“The Chastity Sissy Maid” – Dedicated to Dirk Hooper!

Rappoem: The fate of “The Chastity Sissy Maid” – Dedicated to Dirk Hooper!

Hello again, Creative Kinky Artists! 

Recently, I was speaking with my kinky brother – Dirk Hooper! As many of you already know, myself and Dirk have collaborated on numerous occasions. Furthermore, I am a huge fan of Dirk Hooper’s Art, photography and writings. You can check out my most recent interview with Dirk Hooper here. 

Additionally, did you know that I wrote a controversial article for DommeLinx which is a website run by Dirk Hooper. The article is titled, ‘Should Kinks, Fetishes and BDSM be taught in schools!?’ I even got the T-shirt and wore it lol. Yup, I wear it to almost every session. You can read the full article here.


Anyhoo! Back to what I was saying earlier. Recently, I was messaging Dirk and I asked him to send me a handful of his illustrations. I thought to myself, alrighty then, I am going to start pulling our kinky creative talents together by creating a Rappoem from Dirk’s illustrations, in addition to rhyming ‘Dirk Hooper’ to the syllable for 16 bars! I know, right?

Yup! I freaking love rhyming, I am obsessed with rhyme patterns, compound rhymes, multisyllabic rhyming! I even created a ‘Mistress Rhyme Challenge’, where I pick out prodomme names and rhyme their names to the syllable. Check it out here ya.


Additionally, I wrote my forthcoming novel, ‘Triple-Formed’ in rap songs. You can learn more here.



Okie dokie! With all that said. Let’s get friggin’ started? 

Rappoem: The fate of “The Chastity Sissy Maid!”

[Verse 1]

Got down on his knees to worship his ‘Stern Ruler’

In a firm voice, “have you ever heard the word Loser?

First rumor, I’ve heard that your are a dirt doer

Eat my panties Loser”, (“GAG!!”), “you may learn sooner

Oh! What are you planning on doing with that worm user?”

(Shamefaced!), Yet Infatuated by Her humour

Continues to mock him, She took out Her ruler

“(Ha!) Nub cage for you, this is yer future”

[Verse 2]

Staring at the pee hole thinking if he can squirt through there

Then shackled at his ankles and wrists by his pursuer

“It’s time to switch things up, the shirts you wear –

Are not feminine or subservient I like my girls to wear

Stockings, panties, bras, heels, (Ooh, yeah!) A skirt will suit ya”

Riding crop in hand, “hmm… I’m going to hurt you where?”

As they say, let the Games begin”, shyly turned to Her

Much Kink Love ya, to my kink brother – Dirk Hooper!

There we have it, Creative Kinky Artists! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my Rappoem, The fate of “The Chastity Sissy Maid” dedicated to the multi-talented – Dirk Hooper! 

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The Chastity Sissy Maid Podopheleus

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Much Kink Love,

Podopheleus 🖤


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