The First Time visiting a prodomme

Guest Blog: “The First Time visiting a prodomme” by JB

Going back to the very late 1970s

You have to take yourselves back, if you can. To the very late 1970’s there was no such thing as the internet, Twitter or professional websites to help in the search for the perfect Mistress. Instead, it was contact magazines where you would send off a stamped address envelope to a PO box and hope for a reply, the other two options were cards in telephone boxes or newsagents’ windows. All the above required the skill of a code breaker at GCHQ to attempt to read what the cryptic message may be implying.

First approach in finding a Mistress 

After a number of stalled attempts, no reply or a general uncertainty about the information provided JB made his first nervous approach to a Mistress in Kensington, this involved a precious telephone number and a call box to make contact and hopefully progress to a meeting.

Success! And the arrangements were made. I can still close my eyes and recall the road, where I parked, check the watch, check again and approach the venue, it was a basement flat down a small flight of steps. A nervous knock on the door and I was greeted by the maid and shown into the “dungeon” more a front room with a few bits of kit including an A frame. The latex clad Mistress entered and we had a brief discussion about experience and expectations. I suspect the discussion was more of a nervous jumble of words on my part and an inability to take in anything said by the Mistress. I then stripped off as instructed and was strapped to the frame.

After session

Shortly after the session reached a surprising and climatic conclusion as excitement got the better of me, no doubt I was not the first or indeed the last to suffer this somewhat mortifying experience. The Lady in question was fabulous. We sat down and talked and I was encouraged to visit her again and relax more, after all, we had both experienced the worst that could happen.

First Time visiting a prodomme

This lovely lady, long since departed from the scene helped me gain experience and confidence, her support in the early days gave me the desire to embrace the scene and I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few Mistresses over the years from all parts of the globe. Some could be described as famous, not all the sessions have been perfect 10’s but I have taken something from each and every one. 

Words of kinksdom from JB

If you are a nervous beginner reading this, remember similar things have happened to many in the past and we came through to enjoy our kinks.

There is no right or wrong I the kink community (let’s be adult about this and exclude the obvious) and for each of us we have our own niche experiences that really matter to us, a sissy may fail to understand my love of estim play, in the same way that a lover of CP would run a mile from a Mistress armed with a bunch of needles. There is no right or wrong, just fun with a Mistress who can support you on your journey.

Kinks and progression 

I hinted at other Mistresses around the world and in the UK, that first experience has led me down a road that has had many turns and lots of truly memorable experiences all of which have helped make me a better and wiser person, for many men the chance to really relax and let yourself go can be illusive, I have found that chance through my relationships with various Mistresses I am a better husband, father and person because of this. This is one part of my story, it may not work for others, I have never suffered “sub drop” for example, for those that do the same benefits may not be there.

Learn more about “sub drop” here.

In summary 

Finally, a thank you to all those marvellous ladies I have met over the last 40 years or so, you have all been special, some became friends as well, none more so than the very special Mistress Kaz, who helped me get back into the scene after a serious illness, I will be forever grateful.

Thank you,

JB – @JCFW40

There we have it, Kinky Ones! 

A ginormous Shout-Out to JB for sharing insights of your experiences with Podopheleus readers. 

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