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Submissive Man’s Experience at Domina Event. Recently, the awesome MadKing wrote an article for my website, sharing all his wonderful experiences when he attended various Domina Parties. I enjoyed reading about his experiences, and it inspired me to share my very own experiences with Domina Parties. However, my experiences are somewhat a little different from MadKing’s. Why is that exactly? Well, first, I didn’t play at any of the parties—nope, sadly, no pegging for me. And of course, I was not doing the pegging. Come on now, kinky folks, behave!

Instead, I worked at one of the Domina Parties’ events. I know, right? Pretty cool, yeah. Would you like to learn more? I bet you do. Okie-dokie! Well, let’s dive in then!

Receiving a message from Goddess CleoSubmissive Man’s Experience at Domina Event

Towards the end of 2022, I received a message from Goddess Cleo. She mentioned that she was a man down for her upcoming domina party and could really use an extra pair of hands. She asked me if I’d be up for it. Now, if you don’t already know, Goddess Cleo is a Mistress that I value and adore to bits. Even though we’ve played together and she’s given me some of the most memorable BDSM moments, I also view Goddess Cleo as a good friend.

So if Cleo needs an extra pair of hands for something and I have nothing on that day, well, without a shadow of a doubt, I’m going to say, Hell Yes! I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now, the reason why you are all reading this blog right now is because I said yes to helping Cleo for her domina party.

So, what exactly did I have to do? Submissive Man’s Experience at Domina Event

Okie dokie. Let’s run through it. Firstly, the party took place in a studio in North London, which was pretty convenient for me and easy to get to. Cleo asked if I could get to the venue around 11 am because they needed help bringing up the equipment and putting it together. And boy, did they have a lot of things; I swear I made a thousand and one trips, traipsing up and down stairs. Sounds like I’m complaining, right? But I actually loved it. I love exercising, and that was my workout for the day, lol. 

After that, it was all about putting the equipment together, and everyone got stuck in to help out. Once we set up all the equipment, the subbys were more or less going to arrive at any moment.

Once the subby’s arrived

Submissive Man’s Experience at Domina Event. I had several jobs. First, I worked alongside another submissive person, and we worked really well together as a team. Our initial tasks were to greet the subby’s at the door, welcome them in, hang up their coats, and carry out COVID tests. Once they passed, we would ask them to strip naked and then send them to the next room where all the lovely dominas would be waiting for them. 

I quite liked this part because I could see that some of them were a little nervous; it was their first time. But I managed to chat with most of them, threw a bit of banter around, and I think their nerves settled a little. 

Once all the COVID tests come back with the all clear

So, once everyone had the all-clear, we then sent them into the main room. The dominas had all the subbys sitting on the floor. Firstly, each one introduced themselves and then went on to explain to the group what is about to go down. They also asked each submissive person to introduce themselves, which I thought was a great way to break the ice with the group and get everyone interacting. Once that was out of the way, well, I guess it was time to have some fun.

Hold on, Which Dommes were there?

So, there were five lovely Mistresses who attended the party. First, Goddess Cleo, who is the organiser, and then we have The FoXtress, Mistress Karina, Anastaxia, and Hayley Bond. All of the Mistresses were so lovely. 

First party, Beautifully Destroyed partySubmissive Man’s Experience at Domina Event

So, a beautifully destroyed party is pretty much a bit of everything apart from anal play. It’s a bit like tapas where you get to try a bit of everything and see what you enjoy most. The beauty of it is that you get to experience different activities with different Mistresses. I got to watch a bit of impact play, ball-busting, foot worship; it was all great to watch. Everyone looked like they were having a jolly marvellous time. I guess you’re wondering what my job in all this was. Well, my job and the other submissive person’s job were to wipe down and sanitise any used toys. It was a pretty easy and chilled-out task.


Once the beautifully destroyed party was finished, we then had a short lunch break. I brought some food from home.

Second party – Strap-On PartySubmissive Man’s Experience at Domina Event

So, the strap-on party is a whole different experience compared to the beautifully destroyed party. Now, the real work begins. First, all new subs had to be COVID tested. Once everyone got the clear, we entered the main room again. The strap-on party is intense, lasting over 3 hours without stopping. There are 5 butt-fucking stations, music pumps up, and the energy in the room rises as the butt-fucking action begins.

Each station handles one sub at a time. After one finishes, the task is to swiftly clean the station and call the next sub over. There’s no room for distraction; staying focused throughout is crucial. As one sub finishes, I quickly clean the station and call the next one over, saying, “yo, bro, you’re up next. Come, man!” It was an intense but enjoyable experience. The vibes were wild, everyone riding the crazy energy, and the Dommes/subs feeding off the intense butt-fucking action. 

My energy came from constant movement, staying alert, and grooving to the tunes. It was an amazing experience, and I loved every minute of it. The mistresses showcased incredible pegging skills and hip movement. What stood out the most was the positive and fun vibes in the room. I was thrilled to be part of it, and despite being my first time, I’d happily do it again if the opportunity arises.

Once the parties finished

Once the party finished, being so intense, I guess everyone could have used some chill time. However, it doesn’t quite work like that. We had to take all the furniture down, and that takes a lot of time. Once we took down all the furniture and cleaned up, the ladies ordered pizza, and we had some time to relax. Goddess Cleo and The FoXtress both came to me afterward and told me that they loved my energy and thought I did amazing. At that point, I felt a sense of gratitude and elation inside me. I absolutely adored my initial Submissive Man’s Experience at Domina Event.

Submissive Man’s Experience at Domina Event – What I came to realise

Having worked a whole day with the Mistresses, it made me realise how hard they friggin’ work and how little time they get to themselves. Also, the fact that they didn’t eat or drink much throughout the day because they’re either entertaining, cleaning, or preparing. It just doesn’t stop from the morning all the way to the evening. I started around 11 am and didn’t get home until midnight. The next day, I felt pretty tired, although I didn’t engage in any pegging, lol.

Kinky food for thoughtSubmissive Man’s Experience at Domina Event

The next time you send a Mistress a message and she hasn’t gotten back to you, just remember this article. If a Mistress is hosting a play party or has back-to-back sessions, she barely has any time to eat, so surely you can’t expect her to respond to you ASAP. I wanted to share my experiences so you can use them as kinky food for thought next time you get agitated about not receiving a response from an email you sent.

So, that folks, is my Submissive Man’s Experience at Domina Event.

There we have it, Kinky Folks!

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