‘The Glamourazzis’ – Awards Night 2022!!!

Podopheleus interviews ‘The Glamourazzis’ – Awards Night

Hello, lingerie models, podcasters, and content creators! 

Did you know that the Glamourazzis are hosting an awards night in Birmingham on the 20th October 2022. Sounds great, right? Before we get started, please allow me to introduce you to ‘The Glamourazzis’ @theglamourazzis!

Introducing The Glamourazzis

The Glamourazzis were founded by ex-model- come dominatrix and author Kaz B, and her business partner, Paul Irving an IT specialist.

Kaz has been in the industry since 2005 and has acted as a mentor to many of her peers of the years. She has previously orchestrated dance music events, worked in the PR sector for many events and brands and has written various books and articles online.

Paul Irving has used his technical expertise and knowledge of I.T. spanning 43 years to assist models in the industry, and to help improve their online personas and sales.

The Glamourazzis team aims to create a stronger sense of unity within the industry, create networking opportunities and encourage creators and talent to get back out there in 2022! 

1. What is The Glamourazzis? Tell us all about it. 

The Glamourazzis Awards Night

The Glamourazzis is an award ceremony set to take place at Coyote Ugly in Birmingham on 20th October 2022. There are 12 categories which includes prizes for Best lingerie model, podcaster, content creator and many more. 

2. What motivated you to do this? 

I felt the industry could do with a much-needed boost. Morale has been lower since the pandemic and what better way to get people connecting than to create some hard-core promotions and to throw a spectacular, celebrity party! I’ve been in the industry a long time and creating this opportunity for those within it is an excellent way to give something back and help others.

3. How does one vote? And how does the voting system work?

It’s easy. You can vote once per model, per day and all you have to do is find the person you wish to vote for and press ‘Place Your Vote.’

Those with the most votes will then be assessed by the judging panel. I decided it was best if I was not part of the judging panel and it will be decided by neutral parties.

4. What’s in it for the models and creators? 

They will be promoted in the run-up to the awards and enjoy more engagement with fans on social media. We will have various marketing campaigns and photoshoots which will increase each participant’s reach and help them forge deeper connections with their target audiences.

Ultimately, our participants will be seen by our growing list of sponsors and brands, with the potential for a much wider networking circle.

Also, we have a free party which is going to be epic! Tiara time! 

5. Tell us a little bit more about the 20th October 2022

Guests will arrive around 6pm and there will be a welcoming and some light entertainment. Poison Candy @misspoisoncandi is going to be providing some of the welcoming entertainment on the night so I’m very excited about what she has in store!

Our amazing hosts Rico Patel and Katie Gee will take the stage to warm up and entertain everyone before the awards start, then there will be an interlude for drinks.

Finally, the awards begin and the winners are announced. Afterward, there will be music, and an opportunity to dance, drink and mingle. 

I’m also working on an afterparty – so if anyone wants a shedload of happy, tipsy people in their venue do reach out 😉 

6. What are you hoping to achieve by doing this?

I aim to create more unity in the industry, with people supporting one another and creating stronger networks. The industry has taken a series of strategic hits over the last several years due to various factors and it’s time to stand loud, proud, put our best party frocks and suits on and show people that we will adapt, we will soar, we will fly! 

I think the best-case scenario is that everyone involved will have a great night, they will make some new contacts and find new work opportunities. Plus, everyone needs something to look forward to in life, even if it’s just a chance for them to dress up, mingle and let their hair down! 

7. And finally, Tell us something we don’t know about The Glamourazzis

We are looking for talented people to get involved. We will have content share shoots available, plus we are open to collaborating with any models, dommes, vendors, venues, and others who would like to share their talents or cross-promote.  Don’t be a stranger – get in touch and let’s see how we can help each other. 

There we have it, Award Night Lovers! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview blog about the upcoming awards night on the 20th October 2022. A huge Shout-Out to The Glamourazzis! I thank you hugely for taking time from your hectic schedule to answer my questions.

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Click here to Register As A Model For The Glamourazzi Awards.

Lastly, learn more about the Glamournatrix – Kaz B here.

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