SERVITUDE exhibition hosted at The Award Winning Fetish Salon – Harness & Mane

SERVITUDE exhibition at Harness & Mane – The Award Winning Fetish Salon!

Hello again, Kinky Folks! 

So, on the 6th of November 2022, I was most honoured to be invited to attend the ‘SERVITUDE’ which is an exhibition by the super talented Latex Artist –  Michelle Mildenhall! Hosted by the unique award winning fetish hair salon – Harness & Mane, based in Walthamstow, East London! 

Spoiler Alert! It was really friggin’ awesome. The initial plan was to go for a couple of hours, get some pictures, have a few drinks, and to write up a review in relation to the exhibition. However, I stayed for the entire time, and got to meet some admirable people.

Let me now turn your attention to the multi-talented – Michelle Mildenhall!

Introducing Michelle Mildenhall

First thing first, I’m a huge admirer of Michelle Mildenhall artistry, her style is distinctive, eye-catching, and in a class by itself. I never in a million years thought that someone could create artwork out of latex in the way Michelle did, to deliver something that looks so beautifully amazing. I would strongly recommend following her Instagram, @michellemildenhall_artist

Furthermore, check out her remarkable website HERE:

Meeting Michelle Mildenhall 

It was a huge honour to meet Michelle Mildenhall in person, She is a very kind, friendly, passionate, and inspiring woman. She was very energised to answer any questions. I love asking questions, so I can get a better understanding of how the artist creates their abstract ideas and bring them to fruition.

In a short time, I learnt a lot from Michelle Mildenhall. 

A walk through Harness & Mane

Now please allow me to take you on a walk through the award winning fetish Salon, Harness & Mane, during the day of the exhibition. As I walk through the door, I instantly sense the kinky vibes, my eyes caught a glimpse of rope tying decorations. I could see that there were several fetish fashion accessories for sale, which confirmed that I was in an alternative hair salon.

Here are the names/businesses of the talented individuals:

🔹Dirty French Girl @dirtyfrenchgirl

🔹Broke Boutique @broke_boutique

🔹Figure OFA @figureofa

🔹Kerris Spencer @kerrisspencer

Towards the back of the salon, there was a lovely young lady, known as Matorosari @matoro.sari selling beautiful handmade kinky accessories.

In that corner, there were numerous pieces of art on the wall, designed and created by Michelle Mildenhall. There were lots of interesting people, fascinated by the fine art pieces, and were keen to purchase and support her art. It was beautiful to see, honestly.

It is one thing to follow your passion and create beautiful pieces of art, however, It’s a whole different feeling when others show their appreciation of the artist’s time, efforts, and gifted talents.

And finally, right at the back, an entire room as the bar area, serving prosecco, red wine, soft drinks and so much more.

Special guest 

There’s always a special guest at an exhibition, right? The special guest is none other than the delightful latex model Psycatt, @psycatt_ 

The shiny Interviewer is comparable to a celebrity. Psycatt is filled with incredible energy, and a true pleasure to be around. 

Special thanks goes to Harness & Mane, it was such a great turnout – the salon was filled with good vibrations and everyone looked happy to be there. Thank you so much to Harness  & Mane for hosting such a wonderful exhibition.

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Did you know that Harness & Mane are selling my book, Triple-Formed in their award winning fetish hair salon? I know, right? So why not book yourself in for a hair style and whilst your there get your hands on a copy of Triple-Formed and receive 10% off. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, aye?

Alternatively, if you can’t get to the hair Salon for whatever reasons, you can purchase Triple-Formed here.

There we have it, Kinky Folks! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this testimonial. Please follow and DM Harness & Mane on Instagram for up to £20 off your first booking, @harnessandmane.

Book an appointment HERE.

And finally, a Gargantuan Shout-Out to the owners of Harness & Mane, Hughie and the pregnant hostess with the mostess – Gunel!! You are both incredibly wonderful. Thank you!!

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Much Kink Love,

Podopheleus 🖤

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