Guest Blog: “The Collector” by @SENPAI_CARDGAME

Another victim, or should I call them pet? If only I could warn them somehow, muster the energy and find my voice to tell them to turn and run, or should I just accept her fate as I have accepted my own? After all, I had seen many people come, and rarely they go.

As I lay here Lifeless, trapped in my mind, I recall the events that led to this…

My name… My name. I know I had one. It is still burning somewhere deep inside of me. 

Nevermind I guess I should start from the beginning, I was a private investigator. I was good at it, good at finding missing people, usually runaway teens who leave an easily traceable digital footprint. The city had growing numbers of missing persons incidents over the past year with increasing frequency.

Unlike my usual cases these were men and women of all ages and different backgrounds. Unlike runaways these people packed no bags, took no personal belongings or left no notes. Month after month I looked over social media and sites visited by the lost. A pattern began to emerge, one that made no sense to me.

Each person had been contacted by someone claiming to be exotic pets dealer by the alias of Colligō, an Advertisement of sort, a store, a store on a street I never knew existed. What drew them in I cannot rightly say, why the victims had this in common was still a mystery to me. I knew this was where I would find a lead, a trace and maybe some answers. The site had no contact information, only a mapped image of the mystery street. The night was closing in, as I gathered my things and double checked the location I headed out into the winter fog.

Funny, I thought to myself.

I have been down this road many times yet I do not recall this small side street, it was cobbled and uneven in comparison to the main road, dark and dimly lit by a single flickering lantern halfway down. I could just make out an entrance and as I approached a sign; Colligō’s. 

Knocking on the door waiting for a response I turned to look back up the side street. Eerily it appeared as though the path had closed, engulfed in the thickening fog and darkness.

“Welcome, to Colligo’s.”

The soft voice beckoned me in, as I entered the threshold I was immediately hit with a soft exotic scent, unknown to me but Strange…. 

The interior lobby was modest in size, dimly lit with neon lights and a few display cages of taxidermy lizards and spiders, to the side a large alcove housing a sculpture of a woman holding a snake with fine intricate details, almost alive but marble…

“Do you have your invitation?”

“No” I pretended to fumble around my coat looking for it. “I do apologize I must have left it at home”

“Curious…” She looked at me, a delicate smile danced at the corner of her lips – follow me – she said softly… I paused and smiled as convincingly as I could, wanting to go in with immediate questions, however I needed to figure out who owned this place and what was hiding behind this facade store. 

“Where are all of the pets?” I asked.

“You need to sign this before I can take you to our menagerie,” she said… And handed me a decorated fountain pen.

I remember as I picked it up to sign the visitors entry I expected to see a list of names I could scan over but it was blank.

“Don’t get many visitors here I see” I said. “Not without invitation” she stated.

“What is that scent?” I asked, “It is intoxicating!”

“The lady of the house does not reveal her recipe,” she replied.

I scrawled a fake name down and handed the parchment back. The hostess without breaking eye contact placed the parchment into a file and pressed a buzzer. To my right behind a curtain I heard a mechanical bolt clank, thud and unlock. 

“Go beyond that veil and you will see a door to the waiting room.”

Stepping through the veil I grasped the cold cast iron handle pausing to hold my breath in anticipation, once opened the aroma and haze hit with intensity beyond imagination… and that scent I could not recognise was even stronger, before me stretched an uneven, contorted corridor with multiple rooms emitting smoke filled moans and groans of pleasure or maybe suffering.

At the very end, a stairway.

As I walked through absorbing as much detail as I could I peered into the rooms, I caught glimpses of men and women entangled, there was no doubt at this point that I had walked directly into an illicit house of pleasure. Maybe a trafficking ring.

Reaching the waiting room, I entered to see an empty circular room  with red leather sofas and a curved wall ordained with portraits of various sexual positions. One thing plagued my mind, it made no sense as to why such a variety of people had been invited, what made them candidates, it certainly didn’t appear as though any of the people in the rooms were being held against their will.

The room was empty, as I tried to recall the names and faces of the missing persons I had a sinking feeling the hostess in the lobby was too eager to let me through, I tried to come up with a convincing cover story to why I was even here in the first place. “Lost invitation” I thought,  how stupid was that!

It felt like I was waiting in this lounge forever, the stairway where did it lead? I decided to find out.

Leaving the waiting room I approached the precipice of the stairs an intense feeling of fear came over me, everything seemed to fall silent as I looked into the void of darkness. “Come to me” A voice or intrusive thought? I looked around once more to see nothing, nobody. I began to descend holding onto the handrail with each step. It felt as though my body was starting to act of its own accord and that aroma became even more intense. I could almost feel it on my skin and inside my throat… 

At the bottom a second cast iron door with a large tower bolt on the exterior, I was close. 

This was clearly to keep whatever was inside from getting out. 

As I pulled the bolt and grasped the handle to pull it open the hinges gave a groan as if not opened regularly. Another intense wave of aroma, the warm wispy haze rushed through the opened gap. This however smelt stronger and more potent than before making my head daze a little. 

I was not prepared for what lay on the other side, a complete transformation of a warehouse style basement, row upon rows of cages full of naked bodies. My heart pounded, I had found them! It appeared as though I had stumbled into a human trafficking ring. I rushed into the room and began to frantically look for signs of life and consciousness, they were indeed alive, showing small movements and peering out at me as I looked through the bars. Like small sca

red animals that are afraid of their master but still want to live… Had they been drugged? 

I had a sinking feeling I was in over my head and needed to tread carefully if I was going to make it out of this situation.

“Hey, everything will be OK, I am here to help” I tried to re-assure these poor lost bastards but nothing I said got a reaction from them. 

Oddly, some of the faces were smiling, eyes glazed over and almost vacant. 

I fumbled around my coat pockets for a lock picking tool, as I began to open cage after cage the occupants did not move, as if reluctant to leave, or incapable.

“What have they done to you?”

A young woman looked up at me and uttered. “She is coming.”

“Who?” I replied. 

“She’s here”

Movement from all of the cages began as the incarcerated crawled to attention. 

My eyes widened and ears pricked up to the clinking sound of metal and echoing footsteps similar to that of spurs on boots. I slowly turned to see a tall silhouette of a woman shrouded in the vapor emerging from the doorway I had come from. 

My immediate thought was to get out of this alive, I was in over my head. Frozen in place I had to remain calm but could not think clearly and fumbled out my excuse for why I was not in the waiting room, but I was quickly interrupted. 

“Little pet, you are not who you claim to be! You know you must pay first!”

Her voice carried authority and malice, cutting through the air into my very mind! A step closer revealing an unearthly visage, she was not only reaching an intimidating 7 feet towering over me but, her skin was a porcelain perfect pale green. Her body, slender with small alterations of bone protruding through her forearms, shoulders and temple. Her breasts were almost entirely exposed except for small leather reverted crosses covering her nipples.

Dressed with thick black leather boots and an unusual belt corset which hung 3 large key rings from her waist.

The keys clearly for those caged. 

Before I knew it the gap between us had closed, I reached for my gun but was too late to defend myself. I felt something hot grasp my neck. I looked up at her inscrutable countenance. Locked into her deep obsidian eyes I could not move, a darkness grew over me, I could not take my eyes from it, her.. I was staring into the abyss

“You must be Lilith, what have you done to me?”

“Do not speak my name lightly” the words penetrated my mind and echoed through my body.

I tried to speak but the words did not form beyond thought, it was as though a muzzle had been placed upon me like I was just an animal. 

“I see through your lies” I was in no position to argue, Of its own will I felt my grip on the handle of my weapon loosen.

“That’s right, let it go” I felt her voice again in my mind. 

I tried to pull back and momentarily returned to the room in which I was surrounded by cages. 

Like resurfacing from a deep dive and taking a gasp of air only to be pulled back under.

“I see there is still fight in you, not many can resist the black lotus for long”

That was it! The scent I had been breathing in with increasing strength since I had arrived. That scent I thought to myself, that scent now clouded my mind and loosened my control. THAT was her poison, how she grasped the others.

“Not all who look into the darkness will remember the light. Submit and you will be free of your burdens”

I felt as though I began to fall with increasing speed, like a dream the sensation was real, but unlike a dream I did not wake up. The pull upon my chest preludes a brief pain and intense rush of pleasure. I felt a deep desire to exhale and release all resistance, desperately wanting to let go but I couldn’t end up like the others, or could I? Was I really this weak? I began to hallucinate vividly, a connection was being forged, like the pounding of a blacksmith’s hammer to hot steel, the fastening of belts around my wrists and ankles, her warm caress resonating. 

“Lili..” “MISTRESS” I was corrected.

I tried to fight but I was already conflicted with myself.

“Mistress” I repeated, “get out of my mind” Another sharp pain like a whip came over me, each time I tried to resist it grew in intensity, each time I gave a little more to her I was rewarded in growing ecstasy.

Little was spoken, there was no need. 

She promised me all the answers and more, but at what cost? I would lose my free will, my sanity? As if to verify my thoughts another intense wave of pleasure came over me. Pulling me closer still.

“Come to me my pet”

With one last push from the old voice in my mind and gritting my teeth from the pain of disobedience I managed to resurface, I was completely naked and surrounded by countless bodies entangled, what had happened? How did I get here? As I lay there looking around I saw her, she crawled over others toward me. Not breaking her gaze. I tried to move but was being held down by those around me. With a cruel smile she came closer still until at last she was on top of me, she whispered into my ear something in a language I did not recognize. 

Everything pulled me down into the sea of bodies, I lost all sense of what was a hallucination and what was real. 

She was the darkness, she was the void, she was the pleasure and the pain, she was the scent… And her name was Lilith.


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