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Spaces on Twitter - Kaz B

Hi there, Free Thinking Kinky Spirits!

So, Kaz B and Podopheleus are hosting a monthly inspiring Twitter Spaces offering Kinksters an audio safespace to express their views freely. I know, right? How freaking awesome is that? 

Learn more about Kaz B here.

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Hold your horses, what the heck is Spaces on Twitter? 

In short, Spaces on Twitter is where live audio discussions happen. 

Is it public? 

It is needed.

Can anyone join in and eavesdrop?


What if I have something to say, can I request to speak? 

Yes. We absolutely encourage kinksters to join in and speak up. Having said that, it is imperative that you must be respectful.

Ok, but how do we know when you are hosting a Spaces on Twitter? 

Kaz B and Myself will share a link to the spaces on public Twitter, in addition to DMing the link to others such as the ‘Submissive Men Support Group’ 

Learn more about the ‘Submissive Men Support Group’ here. 

In addition to this, the wonderful @GimpyPup created a Discord for us ‘Submissive Men’ since the group has reached its maximum users in a private Twitter group. I know, right? And Here I was thinking that I was the only submissive man on the planet lol. 

Check out my interview with @GimpyPup here – Semen Retention Vs Male Chastity

Can you schedule reminders?

Abso-friggin’-lutely! Yes, it even allows you to set a reminder, so there is no chance of missing out. Here is an example of what it looks like, although please bear in mind that my name is spelt incorrectly 🤣

So what do you actually talk about? 

Kaz B and Myself have hosted two spaces up to now. In our first spaces on Twitter (additional host, @jenhopkins88) we openly explored the different types of D/s dynamics, and we had some amazing speakers. Special kudos to, @GimpyPup @LenoreSins @Alex_B1971

Additionally, It went on longer than myself, Kaz B and Jen had anticipated. Which is a good thing, of course! 

In our second spaces, we discussed what a submissive man can do if he is being abused by his dominant. Furthermore, we discussed imposter accounts who imitate dommes and models and cyber bullying. Once again, a special kudos to the Subspace and Assgasm specialist – @Goddess_Cleo and the Submissive Educator – @MisterJamesW for providing us with insights of their experiences.

P.s. learn more about Goddess Cleo and Subspace here.

What are you trying to achieve by doing monthly spaces?

Kaz B and Myself have the same vision, mission, and goal. We want to normalise femdom, sex work, kink, fetishes, alternative lifestyles. However, we feel that this will only happen if we group together as a community, and speak up about it consistently, openly and honestly.

At the same time, spread positivity, and to uplift our community. We want as many people to find self-acceptance and embrace who they truly are without feeling judged, guilty or ashamed. Nevertheless, we want to encourage people to not only talk about the good times. We also want to hear about the negative experiences, and look at growth and the lessons we learnt along the way.

Furthermore, finding solutions to issues within our community. So, our monthly spaces will give anyone who is a part of some type of an alternative lifestyle an opportunity to openly express their feelings and thoughts. In other words, we want your voices to be heard, your opinions are as important as anyone else’s opinions.

Lastly, we also give people the opportunity to plug anything they are trying to promote. For example, you may have a new book coming out? Did you know that Kaz B, just released Her New autobiography titled – ‘Confessions of a DOMINATRIX, My Secret BDSM LIFE’ 

You can purchase Kaz B’s autobiography here. 

Additionally, Follow Kaz B on Social Media so you don’t miss out on the latest.

Twitter: @KazBxx

Instagram: @kazbxx

And did you know that I am releasing my Forthcoming novel, Triple-Formed very SOON! Learn more here.

So, when is your next Spaces on Twitter? 

As previously mentioned, once myself and Kaz B have selected the date that suits us best for September’s spaces, we will then share that info to public Twitter, and Instagram etc.

There we have it, Free Thinking Kinky Spirits!

Which topics would you like us to discuss in our upcoming spaces? Are you going to be joining us? Are you more of a listener or a speaker? Either way we look forward to your presence and your support.

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Much Kink Love,

Podopheleus 🖤

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