5 Sexual Roleplay ideas for Sensory Deprivation sessions

So Kinsters, your homework today is to explore sensory deprivation roleplays! But hang on a sec….

What is sensory deprivation?

Sensory deprivation is a commonly recognized practice in Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism. Or for short BDSM!

In a nutshell, the Dominant deprives the Submissive of certain senses, which can include:

  • Hearing 
  • Smell 
  • Taste 
  • Touch 
  • Sight

So I’ve put together 5 x Sexual Roleplay ideas to spice up your sensation play. 

Are you ready? Then let’s friggin’ do this!

1. Emotional rapid bodily reactions

In this session you will place a hood over my head preventing me from being able to hear or see anything. You will tease and torture me using various techniques to cause a reflex-like emotional reaction I cannot control.

For example:

  • Flirtation and seduction – Can cause one to go red in the face.
  • Touching certain areas of the body – Can impulsively make one feel sexually aroused.
  • An unexpected face slap – Will cause one to startle.

Contains: Handcuffs, hot and cold play, helplessness. Oh and so much more.

2. Mind over matter

This will be a merciless edging session combined with sensory deprivation 🔐 In this session I will not be allowed to 💦 I will use mind of matter to prevent myself ejaculating. Having said that, if I do 💦 you will choose a punishment of your choice. This is non-negotiable! 😈

Contains: Mindfulness, climbing arousal mountain, Headphones with noise cancelling – to limit my hearing, scratching. Oh and so much more.

3. Mistress Subliminal Meditation programme

I’ve openly heartedly told you that I’m having trouble sleeping. So you’ve kindly provided me with a MP3 meditation and you’ve instructed me to listen to it every evening before bed. However, as of recently I’ve been having some weird, kinky fantasies/wet dreams about you! What the eff is going on! However, you’ve just revealed that the meditation has subliminal messages, impacting the subconscious mind to believe and to accept that I am your slave!

In the first part of the session. I will be forced to listen to affirmations created by Mistress …….. through noise cancelling headphones.

In the second part of the session. You will use a hood to deny both sight and hearing.

Contains: An intensely erotic experience, teasing and torturing my submissive body. Oh and so much more.

4. Slave Training for sensory deprivation sessions

Slave Training isn’t supposed to be easy. Sex Slave training is supposed to be challenging. Some tasks will make me shudder and tremble. I will be taught to refrain from doing things that others cannot resist doing. You will test me and harden me. At the same time I will build up endurance and self-discipline.

Contains: Flogging, whipping, feathers, blindfolding and hoods. Oh and so much more.

5. Sexual tease & denial game

You are an expert when it comes to human weaknesses and urges. In today’s session, we are going to play the sexual tease and denial game! 

Contains: Playing loud music, sex toys, ice cubes, biting, ruined orgasms, wearing a chastity device, Oh and so much more. 

Now what?

Copy and paste the Sensory Deprivation Roleplay of your choice and send it to your Domme. 

Alrighty, sensory deprivation sessions begin…

So what are your favourite Sensory Deprivation Roleplays? Which Roleplay did you pick? Tell me about your Sensory Deprivation Roleplay experience by hitting me up on Twitter, Instagram, or via the site

Much Kink Love


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