Introducing Shaun Attwood, Jennifer Hopkins and Kaz B

Sex-Positive Podcast Super Team
Sex-Positive Podcast Super Team

On our True Crime podcast, we interview experts at the forefront of true crime, including ex-cops, ex-cons, crime victims, journalists, authors and ex-guards. As well as featuring hard-hitting true stories, the podcast covers some of the biggest stories in true crime. Our channel’s mission includes educating young people about the dangers of drugs and crime. Our podcasts carry an important social message.

Although the channel started based on true crime, we are now branching out and interviewing people involved in the sex industry. We have already interviewed several professional dominatrix’s and submissive slaves, which has been well received with a lot of positivity from the public and have been reaching out to find more guests involved in the community who would love to come on our channel on Youtube to do a podcast and speak freely about their personal life experience with in the industry.

Here you can find our most recent interview with dominatrix Kaz B:

This autumn, we began filming in dungeons around the UK with the dominatrix Kaz B to produce an eye opening and sincere Vimeo series which will be live soon.

We are talking to various sex workers from different backgrounds to help them share their stories. Sex work is still a taboo subject, and its workforce are subject to discrimination and persecution in our society. We want to readdress the balance in a patriarchal society and destigmatise the taboos that surround sex work. Behind every sex worker is a unique voice and it’s time those voices were heard. We will also be exploring issues such as mental health and how sexual oppression and fear of self-expression can often be linked to mental health issues.

You can follow our Vimeo channel to find out more:

Meet The Team

Shaun Attwood

Sex-Positive Podcast Super Team
Sex-Positive Podcast Super Team

Shaun Attwood is a former stock-market millionaire and Ecstasy trafficker turned YouTuber, public speaker, author and activist.

Shaun’s writing – smuggled out of the jail with the highest death rate in America – attracted international media attention to the life-threatening human rights violations, murders by guards and gang members, dead rats in the food and cockroach infestations.

While incarcerated, the Youtuber was forced to reappraise his life. He read over 1,000 books in just under six years. By studying original texts in psychology and philosophy, he sought to better understand himself and his past behaviour. He is dedicated to sharing his story and those of ex-convicts to dissuade young people from making similar mistakes.

Shaun is writing a series of books exposing the War on Drugs, featuring the CIA and the cocaine Mafia. He is writing the longest ever Escobar biography: Pablo Escobar’s Story – 4 books totalling over 1,000 pages.

You can find him on



YouTube (700,000 subscribers)

Jennifer Hopkins

Sex-Positive Podcast Super Team
Sex-Positive Podcast Super Team

Jennifer Hopkins is Shaun’s new Co-host to the channel and with over 30 interviews beside him on the YouTube channel she has firmly made her mark. She also owns an organic cotton clothing company:

Organic Cotton Clothing was founded in 2018 when Jen named the company after her late, beloved Boston Terrier Boomer. Boomer embodied the same vibrant energy for life that Jen brings to her clothing company.

Jen’s sparkling personality may be the first thing you notice about her, but she is also a keen environmentalist and public speaker whose goal is to help the planet and share her passion for organic clothing.

You can find Jen on Instagram here:

Also on Twitter:

Kaz B


Sex-Positive Podcast Super Team
Sex-Positive Podcast Super Team

Kaz B formerly worked in broadcasting. She is now a dominatrix and author and an advocator for normalising sex work. Kaz runs various blogs and writes articles on fetish, toxic relationships and narcissism with the aim of helping to educate others on these sensitive topics.

Here is Kaz B’s personal website:

You can also find here on Twitter:

Please get in touch with us directly at Jen’s email address if you would like to come on and tell us your story and get involved.

Shaun Attwood, Jennifer Hopkins and Kaz B

Sex-Positive Podcast Super Team
Sex-Positive Podcast Super Team
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