journey from vanilla to kink, but recently Podephelous asked me for my thoughts on Male Chastity and how it related to Semen Retention.

1. What got you into male chastity?

Semen retention Vs Male Chastity

My wife and I first discovered the joy of keeping me chaste when I got my Prince Albert piercing last year. We had discussed chastity devices prior to that but hadn’t actually tried it. During the initial healing period I was unable to have any sexual activity. Whilst my horniness and frustration increased, I found the desire to please my wife increased too, until the later outweighed the former. 

After 2 weeks I was able to have a release, but we realised that we had both really enjoyed the denial aspect and the associated focus on my wife’s pleasure that it had bought. It was at that point that we agreed that I would hand complete control of my ejaculations over to her. Note I say ejaculations rather than orgasms deliberately for reasons that I’l come onto later (pun slightly intended….)

Ever since then I have only been allowed to ejaculate with her strict permission. She has complete control of when and how. I wasn’t able to wear a device for a few months to allow the piercing to properly heal, so the chastity had to be honour based, which we have continued to this day  Whilst we do now own a chastity device and a pair of chastity shorts, we only really really tend to use these during play scenes or in preparation for them.

At the time of writing it has been 9 weeks since my last full orgasm, although I have been given 3 ruined ones during that period. A ‘ruined’ orgasm is where enough stimulation is applied to cause an ejaculation, but this stimulation is stopped a few seconds before hand. This prevents an orgasm from occurring and just results in a deeply unsatisfying and frustrating release that doesn’t decrease horniness levels much at all. As a result, it is often used as a means of correcting bad behaviour!

2. Semen retention is becoming a big thing now, what are your thoughts on it?

Having investigated it in the past few weeks I can see why many are keen to try it – for either the possible health benefits or the sexual exploration.

For me personally I find that denying ejaculation for an extended period brings me a feeling of self-control and a much less self-centred focus.

Don’t get me wrong, I get horny as hell for the first 2 weeks, but after that horniness plateaus and I stop thinking of my own pleasure and begin to focus that sexual energy into serving my wife.

You find many chastity practitioners who aren’t in a relationship will focus that energy into other activities such as work, exercise or hobbies and become much more productive. I see that many retention practitioners also find a very similar focus too.

3. Have you tried semen retention? 

Not intentionally – only as a consequence of chastity.

4. Does male chastity involve elements of semen retention?

It think it depends on the style of chastity you are engaging in and how long for. If you are in a ‘zero touch’ (no sexual stimulation) or ‘zero ejaculation’ (some stimulation allowed), then by it’s nature you are practicing elements of semen retention, whilst chastity that allows regular ejaculation when still caged e.g. using a vibrator definitely isn’t retention.

Prostate milking seems to be a bit of a grey area, as I found mixed opinions on whether this counts in both the chastity and retention communities!

5. What are the differences between the two on a kink and physiological level?

From my perspective, it seems that semen retention is generally something that guys undertake for the challenge, to curb ‘excessive” masturbation (sometimes referred to as ‘no-fap’) or for mental/physical health benefits it may bring, rather than a kink.

Whilst there are some guys who use a chastity device as means to help with stopping excessive masturbation, the practice nearly always seems to be driven by some sort of kink, and those kinks are very varied.

6. Is there crossover between these two kink genres when it comes to people interested in trying it?

Semen retention Vs Male Chastity. From my experience, I don’t think I’ve ever seen chastity and semen retention as a specific practice discussed in the same circles. For the reasons mentioned above, the motivations are often different event if the results are often the same.

I think the use of ruined orgasms in chastity is probably a major difference between the two groups.

7. How can a lack of pleasure give pleasure, or is it all about that final release?

I think most guys see orgasm and ejaculation as the same thing, but the reality is that the first does not necessarily need to lead to the other or vice versa.

I also think that most people  believe that guys can only have one orgasm before they have to rest and recover.

The reality is that is possible to have huge amounts of pleasure and multiple orgasms without ever ejaculating. It just takes a huge amount of mental control to ride the wave without crashing over.

It is also possible for the opposite to occur where ejaculation does not result in an orgasm. I’m sure most guys can think of occasions during casual masturbation where they’ve ejaculated but not felt it was very rewarding. This is very similar to what happens during a ruined orgasm.

We practice ‘zero ejaculation’ chastity. Although technically I am allowed to stimulate my self, I choose not to do this and leave that to my Mistress. If she does choose to stimulate me, then I am allowed to enjoy all the sensations, but I am not allowed to ejaculate without express permission. I’m also not allowed to ask for the permission to cum.

Many guys in longer term chastity (including myself) find that after a while you end up in an odd space where there is a desire to have a full orgasmic release, but there is also another desire not to be allowed that release and continue the denial. 

8. Is there a sub-community related to male chastity?

Very much so. For many years this was mostly through dedicated forums, but more recently communities have grown on reddit and twitter.

What fascinates me how male chastity had created online communities and suppliers that are frequented by people from across the sexuality spectrum. They are shared spaces where guys just help each other and sharing their experiences, regardless of their backgrounds and sexual interests.

9. In comparison with chastity and retention what are the optimum times for release?

Having spoken to many longer term guys, generally the desire to continue the denial tends to become more dominant from the 2nd or 3rd week of chastity, and this certainly true for me.

At this point, for me personally, I really want to have to ‘work’ for that release. Just being allowed to have a quick wank would be a massive anticlimax considering the effort that I have put into remaining chaste. 

This work is often through a long session of tease and denial, where I am taken to the edge and made to ‘ride the wave’ multiple times before finally being taken over the edge. Some guys can only go a week or so without a release, whilst I know of others that wait a year or more. Personally, I can wait a couple of months between such events as they are so rewarding. It just comes down to your personal needs, or that of your dynamic.

There we have it Kinksters! Semen Retention Vs Male Chastity

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog about the “Semen Retention Vs Male Chastity”. A massive Shout-Out and thank you to GimpyPup! Did you know I tried semen retention?! Read about it below:

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