The Book: Triple-Formed

Triple-Formed is not your usual erotic storybook…

Adam, the central character, like a lot of men, has a fetish for kink and female domination.

This book follows his journey from porn addiction to self-acceptance of who he is while battling with shame, guilt, anxiety, mental illness and judgment from friends and family.

Adam is a geeky married man and persists with new ways to manage his addictions and self-development, however, he is not always successful. He finds the courage to approach a Dominatrix, Mistress Hecate, and finally face up to an horrific teenage incident that he has kept secret all his life.

“Triple-Formed is a journey of sexual exploration, foot fetishes, semen retention and so much more.”

Told in a rhyming prose, Triple-Formed combines moments of humour and stark realities to tell a complex story of a man’s fight within himself.

It is also an advocate for change towards common (mis)preconceptions of sex work and sex workers.

I believe this book will help insecure males who feel lost, are ashamed of their sexual desires and don’t know how to approach their kinks, fetishes and fantasies.

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Triple-Formed Reviews from the Kink Community!!!

Dirk Hooper

Licking Non-Vanilla

“… Indeed, a different kind of story, told uniquely; critics have called this book of trauma, submission, healing, and redemption “a mash-up of a graphic novel and poetry… We truly hope he succeeds in his mission and that his book takes the world by storm.”