The Book: Triple-Formed

Triple-Formed is not your usual erotic storybook…

Adam, the central character, like a lot of men, has a fetish for kink and female domination.

This book follows his journey from porn addiction to self-acceptance of who he is while battling with shame, guilt, anxiety, mental illness and judgment from friends and family.

Adam is a geeky married man and persists with new ways to manage his addictions and self-development, however, he is not always successful. He finds the courage to approach a Dominatrix, Mistress Hecate, and finally face up to an horrific teenage incident that he has kept secret all his life.

“Triple-Formed is a journey of sexual exploration, foot fetishes, semen retention and so much more.”

Told in a rhyming prose, Triple-Formed combines moments of humour and stark realities to tell a complex story of a man’s fight within himself. It is also an advocate for change towards common (mis)preconceptions of sex work and sex workers.

I believe this book will help insecure males who feel lost, are ashamed of their sexual desires and don’t know how to approach their kinks, fetishes and fantasies.

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Triple-Formed Reviews from the Kink Community!!!

Dirk Hooper

“I think this is a great book for many reasons. I think you approach a lot of subjects that submissive men go through and present them in a real and honest way. I also think you inject a lot of good stuff about dominatrixes and sex workers that is interesting and informative. But mostly, this is an experimental piece that talks about subjects that almost no one talks about. Those things together make this book special.” ~ Dirk Hooper @DirkHooper

“So unusual that you’re doing rap lyrics as a book, but it certainly works. It’s just the sort of thing that might get you some attention beyond the femdom world. I think the way you’ve done this is effective and personal and interesting. It reads as poetry, and that’s unique.” ~ Asher Lake @AsherLakeWriter 

Triple-Formed Podopheleus Amazon Kindle

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“You don’t have to be into rap to find the rhymes both impressive and poetic. The story about a sub’s kinky journey from different angles, including Domme, is beautifully illustrated. Triple-Formed by Podopheleus is a great, engaging yet entertaining read… and refreshingly different.” ~ @cheekyboy63

“It’s a complex, interesting work, and I like how it melds your evocative words alongside the excellent illustrations. To me, the format is a combination of the literary and the theatrical, and I had to explore it less as a point A to point B,C,D etc. fictional narrative but a series of events and emotions evoked through your words, and to be moved through and experienced and examined both forward and backward, exploring it like the house of Adam’s consciousness.” ~ Irv O. Neil @irvoneil

“… Indeed, a different kind of story, told uniquely; critics have called this book of trauma, submission, healing, and redemption “a mash-up of a graphic novel and poetry… We truly hope he succeeds in his mission and that his book takes the world by storm.” ~ Licking Non-Vanilla

Triple-Formed is a biographical journey told in an indomitable style of rhyme. I felt every beat, every verse hits hard and you reach the end feeling lifted and as if you’ve just taken a roller coaster ride through the author’s mind. Truly epic!” ~ Kaz B @KazBx

“Near the end of this weird, enthralling little tale, Adam recalls a quote from a mistress “The antidote to shame is empathy”. A line like that can feel cheap if not earned, but by the time he recalls it, the weight that line has to carry is enormous. Part benediction and part condemnation for Adam, it sums up what loving (but, at times in the book, brutal) female domination can do for a submissive man. It’s a great line, which the story loads with a lot of meaning, and it encapsulates that Triple-Formed is about as unique a book about the submissive male journey as you are likely to ever read.” ~ Key Barrett @KeyBarrettMSc

” In short, we don’t make a shit out of it, but Triple-Formed is something to have & read as a submissive man. There are even Mistresses who buy it for their top subs or humblest obedient slaves…” [English automatic translation]. “Kortom, wij verdienen er geen reet aan en mee, maar Triple-Formed is wel iets om te hebben & lezen als onderdanige man. Er zijn zelfs Meesteressen die het voor hun topsubs of nederigste gehoorzame slaven kopen…” Original Dutch review by @klapjes – read the full review here:

>>> P.S. Check out this interview with What Women and Other Human Want – THE dating kinky podcast!!! Podopheleus talks about his own kinky journey and discusses the Triple-Formed characters and story in-depth.


Triple-Formed has completely opened my eyes to the emotional and human side of being a kinkster and what it means to be a submissive. It brought me into a world I didn’t know anything about, and of which I now hugely respect. The mental health elements are so important to bring out into the open and I think Podopheleus is incredibly brave to tackle so many issues in such a unique book. Congratulations!” ~ Lady Kinkster

“It’s a piece of activism and when Podopheleus contacted me regarding the illustrations, I was so intrigued that I went ahead and read it straight away. I was immediately drawn in and excited to be part of such a powerful project. I felt inspired by the different characters and the raw emotions that create such a resigning narrative.” ~ MOAN ZINE @moan_zine

“I greatly appreciated Triple-Formed as an opportunity to spend time getting to know the obstacles my clients might have overcome to reach a place where they could meet me and what goes on in their minds when they’re not with me. There were questions answered that I wouldn’t always ask my clients if I suspected doing so might distract or detract from someone’s session. I’m making the book sound fairly grim. It isn’t all dark. Triple-Formed has some lighter moments and Pod’s lyrical stylings make for an entertaining read.” ~ Oz Bigdownunder. Read the full book review here:

Triple-Formed tracks the main character in a series of rhyming acts, as he takes his journey from porn addiction and his fetish of Female Domination to self-acceptance. The author, Podopheleus, who has been rhyming in the hip hop style since he first heard the beats as a boy, chose to make his book a sort of album style rhyming form that although challenging at first, is quite wonderful to read. The biographical journey he takes you on mirrors his message that “the antidote to shame is empathy”. The book tackles the submissive experience of the common man, as well as that of sex workers and Pro Dommes as lived in a manner that is rarely addressed in print. It’s not a book of porn. It’s a book about the human experience in the world of adult sexuality. One of a kind! Highly recommended.” ~ SafferMaster @SlubbUsa & Lady Petra Playground @LPPlayground

“I have just finished reading ‘Triple-Formed’. Wow! It’s challenging stuff. Brilliant and thought-provoking – and it definitely requires some time to digest followed by a much-closer second reading. The honesty is like a smack in the face. I love your use of language; the way that you play around with how the medium serves the message. There is so much going on – in the narrative as well as in the linguistics – that it is impossible to take it all in at the first reading. Whish is, let’s face it, always a sign of a good book. You have my unstinting admiration.” ~ Tiny Monster

“It’s very raw and very brave and I think it’s fantastic! Congratulations, Pod! You’ve created something original and wonderful!” ~ Thimble @Luck22Hard



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My fault was to start reading Podopheleus’s books from his last one, “Sexual Equanimity”, and after reading “Triple Formed”, I know that his second is the complete version of “Triple Formed”.
But I enjoyed this fabulous book. It is a fantastic idea to write it in the style of rap lyrics. It’s brilliant. I love those rhymes. I love those deep thoughts and ideas. 
“It took a lot of writing from the heart, as well as feeling it in my soul. I have poured everything into this kinky and psychologically complex novel.’
Triple-Formed: Advocate for Change (p. 3). NA. Kindle Edition.”
And by the author’s words, all his efforts, all his emotions and experiences in the attractive and intriguing D/s world are simply blowing up from this excellent book. I am thoroughly enjoying this amazing book.

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Tranquil Mugwump

This book really appealed to the poet in me, a refreshing creative way to tell a story and discuss important issues and the strong emotions and struggles that go along with them.