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Hello again, Beloved Kinksters!

I have some super exciting news for y’all. I just finished writing my new book titled “Sexual Equanimity”, which I plan to publish towards the end of August or the beginning of September. The book will be fully illustrated by the uniquely talented artist MOAN Zine. You can learn more about Moan’s work here.

Art by MOAN Zine featured in “Triple-Formed”

Plus, featured art from the exceptionally skilled artist, Dirk Hooper

You can learn more about Dirk Hooper here: An interview with Dirk Hooper

On top of that, “Sexual Equanimity” features a wonderfully written Foreword by Kaz B, who is an Author, Prodomme, Actress, and Podcaster. 

Learn more about Kaz B here: Spaces on Twitter with Kaz B and Podopheleus

Anyhow, let’s dive into Sexual Equanimity.

We are still very much an underground community

The femdom community is still very much underground, although it is starting to grow through the ranks with TV shows such as, “Bonding” movies like “Love and Leashes.” And Comics like “Sunstone ”.

My favourite Femdom novels

On top of that, there’s a shedload of femdom books that grab you by the collar. Here are some of my faves;

  • “Dominatrix Boss” by Asher Lake and
  • “When Femdom Dreams Come True” by Thimble.
  • Biographies like “Confessions of a Dominatrix: My Secret BDSM Life” by Kaz B and
  • “The Heart of the Dominatrix: Portraits and Interviews of Exceptional Mistresses” by Inanna Justice, which features interviews with 21 Professional Dominatrixes, providing powerful insights.
  • Key Barret’s book, “Locked-In Love: How two weeks in chastity can end the barter system, renew courtship and make a better husband”. And…
  • “TAMARA, Eternal Dominatrix”, which is a captivating femdom tale told by Irv O. Neil. 

These books come highly rated for their compelling content, no word of a lie.

What is lacking in Femdom books?

Now, let’s shift our focus to the subject of ‘Sexual Equanimity.’ If you ask me, the Femdom books are lacking something big time. The vast majority of books on the Femdom market are mainly geared towards male fantasies. What we truly lack are femdom books that resonate on a visceral level. I’m talking about raw firsthand encounters.

What is Sexual Equanimity about?

“Sexual Equanimity” offers a narrative centred around the emotional journey of a submissive man named Zane, also known as Kinkanimity. It vividly describes the ups and downs, trials and tribulations he faces when his Mistress cuts off their relationship after three and a half years of visiting her.

This book delves deep into the struggles a submissive man encounters when his family discovers his kinky lifestyle, and the nagging superegos that linger in the depths of his thoughts about having his vulnerabilities laid out in the open for all to see.

Zane/Kink sets off on an emotional rollercoaster, encountering a cocktail of feelings that range from shame and guilt to apathy, grief, anger, and desire… At times, his mind travels to dark territories, testing his resilience. It’s like he is trapped in two worlds like Ofelia from ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’.

The narrative captures a submissive man’s efforts to navigate and make peace with his emotions, both positive and negative. I believe this book would be an enlightening read for the BDSM community as a whole. Submissive men can get some proper knowledge by delving into a narrative that surpasses male fantasies, providing authentic life moments and deep emotions. Dominants can also draw important knowledge from this book, helping them understand the mindset of submissive men and how our thoughts operate. Although every submissive man may not think alike, this book offers some insights into the submissive male way of thinking. 

Moreover, this book delves into the ups and downs experienced within the BDSM scene, as well as the encounters of miscommunications / misinterpretations. I deeply believe that this book meets the community’s needs for realness, addressing mental health, embracing pain, and overcoming heartache to become the best versions of ourselves, whether within the realm of BDSM or in day-to-day life. I encourage anyone faced with shame about their sexuality to discover “Sexual Equanimity.”

The diverse writing styles found in Sexual Equanimity 

Additionally, this book explores a mashup of writing styles, ranging from journal entries to past dialogue conversations, rap songs, and poetry. I wanted to create an unparalleled literary masterpiece that challenges readers’ comfort zones by experimenting with varied writing flavours.

Journaling entries

In “Sexual Equanimity,” I explore the use of four distinct writing styles to enhance the depth and complexity of the narrative. The journaling entries follow a mix of conventional and informal style of writing. These entries offer an authentic glimpse into his inner world and provide a solid basis for the story.

Past Dialogue conversations 

Conversely speaking, the past dialogue conversations also vary in tone and style depending on Zane’s

mood and the folks he engages with. They capture the natural flow of real-life conversations, using slang and informal language. This approach creates a sense of realism and relatability, as if the readers are wiretapping on intimate conversations among real people.

Rap songs

The rap songs introduce a completely different tone and structure. Diverging from traditional

writing conventions, utilised with hooks, bridges, and rhyme patterns. These songs become a unique medium for Zane/Kinkanimity to express his thoughts and emotions, mirroring the artistry and storytelling found in the world of Hip-Hop music.


The poetry takes yet a different stylistic approach, employing its own flow, rhythm, and patterns. It deviates from the structure of the rap songs and delivers a distinct Spoken Word style. Through the poetry, Zane delves deeper into his emotions, evoking powerful imagery and creating an intimate connection with readers.

Each of these writing styles adds depth and sprucing up the narrative, complementing one another to create a deep and versatile reading experience. By mixing up these different styles, “Sexual Equanimity” offers a truly captivating journey through the complications of Zane’s emotional world.

Can writing be cathartic?

Writing can be a cathartic experience, and I believe that by pushing the boundaries of creativity,

we can surpass our own limitations. I wanted this book to be a work of art from beginning to end, incorporating beautiful illustrations, poetic narratives, and experimenting with different rhyming patterns, metaphors, wordplay, similes, alliterations, and storytelling techniques. The exploration of different tones of voice was also a part of this endeavour.

Do we need to fit into societal expectations?

Throughout our lives, we frequently find ourselves striving to blend in to societal norms and fulfil the expectations of others. However, this continuous effort can be a drain on life. Picture this: what if we only had 24 hours left to live? How would we choose to spend that time? This perspective has become my approach to life. I no longer seek to fit into societal expectations or obey the desires of others. Instead, I strive to tap in and unchain my creativity, breaking the norm and embracing idiosyncratic pursuits. Rather than trying to conform, I am choosing to celebrate my individuality. The world is full of possibilities, and sometimes our ideas may seem a bit off the wall. Yet, the distinction lies in our courage to express our true selves, rather than jumping on the bandwagon.

A solid gold asset for the BDSM community

To wrap it up, Sexual Equanimity explores key themes and impactful encounters within the BDSM community, offering readers an opportunity to gain insights, navigate challenges, while feeling empowered. Its unconventionality and artistry combined with diverse writing styles, in addition to offering a unique educational approach, makes it a solid gold asset for the BDSM community and beyond.

My vision

I envision this book as a advocacy for destigmatizing sex work, femdom, and the freedom to openly express one’s sexuality, whether it aligns with an alternative lifestyle or falls within the realm of vanilla relationships. My mission is to foster empathy and acceptance, shedding light on the experiences of sex workers, femdom and submissive men. By contributing to the normalisation and liberation of these subject matters, I hope to create a future where “Sexual Equanimity” holds enough power to influence a TV series, a movie, a rap musical, or even a documentary that broadcasts the world of femdom that allows broader audiences to gain an in-depth understanding of sex work, femdom, kinks, and fetishes.

Shaping a more universal & accepting society

It is essential that submissive men can embrace their true selves without experiencing shame or judgement. Moreover, it is crucial to recognize that sex work is legitimate work, and sex workers face endless obstacles that affect their livelihoods due to society’s cockeyed beliefs. It is time to give the world a reality check, not only to understand but also to accept and normalise these aspects of natural sexuality, just like any other orientation or preference. Through the pages of “Sexual Equanimity,” I strive To flip the script on blinkered perspectives, and play a role in shaping a more universal and accepting society.

There we have it, Kinky Folks!

Will you be picking up a copy of “Sexual Equanimity” once it’s released?

In the meantime, why not grab a copy of my debut novel, Triple-Formed?

 Triple-Formed” is a complex and ambitious work. Looking forward to “Sexual Equanimity” next!

Irv O. Neil

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Much Kink Love,

Podopheleus 🖤🙏

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