Switch – Can you be a Submissive and a Dominant?

Guest Blog: “Switch” by SafferMaster 

Living in a 24/7 TPE dynamic with my collared slut is a Dom’s dream come true. We are sex forward and kink forward. We scene or have sex from once a day to multiple times a day. Recently, my slut, Lady Petra, has found access to her dominant side. It all began when I started clitifying her.

That is to say, sucking on her clit several times a day. Then we got food poisoning and for a week, we never had any sexual contact. When we started to finally feel better, I was too lazy to move and so she sat on my face so I could eat her pussy. This was naturally at my request. 


Well, something has happened. In taking on Queening as we have, she has gradually become more and more aroused at the prospect and recently we have found that she is tapping into her primal streak when she is Queening me. More recently still, she has begun to initiate the experiences rather than wait or me to invite her. 

For context, when I first claimed her, I claimed her as my submissive to train so that she could learn how to serve me the way I wanted to be served. Luckily, she is a very sexual creature, and soon after I claimed her, she asked me, “What if I want to play and you have not asked me to?” anticipating that her sex drive would be stronger than mine.

I told her that I would be surprised if she found herself feeling unattended to, but she was free to initiate sex with me anytime she wanted to by getting naked and kneeling for me in the living room. She was my submissive after all, and so that made sense to us both.

Submissive but naturally dominant!?

Sometime later, as our dynamic progressed, we talked about her distinguishing all of her sexual urges so that she could be fully self-expressed. On a gradient, it became clear to us both that there is part of her sexuality that is naturally dominant as well in addition to her natural submission. She declared herself a switch.

Lady Petra Playground expressing Her Dominant side

Switch - submissive and a dominant

At first, we offered her a few ways to explore expressing herself as a Domme, and she explored the idea of taking on a cuck for a short while, even meeting one or two submissives that she considered dominating before peaking with one of them when she spent an evening humiliating him at the mall by making him try on and buy sexy lingerie at Victoria’s Secret before kicking him in the balls in the parking lot of the shopping center where they met.

He wanted to do more of that but for her, because she is a demi-sapiosexual, she needs more relatedness than those one-off sessions gave her.

She contemplated taking on a service-sub but has not found one she is interested in Topping so far. Nevertheless, this frame didn’t really fit into our busy lifestyle especially since it means that anytime she would spend with her sub implies that she is not spending it with me as my sub, so it got a bit complicated for us.

Instead, we built the ‘Task a Day Kink relationship coaching program’ for her to run and use as a method to flex her dominance muscle in a kink context. That was all progressing nicely till we started Queening. 

Further sexual exploration 

Over the past 4 years, I have made it a point to focus on sexualizing her completely, and to be fair, she has really grown into her sexuality as her self-expression as my submissive masochist has grown and really stretched her. We have been very intentional about trying new things to level-up our scenes.

For example, we introduced Anal April last year, a month of anal sex only every day. This gave her access to new sensations related to her ass, and it also introduced our foot play fetish as she strokes my cock with her feet while I eat her ass and finger her pussy. 

What is a mouthgasm?

After that, we added hypnokink to our scenes, and as an aspect of that I began training her to have what we call a “mouthgasm”, a vaginal orgasm when my cock stimulates her throat. We do this as a way to begin our scenes and put her in a trance state.

All of this leveling up has pushed us into experiencing energetic orgasms that people describe as the “kundalini awakening ”. Our scenes are truly magical. 

Clitification and Queening!!

As I stated, we recently began to explore clitification and Queening, and this has led to a new self-expression for Lady P. Clitification (clit training) is the art of sucking on her clit to cause it to grow, and it is something I do with her every day. While she was away for a couple of weeks recently, she pumped her clit every day to keep the training on track.

Now she is more aware of her clit than ever before, and she is into the idea of creating a bigger clit which we have taken on with both a suction and a chemical strategy. We are coating her clit in testosterone weekly to see if that causes her clit to expand. Even so, she is much more aware of her clit day by day. And her sexual dominance is showing itself. 

Let me paint a picture!

We wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep and Lady Petra rolls over to put her head on my chest and grab my already hardening cock. She strokes me, feeling my sexual energy, and gets aroused herself. She continues to stroke my cock while she spreads her legs inviting me to finger her as she strokes my throbbing cock with her hand while we kiss passionately.

At some point, driven by the desire to experience pleasure at a deeper level, she sits up, and taking off her nightie as a matter of fact, says, “I’m going to sit on your face now.” She crawls up on to me and positions herself over my mouth as she sits back on my chest getting comfortable. Then she reaches down with both and spreads her lips pushing her clit deeper into my mouth, gasping with the pleasure of the moment. Meantime I am stroking my cock as she is doing this. I find it very hot. 

She gently oscillates her hips, creating the sense that she is fucking my face as she reaches back with on hand to stroke my now skin splitting hard-on. Then she begins to experience moaning orgasms in waves as I fondle her tits while she is rocking back and forth and beating me off. Suddenly, she grabs her tits and squeezes them as she continues to fuck my face vigorously, her clit, now very swollen, in my mouth and feeling firm as I get the sensation of her literally face fucking me.

She has waves of orgasmic pleasure and eventually gets overstimulated. She pulls out of my mouth and climbs off me crawling to between my legs to take my cock into her mouth and deep into her throat where she essentially has me fucking her tonsils and blocking her airway.  She brings me to an edge, and I beckon her to return to my face.

She crawls up looking at me hungrily through very sexy half-mast eyelids sporting a wry smile on her face as she mounts me again with intent. Once more reaching down with both hands to spread her lips and carefully press her now very swollen clit into my mouth. Her moans begin immediately as she becomes truly primal.

She is urgently fucking my face as she strokes my cock for a bit, then squeeze’s her tits for a while before holding my head with both hands as she drives her clit into my mouth over and over and over as she loudly climaxes hard again and again and again. She looks so beautiful in her sexual ecstacy.

This is made even hotter by the fact that she has great tits I look between to see her collar in my view. While she is holding my head with both hands and fucking my face, I squeeze her breast and nipple with one hand while I stroke my throbbing cock with the other.

Once her climax has peaked!

Lady P scrambles off me to quickly get between my legs and suck my cock. It’s another primal urge she has as she greedily gobbles my cock. She seems to need my cock down her throat as rapidly as possible. I timed my climax to coincide with her clamping both lips around my cock and I am drowning her in cum as soon as her mouth takes the tip of my cock. I am cumming as she takes me deep into her throat before I complete my ejaculation.

She crawls up to rest her head on my chest as she gently strokes my cock and cups my balls. We lay there panting together basking in the afterglow of her primal switchiness that leads us to experience such hot encounters.

Growth as a sexual creature 

When we met, I told her that I was a stand for her freedom and power and her full self-expression.

I am glad that her self-expression as a sexual creature is so much fun! Having her feeling free to express herself as a Domme over me in our scenes when she is my submissive speaks volumes for us to continue to explore this amazing life we live together. 

Thank you for reading this, 

SafferMaster – @Master206Saffer

There we have it, sexual creatures! 

Switch – Can you be a Submissive and a Dominant? A huge Shout-Out to SafferMaster for writing another beautifully hot as fuck article for the Podopheleus Site. Oh, we love your articles SafferMaster, more importantly, we appreciate you and Lady Petra Playground. 

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