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Sex Science. We have been playing on both sides of the / lately. For going on a month now, I have served as her toy during our weekday scenes. On the weekend, during our High Protocol Scenes, she has served me as she has for 4 years now. Last week we started to have a conversation about the possibility of switching back and forth. I for one was not certain it would be possible, given how deep we dive into our head spaces during our scenes. On the other hand, who better could test the theory, sex scientists that we are?

Yesterday, she and I made the choice to give it a go. She would come home and we would chat about the “ground rules” to make it workable. First we agreed to attach no significance to the outcome, and no significance to the experience one way or the other. Second, we agreed to use a light flogger as an indicator of who was on top.

Sex Science Saffermaster

The rule was that whoever had the flogger could guide the scene for as long as they want and when they were complete with their scene, they would hand off the flogger to the other partner who would then take over and guide the scene. Additionally, we agreed that to a degree, we would use our initial time “in charge” to mimic the scene that the other partner completed. So, if I flogged her, she would flog me, for example.

With that in mind, we set about researching if mid-scene back and forth switching was a workable possibility for us to do regularly. Sex Science!

She presented herself to be used to begin the scene

She selected an outfit that would put her mid-way between Domme and sub. She looked lovely and I set about creating a light induction so she could experience a mouthgasm. I did this by starting out our scene the same way I always do, sitting behind her holding her head in my hands. I stopped short of a full hypnotic induction and set her to fingering herself while I played with her spectacular tits.

She really is so fucking hot!

I went off the bathroom to clean up and when I returned, we began with my cock down her throat. She had several climaxes and then worshiped my cock for a while till I had had enough. (I was already over aroused).

I handed her the flogger and she indicated that I should change places with her. I sat on the floor looking up at my beautiful sexy Mistress.

She stepped toward me standing with her feet on either side of my legs and she spread her pussy lips to expose her clit. She pressed her clit into my mouth and started to quite literally fuck my face. I felt her clit becoming engorged as she did so and when she held my head in her hands and thrust herself again and again into my willing sucking lips, I was afraid to touch my cock. I might blow.

When she was satisfied, she stepped back and handed me the flogger. I indicated that she should get into the fuck chair and when she did, I lubed up and slipped into her pussy to find her dripping wet. I fucked her to more than a few orgasms and asked her to flip over. She flipped over and spread her legs and I gave her several more orgasms clitifying her while I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples.

I handed her the flogger

Sex Science

She indicated it was now my turn in the chair. She lubed up her hand and stroked my cock and ass with her fingers. She teased my ass with the tip of the dildo and she stroked my cock relentlessly. Having her essentially laying on me while she did this was very hot. She fingered my ass and stroked my cock till I was begging her to stop or I would cum.

She handed me the flogger

I put her back in the fuck chair and this time lubed my cock and surfed her ass. After a time listening to her moan with pleasure, I lubed up again and pressed my cock into her ass. I fucked her slowly, stretching her out and gradually more vigorously, her orgasmic bliss in my ears. I had her roll over and then sucked on her clit to give her several more intense orgasms. Then I had her kneel and suck my cock. She is my ass to mouth whore after all.

I handed her the flogger

She pointed at the chair. I climbed up on the arms of chair and waited to see what she would do. She lubed my cock and ass again and this time managed to penetrate my ass with the dildo. She leaned her body against me holding the dlido in my ass while she manipulated my cock. I was beside myself. I was begging her to stop, not because I didn’t like it, but because I was not ready to cum.

She persisted and I must say, I came as close to cumming as I could without actually cumming. She relented and told me to get down, then she had me sit on the floor with my freshly fucked ass and she stepped forward to fuck my face.

Her clit was much more engorged at this point and she vigorously took her pleasure in my mouth while she held my head still. She was shaking orgasmically when she finally pulled out. She stepped back.

Then, after a moment’s consideration, she handed me the flogger

Sex Science

I pointed at the chair and she kneeled as expected. I selected the heavy flogger and proceeded to give her a good spanking. Maybe 400 strokes. I flipped her over and ate her pussy again. Multiple orgasms’ later I stepped back, marveling at her swollen engorged clit.

I handed her the flogger. She picked up the light flogger and had a few swats of my ass. Then she traded up to the heavy buffalo hide flogger and went at me. She is working on perfecting her skill and so I just accepted the flogging with that in mind. At times, she would hit the outside of my hip, which was quite painful, but otherwise I can sense that she is getting the hang of it.

The heavy flogger is both easier to use and harder. It’s heavier but its perfectly balanced. When she got fatigued she rubbed my ass with her lubed finger, which was a nice break. When she was satisfied, she told me to get on the floor and she stepped forward with her pussy lips spread showing me her large engorged clit. She pressed her swollen clit into my mouth, took hold of my head and fucked my face.

Then she handed me the flogger

I pointed back at the chair and she climbed up with her ass still pink from the flogger. I reached for the leather paddle and I started paddling her moderately hard. She was rocking back and forth between paddle strokes, making sure she met the paddle as I brought it down. I paddled her for a time until her ass was nice and hot.

Then I dropped to my knees, cleaned off her ass and as she took my cock between her feet, I buried my tongue in her ass. She was moaning and moaning as I tongue fucked her ass. Her feet were stroking my already sensitive cock with enough force I was getting light headed. She really could make me cum with her feet if she chose. I slipped a finger into her pussy and vigorously finger fucked her while rimmed her ass. She was screaming orgasmically by this time, so I slipped my left thumb into her ass and 4 fingers into her pussy and while she stroked my cock with her feet, I DP’d her with my fingers.

She slid off the chair and took my cock into her mouth. She pulled hard on my balls and deep throated me. I took all I could before climbing up on to the chair myself. As soon as I was in the kneeling position, her tongue was in my ass. She stroked my cock as she pressed her tongue deep into my ass. I reached down so I can stroke her pussy and I vigorously stroked her pussy while she was eating my ass till she was screaming orgasmically as she was trying to eat my ass. I clambered down and she climbed up. I lubed my cock and slipped into her ass where I fucked her hard. When I could take it no more, I flipped her over and ate her pussy till she was shaking orgasmically.

I threw a couple of cushions on the floor and lay on my back. She stood over me with her pussy lips spread stroking her clit looking at me lasciviously.=. A moment came over her and she said, “Now I am going to fuck your face” she settled on my chest and I stroked my cock while she took her pleasure Queening me. It felt like i was going to cum, so I tapped her, but no luck, The feeling passed. She had been watching me and so she got up and went to my feet.

She fetched the dildo and slipped it into my ass and stroked my cock. It was hot. She took my hand and put it on my cock then she started stroking her clit while she dildo fucked my ass. Realizing I was unsighted, she said “I’m stroking my clit, this is so hot!” and it was within a minute of that I shot my cum all over my chest. She laughed appreciably and tossed me a towel after pulling the dildo out of my ass. She sucked the tip of my cock, which was very sensitive.

Sex Science – I lay there a while coming down

She went off and got dressed, and then so did I. We met on the couch to have a margarita and debrief.

So, what did we learn? First of all the sex was blistering hot. That is for sure. Second, we both found that it was more of a light scene in that neither one of us achieved the head space we have come to expect when we play. Our scenes tend to build and we get deeper and deeper into our head spaces and that was missing for sure. In the end, I think that we agreed that this sort of scene is not for us.

From a research perspective, we think that while we had fun, it was just too disjointed to be workable for our dynamic. There is no unified field theory for switching that works. We conclude that switching back and forth is not for us.

There we have it, Kinky Folks – now you know about Sex Science!

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