Sexual Fetishes – Top 12

Whatsupp you sexual fetishistas?! Sexual fantasies, desires, kinks and fetishes come in all shapes and size. Take your vanilla light spanking to maybe the more extreme fetish of getting your rocks off to a loaf of bread. Yes you did read right, bread. Or what about a sexy dominating robot?

12 weird sexual fetishes

Anyway, I was kindly invited to blog for Weird World Wire – a website full of unusual, weird and wonderful stuff from around the world (yes the name is pretty self explanatory). If you’re intrigued to find out what on earth some of these long words mean have a read of my guest blog…

Top 12 Weird Sexual Fetishes

  • Hybristophilia
  • Eproctophilia
  • Yeastiality
  • Keraunophilia
  • Infantilism
  • Necrozoophilia
  • Knife play
  • Symphorophilia
  • Taphephilia
  • Enkuopoiphilia
  • Robotism
  • Scatophilia

Read the full blog here – Top 12 Weird Sexual Fetishes! Thank you to the quirky team at Weird World Wire for featuring my blog for your readers!

Have you heard of Food Fetishes?

Something I discovered while researching the wonderful world of fetish was something called Sploshing. Have you ever heard of it? Do you love it? Are you a Pro-Splosher?!

If you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share about your weird sexual fetishes feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram, or via the site

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